50 Middle Names for Girls, Whether You Want Something Traditional or Unique

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Picking a first name for your future bundle of joy is a whole lot of pressure, but when it comes to middle names the heat is off and you can have a little more fun. Indeed, a middle name is the perfect opportunity to explore monikers you weren’t entirely ready to go all in on (like Clementine, Peyton or Faye). And so with that in mind, here’s a list of middle names for girls, whether you want something traditional, trendy, with a special meaning or just plain cool-sounding.

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1. Parker

“Park keeper” is the meaning of this occupational surname of Old English origin, which has seen growing popularity as both a first and middle name for both sexes.

2. Anne

An anglicized version of the Latin name Anna and Hebrew name Hannah, this short-but-sweet number means “grace.”

3. Hope

Another sweet, one-syllabic option—this one is of Puritan and Old English origin (and we probably don’t need to tell you what it means).

4. Olivia

This Latin name meaning “olive tree” was the most popular baby girl name of 2021, according to the Social Security Administration. It’s also every bit as lovely as a middle name, with the added benefit that your baby won’t be mistaken for five other Olivias in her class when the school years roll around.

5. Rose

If you’re looking for a supremely feminine, one-syllable middle name, Rose, which quite obviously refers to the flower, is a timeless choice.

6. Eloise

This name of French and English origin means “healthy” and “wide,” but we associate it more with the mischievous antics of the charming little girl from Kay Thompson’s classic book series.

7. Maeve

Maeve (pronounced Mayve) is a name of Irish origin with mythological roots—she was a queen in more than one context—and a meaning of “she who intoxicates.”

8. Malia

Here, a Hawaiian name that means “calm and peaceful” (and you can only hope that’s true of your newborn baby girl).

9. Marion

Marion is not only a feminine name with Christian (i.e., Virgin Mary) roots, it’s also a gender-neutral moniker of French and Latin origin that means “star of the sea.”

10. Clementine

Not to be confused with the citrus fruit—though just as sweet—this lilting three-syllable name is of French origin and means “mild and merciful.”

11. Jane

Simple and sweet, this classic girl’s name of English origin means “God is gracious.”

12. Juliana

Long and melodic—Juliana, the feminine form of Julius, is a name of Latin origin that means “youthful.”

13. Alessia

One of the most popular girl names in Italy, Alessia is the feminine version of the Italian name Alessio and means “defending warrior.”

14. Flora

This name of Latin and Scottish origin boasts vintage charm and a meaning of “flower.”

15. Luna

This cute and feminine-sounding middle name is the word for moon in Latin and several Latin-based languages, and the name of the moon goddess in Roman mythology.

16. Phoebe

Phoebe is an energetic name of Greek origin that means “radiant, shining one.” It’s also pretty fun to say.

17. Scarlett

Elegant and pretty—Scarlett is a feminine name of French origin that refers to the color and was historically an occupational name for cloth merchants and fabric dyers in Medieval times.

18. Charlotte

The diminutive, feminine form of Charles, Charlotte is a name of French origin that means “petite.”

19. Amelia

Amelia is a cute and charming choice that’s derived from the Hebrew word amal, which means “work.” Give this one to a hard-working and determined little girl.

20. Sophia

A melodic name of Greek origin that means “wisdom,” Sophia ranked in the top 10 on the SSA’s list of most popular names.

21. Harper

This peppy girl’s name dates back to Medieval times, when it was used to describe someone who played (you guessed it) the harp.

22. Fiora

This name of Latin origin has a sweet, gentle meaning of “little flower” (and a decidedly fiercer sound).

23. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and a fine, traditional choice that means “God is my oath.”

24. Camila

This cute and spunky name has Portuguese origins and a religious meaning of “priest’s helper.”

25. Chloe

A popular name of Greek origin with an upbeat feel—Chloe means “fertility” and “blooming.”

26. Mila

Mila is a fairly popular feminine name with Spanish and Russian and a meaning of “miracles” and “gracious,” respectively.

27. Layla

Layla is a name of Arabic origin that truly rolls off the tongue and has a meaning of “night.”

28. Elle

This one-syllable winner is a feminine name of Greek and Hebrew origin that means “sun ray.”

29. Lily

A melodic choice that’s loaded with symbolism and religious significance—Lily is a flower found throughout the bible as a symbol of innocence and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “pure.”

30. Madison

Traditionally a surname of British origin meaning “son of Matthew,” Madison can also be used as a gender-neutral given or middle name.

31. Naomi

This name of Hebrew origin has a meaning of “pleasantness” and some serious starpower behind it (Naomi Watts, Naomi Campbell and Naomi Judd, to name a few).

32. Everly

Although this one might bring to mind the Everly Brothers, it’s actually a gender-neutral name of British origin and an Old English meaning of “boar” and “woodland clearing.”

33. Nova

Nova—a Latin feminine name that means “new”—is an old-world choice that feels totally fresh.

34. Emma

This sweet and pretty name has Germanic roots and a meaning of “universal one.”

35. Ada

Another short and sweet name with Germanic origins—Ada is closely related to the names Adelaide and Adeline, and has noble connotations.

36. Eve

Eve is an anglicized version of Latin and Hebrew names that mean “life.” (Needless to say, there’s biblical significance here.)

37. Kay

Although often used as a short form of the name Katherine, Kay is also a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “pure.”

38. Zoe

This spunky and energetic name is of Greek origin and, like Eve, it means “life.”

39. Peyton

This dignified gender-neutral name of English origin has Medieval roots and a meaning of “fighting man’s estate.”

40. Leigh

Although traditionally an English surname, Leigh (pronunced Lee) is also a unisex given name that means “meadow” and “delicate.”

41. Lin

This clean and simple feminine name of Latin origin has a meaning to match its sound: “pretty.”

42. Ivy

This feminine name, picked straight from the English dictionary, refers to climbing vines and can be found throughout history. (Think: World War I veteran Ivy Campany and Ivy Cavendish-Bentnick, the former Duchess of Portland.)

43. Emery

This strong, gender-neutral name of British origin means “powerful” and “industrious.”

44. Rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic herb and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “dew of the sea.”

45. Faye

Old-fashioned in the best possible way, Faye is a beautiful name of French origin that means “belief” or “faith.”

46. Paris

This city-inspired girl’s name also has ties to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Greek mythology’s Trojan prince. We think it’s très chic.

47. Grace

Here, a charming, feminine name of Latin origin for a beacon of goodness and purity.

48. Margaret

Sweet, pretty and sophisticated—this traditional name has Greek origins and a meaning of “pearl.”

49. Faith

“Trust and devotion” is the meaning of this feminine name of English origin, which first rose to popularity among Puritans in the 17th century.

50. Marie

Much like Marion, Marie can be interpreted as the French version of Mary (and all the religious significance that comes with it), but the name is actually derived from the Latin phrase stella maris, or “star of the sea.”

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