22 Hippie Baby Names for Your Little Flower Child

If more traditional names (like John or Rebecca) seem a tad too formal for your free-spirited soul, here are 22 hippie baby names to consider. Now let that freak flag fly.

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1. Petunia

Like that cool great-aunt you always loved growing up.

2. Phoenix

As in the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

3. Dylan

Means “son of the wave, born near the sea” (but really means American folk singer momma loves).


4. Jimi

Stairway to heaven (and your heart).

5. Janis

In Hebrew, it means “gift from God.” In 2017, it means girl power.

6. Rainbow

Bright and colorful like your little girl.


7. Saffron

Pretentious as a spice, but groovy as a name.

8. Arlo

Means “fortified hill” and reminds us of a certain shaggy-haired singer from the '60s.


9. Rain

A little rain never hurt no one.

10. River

Bonus points if his brother is named Phoenix.

11. Skye

Short for Skyler (or Skylar).


12. Summer

Warm and full of light.

13. Sierra

For your budding little hiker.

14. Sage

An evergreen name if you ask us.


15. Luna

Magical indeed.

16. Harmony

Has a nice ring to it, no?

17. Willow

Graceful in manner, but rooted in strength.


18. Dawn

Aka when she wakes you up every morning.

19. Meadow

In a world full of Jennifers, dare to be a Meadow.

20. Essence

Means “true nature of an entity,” (and it’s never too early to teach your kid to be proud of who they are).


21. Asher

Means “happy” or “blessed,” which is pretty accurate in our opinion.

22. Fern

Much easier to spell than Fearne.