17 Italian Baby Names That We're Ready to Use Stateside

Buongiorno, adorable. Italy is the producer of so many wonderful things (like pizza! and Tuscany!), but these totally darling Italian baby names take the cake. Add 'em to your short list before the rest of the world does.

1. Lucia

For a girl

Meaning: “Bringer of light” (also, wearer of furry bear hats).

2. Romeo

For a boy

Meaning: Total heartthrob. (Thanks, Shakespeare.)

3. Gianni

For a boy

Meaning: “God is gracious.”

4. Francesca

For a girl

Meaning: Either “free” or “from France.” Kind of a win-win.

5. Giorgio

For a boy

Meaning: “Farmer.” (Never goes anywhere without a binky.)

6. Elenora

For a girl

Meaning: It means “light.” Also, lovely.

7. Bernardo

For a boy

Meaning: “Brave as a bear.” Also, cute as a button.

8. Allegra

For a girl

Meaning: “Happy.” Sounds about right.

9. Rosina

For a girl

Meaning: “Rose.”

10. Fabrizio

For a boy

Meaning: “Craftsman.” (Not to be confused with air freshener.)

11. Isabella

For a girl

Meaning: Yes, it’s the fourth most popular uncommon baby girl name in America, but we still love this regal, lady-like moniker.

12. Serena

For a girl

Meaning: “Calm” or “peaceful.” Which is how we’re sure you’ll feel when she’s screaming bloody murder at 2 a.m.

13. Matteo

For a boy

Meaning: “Gift of God.”

14. Tommaso

For a boy

Meaning: “Twin.”

15. Margherita

For a girl

Meaning: “Pearl” or "daisy."

16. Luigi

For a boy

Meaning: “Famous warrior.” Looks good in a mustache.

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17. Leonardo

For a boy

Meaning: “Brave as a lion.” (And perhaps wears the pelt of a bear?)

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