50 One-Syllable Girl Names That Prove Less Is More

Congrats—you’re having a girl! Now you just need to settle on a name. Sure, there are plenty of fanciful, three-syllable options if you’re looking for something sing-songy and unmistakably feminine, but one-syllable girl names can really pack a punch. Whether you want something edgy, cool or totally unique, check out our roundup of short and sweet monikers for baby girls who want to make a big impression.

13 Irish Baby Girl Names That Are So Sweet and Totally Darling

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1. Zoe

This spunky name of Greek origin means “life” and is typically pronounced with two syllables ("zoh-ee") but it also has an alternate one-syllable pronunciation of ZOH.

2. Les

A shortened version of Leslie, Les is a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin that means “holly garden” or “from Leicester.”

3. Maeve

Pronounced MAYV, this strong feminine name of Irish origin means “intoxicating” and “she who rules.” It’s also the name of the goddess of love and desire in Irish mythology.

4. Grace

This sweet feminine name has Latin roots and a meaning of “favor” or “blessing.” If you’re looking for something with a little vintage charm, Grace fits the bill.

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5. May

This timeless classic of English origin is derived from (you guessed it) the fifth month of the year, which itself refers to the Roman earth goddess, Maia.

6. Kate

This chipper name of Greek and English origin means “pure.” It also has serious celebrity clout, thanks to Kate Middleton, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet and Kate Moss (to name a few).

7. Pearl

This pretty name of English origin refers to the precious gemstone and is associated with innocence and elegance.

8. Ruth

This no-nonsense name of Hebrew origin has a sturdy sound that belies its sweet meaning of “friendship” or “compassionate.”

9. Jude

“Praised” is the meaning of this gender-neutral name of Greek origin, which The Beatles put on everybody’s radar with their hit song “Hey Jude.”

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10. Jane

Both traditional and timeless, Jane is a feminine name of English origin that means “God is gracious.”

11. June

Aside from being a month of the year, June is also a feminine moniker of Latin origin that means “young” and is derived from the name of the Roman goddess, Juno, who is the mythological protector of marriage and childbirth.

12. Paige

This charming feminine name of French and English origin has a classic feel and a meaning of “young servant.”

13. Elle

Elle is a soft-sounding feminine name of Hebrew and Greek origin, with a meaning of “God is my candle” and “sun ray,” respectively.

14. Hope

Here, a theological virtue and a feminine given name of Middle English origin with a decidedly uplifting character.

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15. Claire

This melodic feminine name of French origin means “bright” and “clear.”         

16. Lux

Lux is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin with a chic, sophisticated vibe and a meaning of “light.”

17. Liv

Though sometimes used as a shortened version of Olivia, Liv is also a cute, standalone girl’s name of Nordic origin that means “shelter,” “warmth” and “life.”

18. Gwen

Gwen Stefani’s given name has Welsh origins and a meaning of “fair,” “white” and “blessed.”

19. Skye

This breezy, gender-neutral name of Scottish origin means “island of clouds” or “winged.”

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20. Tess

Tess is a punchy name of Greek origin that boasts girl-next-door vibes and a meaning of “late summer.”

21. Maude

Sophisticated and fierce, Maude is a feminine name of French, Old German and Hebrew origin that means “woman from Magdala” and “mighty in battle.”

22. Fern

This Old English charmer has a magical feel and a down to earth meaning of “someone who lives among ferns.”

23. Love

A fitting choice for a beloved newborn baby, this given name of English origin means “full of love” or “female wolf.”

24. Bree

Well-suited to a girl who likes the finer things in life, this feminine name of Irish origin has a classy vibe that matches its meaning of “noble” and “power.”

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25. Joan

This sturdy name of English and Hebrew origin means “Yahweh is Gracious,” but we associate it with a diverse cast of female badasses. (Think: Joan of Arc, Joan Cusack and Joan Jett.)

26. Lake

The given name of actress Lake Bell has New Age vibes, Anglo-Saxon roots and a pretty obvious meaning: “body of water.”

27. Storm

“Tempest” is the meaning of this formidable, gender-neutral name of British and Old Norse origin.

28. Lane

This trendy, gender-neutral name of British origin means “path” and “roadway.” (Duh.)

29. Ash

A short form of the names Ashley and Asher, this moniker is a gender-neutral pick with Hebrew origins and an oh-so pleasant meaning of “happy.”

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30. Joy

Speaking of happiness, this feminine name of Latin origin is synonymous with the feeling.

31. Grey

Equal parts edgy and elegant, Grey is a gender-neutral name of British origin that means “gray-haired.”

32. Joyce

This soft and melodic variation of the Latin name Joy has a dual meaning of “happiness” and “lord.”

33. Faye

Faye is a French feminine name with a vintage vibe and a meaning of “belief” and “loyalty.”

34. Flo

This chipper, feminine name of Latin origin boasts a sweet and delicate meaning of “flower.”

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35. Kim

This short form version of the gender-neutral, Anglo-Saxon name, Kimberly, means “noble and brave.” It’s also the given name of quite a few celebs—including Kim Kardashian, Kim Basinger and Kim Cattrall.

36. Sue

Old-fashioned in the best way and full of Southern charm, Sue is actually a feminine name of Hebrew origin with a floral meaning of “lily.”

37. North

Fierce and strong, this directional name of English origin was chosen by Kanye and Kim K. for their baby girl.

38. Shay

This irresistibly cute name of Gaelic origin is a gender-neutral pick that means “admirable” and “fortunate.”

39. Blaire

Yet another name with Gaelic roots, Blaire (and its alternate spellings of Blair, Blare and Blayr) began as a surname, and has since evolved into a gender-neutral given name that can be found throughout Scotland and Ireland. It means “plain” and “battlefield.”

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40. Cam

This energetic moniker of Irish origin is both a diminutive version of Cameron and a standalone, gender-neutral name that means “crooked nose.”

41. Fawn

You know you’re going to be fawning all over your new babe, so this French name meaning “young deer” just kind of makes sense.

42. Peg

Peg is a one-syllable variant of Margaret, a feminine moniker of Greek and English origin that means “pearl.”

43. Britt

This cute and peppy moniker is the Scandinavian form of the Gaelic name Brighid, which means “glorious, bright and exalted.”

44. Leigh

A variant of Leah—the name of one of biblical patriarch Jacob’s two wives—Leigh is a unisex name of Hebrew origin with a dual meaning of “delicate and weary” and “meadow or pasture.”

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45. Belle

It doesn’t get much prettier or more feminine than this French given name, which quite literally means “beautiful.”

46. Cher

This French given name means “beloved” and—from the iconic singer to the charming and hilarious main character of the movie Clueless—it’s safe to say the proof is in the pop culture pudding.

47. Dawn

This classic name of British origin has an uplifting vibe and a meaning of “daybreak.” (It’s also a tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that you’ll be seeing a lot more dawn when your baby is born.)

48. Drew

Actress Drew Barrymore’s given name is a unisex moniker with Welsh roots and a meaning of “wise.”

49. Eve

This feminine name of Latin and Hebrew origin has obvious biblical ties and a meaning of “life.”

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50. Jess

A fine choice for a high-spirited girl, this gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin means “gift of God.”

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