50 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover

Adorable monikers for your petit bébé

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Books tell us they skip breakfast and ignore children's demands for iPads while calmly sipping Sancerre. Is there anything French parents can’t do? Add picking perfect names to that list. Check out our list of 50 absolutely gorgeous French baby names that are très charmant, n’est pas?  

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French Names for Girls


1. Aveline

Here, the French take on Evelyn with a fitting meaning of “breath of life.”

2. Lilou 

A combination of Lily (i.e., the flower and symbol of purity) and Louise that you’ll only find in France. Or Brooklyn. 

3. Manon 

Manon is a diminutive of the name Marie that means “beautiful queen.” It’s also the name of a famous Swiss artist, so it might be just right for a creative type. 

4. Amelie 

This one has all the beauty and charm of Audrey Tautou in the namesake movie. It means “industrious.” 


5. Celine 

“Heavenly” is the meaning of this feminine moniker—though we just think of a certain French-Canadian pop star with a powerful set of pipes. 

6. Elodie 

This soft and melodic name of French and Greek origin means “foreign riches.” 

7. Margot 

The French form of Margaret and a diminutive of Marguerite with a precious meaning of “pearl.” 

8. Elise 

Elise is French for Elizabeth (and far more chic, no?) It means “God’s promise.” 

9. Mirabelle 

Or Mirabel for Encanto fans. This very French name has Latin roots and a fitting meaning of “wonderful.”


10. Brigitte

Here, a French feminine moniker that means “power” and “virtue.” And also “blonde bombshell.” (Brigitte Bardot, anyone?) 

11. Odette 

This pretty name of French and German origin means “wealthy.” It’s also the name of the young princess in Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet Swan Lake

12. Candide 

Though Voltaire gave this name to the male title character in his satirical novella, Candide is actually originally a girl’s name with Latin roots and a meaning of “clarity” or “whiteness.”  

13. Sylvie 

Nature enthusiasts will love this sweet and soft French name, which means “spirit of the wood.” 

14. Claire 

Though most commonly given to girls, Claire is a gender neutral French name with Latin roots and a meaning of “clear” and “bright.”


15. Yvette

This sophisticated sounding French name means “yew,” referring to the slow-growing and long-living evergreen tree. 

16. Madeleine 

“Woman from Magdala” and “pearl” are the meanings of this lovely feminine moniker, which happens to belong to a very spunky little French girl from the beloved (namesake) book series. 

17. Geneviève 

Geneviève is the French form of a feminine name with Celtic and Germanic origins. It means “woman of the family.” 

18. Fleur 

We probably don’t need to tell you that this feminine one-syllable moniker means “flower.”

19. Coralie  

Coralie is a derivative of Coral that’s as cool as the Riviera breeze and as pretty as the namesake marine life.


20. Elize

Elize is a French variant of Elizabeth, and therefore befitting a queen. It means “my God is an oath.”

21. Solene 

Ultra hip yet under the radar, like Solange—this name means “with solemnity.” 

22. Anaelle 

Pronounced AHN-ay-elle, this one has Hebrew roots and a meaning that loosely translates to "angel" and “merciful one.” 

23. Marielle 

A chic, modern version of Marie—this French moniker has Latin roots and a meaning of “star of the sea.” 

24. Louna 

Louna (pronounced “luna”) is a French feminine moniker that references the Roman goddess of the moon.


25. Melina

This soft and melodic moniker has a diminutive sound and a meaning that’s derived from the Greek word for “honey.”

French Names For Boys

26. Leandre 

If you choose the spelling, you have to own the pronunciation, which requires a fully committed and rather throaty -dre at the end. Or you can opt for the Anglicized version, Leander. They both mean “lion.” 

27. Mathis 

A French spin on Matthew, it means "gift from God." 

28. Kylian 

Here, a Frenchified version of the Irish name Cillian, you’re unlikely to find another on the playground. 

29. Remi 

Derived from the Latin for “oarsman,” this masculine French name is short and cute with too-cool-for-school vibes. (Alternative spelling is Remy.)


30. Bastian

A shortened form of Sebastian, this masculine name has a pleasing meaning of “venerable.”

31. Luc 

The French form of Luke, it conjures up saints and Skywalkers. 

32. Kais 

This masculine name of Arabic origin has a sturdy meaning of “firm” and first became popular in Tunisia before gaining steam in France. 

33. Gabriel 

This melodic masculine name meaning “hero of God” has Hebrew origins and notable religious significance as the one of the two archangels in the Bible. 

34. Leo 

A popular given name in several European languages—Leo has Greek and Latin origins and a strong meaning of “lion.” 


35. Bellamy

This gender neutral name of French, Irish and Norman origin has a sweet and charming meaning of “good friend.” 

36. Claude 

This masculine French name might not have the most flattering meanings (“lame” and “enclosure”) but we love its soft and understated sound. 

37. Jean 

A soft, one-syllable masculine moniker that Victor Hugo gave to the protagonist (Jean Valjean) in his famous novel, Les Misérables—Jean means “God is gracious.” 

38. Louis 

This classic French name has a fierce meaning of “famed warrior.” It’s safe to say the famed part is true, given that this one belonged to French king Louis XIV, as well as quite a few modern entertainers and artists (comedian Louis C.K., musician Louis Armstrong and film director Louis Malle, to name a few.) 

39. Eden 

This gender neutral name has Hebrew origins and pretty obvious ties to a certain Biblical garden.


40. Pierre

It doesn’t get much more French than this. Pierre is a classic French boy name that boasts a strong and sturdy meaning of “rock.” 

41. Michel 

Another classic—Michel has French, Hebrew and Germanic origins and a religious meaning of “who is like God?” 

42. Alain 

Alain is a name of French and Celtic origin that has multiple meanings, including “fair and handsome,” “noble,” “harmony” and “stone.” 

43. Camille 

In English, Camille is a girl’s name, but in French, it’s a unisex moniker that means “religious helper.” If you’re looking for a unique, gender neutral (or gender bending) choice, this one fits the bill. 

44. Romain 

This powerful masculine name of French and Latin origin with a straightforward meaning of “citizen of Rome.”


45. Olivier

The French version of Oliver—Olivier has a meaning of “olive tree” (i.e., the universal symbol of peace). 

46. Laurent 

Laurent is a masculine name that’s popular throughout all the French-speaking countries. It has Greek and Latin origins and a meaning of “bright, shining one.” 

47. Guillaume 

This masculine name of Germanic origin is the French version of William. It has a strong and noble meaning of “resolute protector.” 

48. Marcel 

With its strong ties to a ridiculously adorable talking shell and its soft, sweet sound, you might be surprised to learn that this masculine French name means “young warrior.” 

49. Lucien 

This melodic French moniker has Latin roots, an elegant sound and a pleasant meaning of “light.”


50. Charles

This name of Germanic origin meaning “free man” has a widespread presence and strong royal ties. Just don’t forget that if you want to make it French, the Ch- is more like an Sh- and the s at the end is silent.

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