50 Three-Syllable Girl Names That Are Feminine, Fierce and Everything in Between

Short and sweet names have their merit, but if you’re on the market for a more melodic moniker, our roundup of three-syllable girl names won’t disappoint. Read on and take your pick from timeless classics, charming throwbacks and lesser-known given names, and you’re sure to find one that fits.

50 Middle Names for Girls, Whether You Want Something Traditional or Unique

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1. Abigail

Abigail, or Abby for short, is a name of Hebrew origin that means “my father’s joy.”

2. Sienna

This Latin name of Italian origin means “orange-red,” and refers to the (namesake) color of the iron-rich clay found in the Tuscan city of Siena. It also has some starpower behind it, being the given name of model and actress Sienna Miller.

3. Diana

This name of Greek and Roman origin means “divine” and has mythological ties to an ancient Roman deity and Greek goddess who was known for her beauty. Needless to say, we can think of at least one Diana (a certain, iconic Princess of Wales) who lived up to the meaning of her name.

4. Mikaela

Here, a modern spelling of the traditional Swedish name Michaela—a feminine version of Michael that has the same meaning of “Who resembles God?”

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5. Eloise

Eloise has French and German roots and dual meanings of “brave warrior” and “healthy and wide.” It’s also the name of the mischievous and charming title character in Kay Thompson’s beloved children’s book series.

6. Zarina

This name of Persian and Arabic origin has a warm meaning to match its happy sound: “golden.”

7. Jillian

Jillian, or Jill for short, is an English name with Latin roots and a meaning of “youthful” that’s well-suited to, well, pretty much any newborn girl.

8. Rebecca

This name of Hebrew origin meaning “to tie, bond” was the given name of Isaac’s wife (and mother of Jacob and Esau) in the Old Testament.

9. Thalia

This name of Greek origin has a lovely meaning of “flourishing” and a rich history in Greek mythology as one of the Three Graces and a much-loved muse of comedy.

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10. Leora

Leora is a name of Greek and Hebrew origin with an elegant sound and modern feel, plus a pleasant meaning of “compassion” and “light.”

11. Evelyn

Parents looking for a timeless classic with enigmatic charm might consider Evelyn, a name of mixed origin that means “island,” “wished for” and “desired.”

12. Pamela

Invented in the 16th century by poet Sir Philip Sydney for the heroine of his book Arcadia, Pamela is an energetic-sounding name that rolls off the tongue and boasts a sweet meaning of “honey.”

13. Naomi

“Pleasant and gentle” is the meaning of this Hebrew name, which has achieved star status with some help from celebs like actress Naomi Watts and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

14. Madeline

This soft and sweet name of Hebrew origin means “woman from Magdala,” but we associate it more with the spunky, French title character of Ludwig Bemelmans book series.

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15. Eleanor

This name of Greek origin has a meaning of “sun ray” and “shining light,” and plenty of vintage charm thanks, in part, to the very outspoken Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the longest-serving First Lady in American history (and by all accounts a total badass).

16. Avery

We get highbrow vibes from this gender neutral name of British origin, which dates back to the Middle Ages and has a mythical, folkloric meaning of “ruler of the elves.”

17. Madison

Originally used as a surname meaning “son of Matthew,” this gender-neutral, British moniker caught on as a given name in the late 80s and reached its peak in 2001 when it ranked number 2 among all girl names, according to data from the SSA. It’s also got obvious presidential ties (James Madison, anyone?) and a perky nickname, Maddy, to boot.

18. Bethany

Originally a Biblical place name, Bethany is a given name of Aramaic and Hebrew origin that boasts plenty of vintage charm and a meaning of “house of figs.”

19. Alexis

This gender-neutral name has Greek origins and a fierce meaning of “defender” and “protector” that’s well-suited to a girl of strong character.

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20. Camila

This melodic moniker of Portuguese origin has a religious meaning of “priest’s helper.”

21. Allison

Feel free to play around with the spelling of this perky name of Scottish origin (the second ‘l’ is optional, for example, and it can also be spelled with a ‘y’). No matter how you write it out, it means “noble.”

22. Eliza

Sometimes used as a diminutive of the name Elizabeth, this name of Hebrew origin has bookish vibes and a religious meaning of “God is satisfaction.”

23. Alana

Here, a name of Latin and Irish origin that means “precious” and “child,” respectively. (Fitting, no?)

24. Briella

A shortened version of Gabriella and the name of a famous Venezuelan popstar, this one means “God is my strength.”

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25. Cassandra

This Latinized form of the Greek name Kassandra—a mythological Trojan princess who was both blessed and cursed by Apollo—means “shining upon man.”

26. Adira

This unique name of Hebrew origin has a commanding sound that matches its meaning of “powerful, noble and strong.”

27. Sophia

“Wisdom” is the meaning of this soft-sounding moniker of Greek origin—a longtime favorite that has ranked among the top ten most popular baby girl names since 2006.

28. Samantha

There aren’t quite as many Samanthas on the playground these days (the name ranked number 4 in the early to mid-90s and now isn’t even in the top 100), but this name of Hebrew origin meaning “God has heard” is a solid choice that’s worthy of a comeback.

29. Adelaide

A name inspired by the Australian city, which was itself named in honor of the 19th century British monarch Queen Adelaide, this one has German roots and a meaning of “noble kind.”

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30. Adrienne

This French feminine form of the name Adrian has the same meaning—“of Adria”—which refers to the namesake ancient Italian city.

31. Delilah

You’d be hard pressed to find a more feminine choice than this sweet and vintage moniker of Hebrew origin that means “delicate.”

32. Beatrix

This name of Hungarian origin has Latin roots and a meaning of “traveler” and “voyager” that’s well-suited to an intrepid young girl.

33. Meredith

This timeless classic of Welsh origin has vintage vibes and a sweet sound that belies its bold meaning of “great ruler.”

34. Rhiannon

The name of Fleetwood Mac’s famous hit song and a moniker of Welsh origin, belonging to the Goddess of Fertility in Celtic mythology—Rhiannon means “great queen.”

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35. Zinnia

This botanical name of Latin origin refers to the namesake (and oh-so pretty) flower.

36. Mackenzie

Traditionally a surname of Scottish origin and a given name for boys, this energetic moniker has gained popularity as a girl name stateside and has a meaning of “son of Kenneth,” “fire-born” and “good-looking.”

37. Savannah

There’s no denying the Southern charm of this city-inspired name (think: Savannah, Georgia), but it actually has Spanish origins and a topographical meaning of “tropical grassland” and “treeless plain.”

38. Regina

If you’re welcoming royalty into the world, this name of Latin origin meaning “queen” is a fitting choice. (Fun fact: It’s also the given name of actress Regina Hall, of Scary Movie fame, and award-winning singer Regina Spektor.)

39. Rosalie

This timeless, feminine name of French origin has romantic vibes and a sweet meaning of “rose garden.”

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40. Monica

This sturdy-sounding name of Latin origin is closely associated with acts of service and has a meaning of “advisor” and “truth.”

41. Matilda

This Anglicized version of a German name has sweet, vintage charm, and a surprisingly fierce meaning of “battle-mighty.” Psst: It’s also the title character of Roald Dahl’s beloved book about a kind-hearted little girl with pretty neat magical powers.

42. Miriam

This traditional name of Hebrew origin has a tender and very relatable meaning of “wished-for child.”

43. Lucia

Here, a very melodic, feminine name of Italian origin that boasts soft consonant sounds, romantic vibes and a meaning of “light.”

44. Loretta

This name of Italian origin is derived from the laurel tree—a symbol of victory—and has old-timey vibes that are just right for parents looking to bring back a classic.

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45. Vivian

This peppy name of Latin origin evokes dynamism and enthusiasm, so it should come as no surprise that it quite literally means “alive.” Alternate spellings include Vivienne (like the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood) and Vivien.

46. Fiona

“Fair” and “pale” are the meanings of this Irish given name, which is shared by quite a few famous women, including Scottish actress Fiona Loudon and American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple.

47. Andrea

This gender neutral name of Greek origin is quite commonly given to girls, despite its rather masculine meaning of “manly” and “virile.”

48. Coraline

Coraline, pronounced cora-LEEN, is a unique name for girls that has Latin, Greek, German and French roots (it’s all over the place!) and just as many meanings—including “core,” “heart,” “maiden,” “rose garden,” “free man” and “coral.”  It’s also the title character of Neil Gaman’s book, which was later turned into an enchanting, artistic and family-friendly animated film. File this one under ‘pretty and mysterious.’

49. Lydia

This is an early place name meaning “woman from Lydia,” and also a feminine version of an ancient Greek name that means “beautiful one.”

50. Ximena

Ximena, also spelled Jimena, is a Spanish and Basque moniker derived from the Hebrew name, Simeon, which means “one who hears.”

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