50 Two Syllable Girl Names That Are Pretty, Cute and Fun

If you’re expecting a baby girl and looking for a name that’s neither too short and choppy, nor too long and flowy, we have a few suggestions. Browse our roundup of two syllable girl names—featuring vintage picks, longtime favorites, unique monikers and more—and you’re sure to find one that fits.

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1. Michelle

Michelle is the French feminine form of the biblical name Michael and has a shared meaning of “who resembles God.” It’s also the moniker given to a certain belle (i.e., beauty) in the namesake Beatles song.

2. Karen

Karen has gotten a bad rap as of late…but long before the two-syllable name was co-opted as a pejorative term for an entitled woman, it was a lovely given name of Danish origin with quite a different connotation: “pure.” (And we think there are plenty of Karens past, present and future who fit the more favorable description.)

3. Lynda

Lynda is a feminine name of English origin with botanical roots, relating to the linden or lime tree with a meaning of “beautiful.”

4. Lauren

Lauren is a name of French and Roman origin with ties to the laurel tree and a meaning of “sweet of honor” and “wisdom.” According to records from the Social Security Administration (and our experience growing up surrounded by Laurens in the ‘90s), this girl name reached its peak in 1989 and remained in the top 20 until 2004, at which point it started to rapidly decline in popularity. Perhaps it’s time for a comeback?

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5. Sophie

This two-syllable diminutive of the more popular name, Sophia, shares the same Greek origins and meaning of “wisdom.”

6. Julie

This gender-neutral name of Latin and Roman origin is a shortened form of Julius (i.e., the son of the Roman god Jove) and has a corresponding meaning of “youthful.”

7. Asa

Asa is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin with ties to the Biblical King Asa and a meaning of “doctor” and “healer.” It’s also been catching on as of late, which is why we went out on a limb and speculated that it might just be the trendiest name of 2023. (Psst: You can take a deep dive here.)

8. Jackie

Here, a diminutive form of the name Jacqueline, which itself is a French and English feminine version of the biblical name Jacob. Male, female, long or diminutive—all variations of this moniker have a Hebrew meaning of “God may protect,” “holder of the heel” and “supplanter.”

9. Gladys

This name of Welsh origin has a meaning of “royalty” or “princess” and plenty of old-school charm.

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10. Polly

This peppy name of English origin has several meanings that range from “bitterness” and “rebellion,” to “wished-for child.” (But we’re going with the latter.)

11. Carol

Though historically a gender-neutral name of English origin, Carol is most commonly given to girls these days and, as you might have guessed, its meaning pertains to joyful songs.

12. Tammi

This name of Hebrew and Arabic origin means “date palm." It’s also the given name of Tammi Terrell—Marvin Gaye’s best friend and collaborator, and a badass Motown singer in her own right.

13. Jenny

This perky name meaning “fair one” dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used as a nickname for the decidedly more serious sounding moniker, Jean.

14. Martha

This stately name of Aramaic origin has slightly old-timey vibes and a meaning that fits its sturdy sound: ‘Lady of the house.”

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15. Demi

This name of French origin literally translates to “half” and “small,” and is the diminutive form of the name Demetria. Needless to say, it also has some star power behind it, thanks to actress Demi Moore.

16. Anna

Anna is a sweet, feminine moniker of Hebrew origin with ties to the similar name Hannah and a meaning of “God has favored me.”

17. Jessie

Here, a gender-neutral name with Hebrew and Scottish roots that means “God sees” and “wealthy,” respectively.

18. Christie

No surprises here—Christie is a feminine name with a religious meaning of “follower of Christ.”

19. Angie

There are many variations of this feminine name of Greek origin—Angelina, Angela, and Angelika, to name a few—but they all have celestial ties and a meaning of “messenger of God.”

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20. Clara

“Bright” and “famous” is the meaning of this feminine name of Latin origin—a fitting choice for a future star.

21. Carrie

Aside from being the name of Sarah Jessica Parker’s leading character in the beloved TV series Sex and the City, Carrie is a gender-neutral American name with (historically masculine) Germanic roots and a meaning of “free.”

22. Sandra

Sandra, or Sandy for short, has ties to Greece and Grease, plus a strong and positive meaning of “protector of humanity.”

23. Nancy

If you’re looking for a traditional name with a retro feel, this centuries-old Hebrew moniker meaning “grace” fits the bill.

24. Summer

This name of British origin is an ode to the season that brings to mind warm, breezy weather and cheerful, relaxed vibes.

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25. Tyra

This strong-sounding name of Scandinavian origin has a meaning of “God of battle” and super model clout, to boot. (Tyra Banks, anyone?)

26. Jordan

This gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin has deeply religious ties (i.e., to the namesake river where Christ was baptized) and a meaning of “to flow down” and “to descend.”

27. Netta

This sweet and spunky name is occasionally used as a diminutive form and nickname for the name Janet, but it’s also a standalone name of Latin and Hebrew meaning with a lovely meaning of “priceless” and “praiseworthy.”

28. Nora

Here, a diminutive form of the Latin name Honora that, as you might guess, means “honor” and “shining light.” Records show that this one saw a dramatic rise in popularity in the early 2010s (Norah Jones, perhaps?) and has held steady in the top 30 for several years since then.

29. Dana

You’d be hard pressed to find a name for a newborn girl with a more fitting meaning than this moniker of Persian and Arabic origin: “Perfect, beautiful pearl.”

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30. Hannah

This name of Hebrew origin (also spelled Channah) plays a prominent role in the Old Testament as one of Elkanah's wives and the mother of Samuel. It’s meaning is “favor” and “grace.”

31. Alice

Alice has enjoyed enduring popularity ever since Lewis Carroll gave the name to the title character in his whimsical work of fiction, Alice in Wonderland. The moniker dates back further, though, as a classic Germanic name that means “noble” and “exalted.”

32. Charlotte

Here, the French feminine form of Charles—a distinguished name that was beloved by the nobility (hi, Princess Charlotte) and boasts a meaning of “free man.”

33. Emma

This soft-sounding and melodic moniker has German roots and a meaning of “universal” and “whole.”

34. Edith

Derived from an Old English composite word that translates to riches and war, this British feminine name has a meaning of “prosperous in strife.” (And who would want any less for their beloved child?)

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35. Hailey

This gender-neutral British name means “hay’s meadow.” Feel free to go for the Hailey Bieber spelling if it suits you, or experiment with any number of variations (think: Haylie Duff).

36. Lily

Aside from its botanical ties to a namesake flower, this moniker of Latin origin has come to be an unmistakable symbol of innocence and purity.

37. Marie

There are endless variations on this name, but Marie is the French form of Mary, which has clear biblical ties, as well as Latin roots and a secular meaning of “star of the sea.”

38. Megan

This name of Greek origin is a diminutive of Margaret and has the same meaning of “pearl.” It also enjoyed a long run in the top 20 most popular names from 1984-2001, but only ranked #729 in 2022…so maybe this one is due for a revival, too.

39. Olive

This sweet English name is derived from the tree, which is a well-known symbol of peace.

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40. Zoey

Here, a more whimsical spelling of the more common, Zoe—a feminine name with Greek origins and a meaning of “life.”

41. Mila

This melodic feminine name has Spanish and Slavic roots and a meaning of “miracles” and “industrious,” respectively.

42. Elsie

Elsie is a Scottish moniker that began as a diminutive of Elspeth (that’s Elizabeth in Scotland) and is now given as a standalone name meaning “pledged to God.”

43. Aubrey

This feminine moniker has Old German roots and a mythological meaning of “elf ruler.” (Did we just discover Aubrey Plaza’s next role?)

44. Tessa

This feminine moniker of Greek origin has cheerful and friendly vibes, despite its rather lackluster meaning of “fourth child.”

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45. Celeste

This soft-sounding feminine name of Latin origin has a pretty straightforward meaning of “heavenly.”

46. Sara

Sometimes spelled Sarah, this longtime favorite has Hebrew roots—it was the name given to Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament—and a meaning of “princess.”

47. Violet

This charming and pretty botanical name of Latin origin represents the shade of purple and, of course, the lovely namesake flower.

48. Ava

Ava is a name of Latin origin with a number of meanings, including “birdlike,” “voice,” “life,” and “sound.” It was also the name given to the Old Hollywood starlet and famed beauty, Ava Gardner.

49. Avi

This short and cute gender-neutral moniker has both Hebrew and Sanskrit origins, and a meaning of “father” and “sun and air,” respectively.

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50. Roxanne

Roxanne is the name of a popular song by The Police and a feminine moniker of Greek origin that means “dawn.”

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