50 Hebrew Baby Girl Names That Will Bring All the Mazels

For those who want to connect with their Jewish roots, check out our roundup of beautiful Hebrew baby girl names. Whether you want a name that’s more on the traditional side of things (think: Rachel or Sara), something totally original (Devri or Liora, perhaps?) or a moniker with star power (oh hey, Gal), you’re sure to find the perfect name for your bubala.

100 Uncommon Baby Names That Aren’t Totally Bizarre

1. Abra

This diminutive form of the biblical name Abraham means “father of many,” but it’s most commonly given to girls.

2. Nedivah

This nifty Hebrew name means “giving,” so we see a good sharer in your future.

3. Seraphina

This soft-sounding, feminine name has swoon-worthy romantic vibes, thanks to its ties to the seraphim—the highest ranking angels of God who were known for their passion and love.

4. Talia

Tal and Tali are great nicknames for this Hebrew moniker meaning “dew of God.”

5. Anna

This simple and elegant name, the Latin form of the Hebrew name Hannah, has a classic feel and a meaning of “grace.”

6. Chava

Chava, the Hebrew form of the name Eve, has obvious biblical significance and a meaning of “life.”

7. Devri

A diminutive of Devorah (or Deborah) this cute and perky moniker, pronounced DEV-ree, means “bee.”

8. Erith

In Hebrew, this girl's name means “flower.”

9. Naomi

Naomi is a feminine name of Hebrew origin with celebrity status (think: Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts) and a meaning of “pleasant” and “gentle.”

10. Liora

Sometimes spelled Leora, this melodic name means “light.”

11. Ronit

This lesser-known Hebrew girl name is a pleasure to say, which makes sense, since it means “joyful song.”

12. Maya

Maya is a classic feminine name with multiple origins, but in Hebrew it’s derived from the word mayim, which means “water” or “spring.”

13. Yael

Pronounced Ya-el, this name means “mountain goat,” so take this intrepid kid camping.

14. Raya

Pronounced Rye-ah, this name means “friend.” We’re pretty sure she’ll have a lot of them.

15. Davi

This cute and peppy Hebrew girl name has a meaning all new parents can get on board with: “beloved.”

16. Tamar

Give your baby girl this sturdy Hebrew name and then decorate her nursery with palm trees, ‘cause that’s what this moniker means.

17. Vared

Also spelled Vered, this feminine name has a lovely, romantic meaning of “rose.” (And, yes, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.)

18. Gal

Actress Gal Gadot’s given name is a gender-neutral moniker of Hebrew origin that has ties to the names Abigail and Gail. This one has a dual meaning of “wave” and “father of exaltation,” but the superwoman connection is pretty darn cool, too.

19. Adina

This name, derived from the Hebrew Bible, comes with a cute nickname, Adi, and a sweet, feminine meaning of “delicate,” “gentle” and “mild.”

20. Batya

An alternate spelling of Bitya—this fierce name meaning “daughter of God”peaked in popularity in the early ‘80s (and we vote for bringing it back).

21. Zahava

This three-syllable feminine name means “gilded” and is a fitting moniker for a baby girl who’s more precious than gold.

22. Gili

Pronounced GEE-lee, this short and irresistibly cute girl name has an appealing meaning of “my joy.”

23. Tova

This energetic Hebrew girl name boasts an equally uplifting meaning of “pleasing” and “good.”

24. Shoshana

Shoshana is a soft and breathy three-syllable name that means “rose” in Hebrew.

25. Sara

Sara, also spelled Sarah, is the name of one of the four matriarchs in the Jewish Bible. This one means “princess.”

26. Rotem

“Desert plant” is the meaning of this strong-sounding moniker, which is most commonly used for girls but has unisex potential.

27. Neta

Here, another Hebrew name with a botanical association—Neta, pronounced NEH-tah means “plant” or “little seed.”

28. Daniela

Daniela (sometimes spelled Daniella) is one of the more popular Hebrew girl names; it has a weighty religious meaning of “God is my judge.”

29. Chen

In addition to being a popular name of Chinese origin, Chen is also a short but Hebrew moniker that means “charm,” “grace” and “beauty.”

30. Sapira

This name of Hebrew, Greek and Latin origin refers to the precious gem, sapphire—making it a fine choice for a blue-eyed babe.

31. Yifat

This lesser known name is actually used widely in the Hebrew language both as a word and as a girl name meaning “splendor,” “brightness” and “light.”

32. Keren

Not to be confused with Karen—Keren means “ray of light, “strength” and “power,” and is the short form of Kerenhappuch (which is a bit of a mouthful, no?).

33. Leah

One of the most widely used Hebrew names on the list, this soft-sounding moniker means “delicate” and “weary.”

34. Levana

Here, a melodic girl name that means “the moon” and rolls off the tongue.

35. Orel

This powerful, gender-neutral name has a triumphant meaning of “light of God” that’s just right for a Hanukkah baby.

36. Tzipora

A lively and vibrant name—Tzipora means “bird” and is well-suited to a little girl who’s full of energy and charm.

37. Eliza

This serious-sounding feminine name has bookish vibes and a religious meaning of “pledged to God.”

38. Eva

Derived from Eve (i.e., the first woman on Earth in the biblical creation story), Eva has a corresponding meaning of “life.”

39. Zara

Aside from being a great place to shop for trendy threads, Zara is a name of Arabic and Hebrew origin that means “blooming flower” and “God remembers,” respectively.

40. Molly

This cute girl’s name has a vintage feel and a meaning that’s much less sweet than its sound: “bitter.”

41. Eden

Needless to say, this one comes from the name of a certain biblical garden and has a related meaning of “place of delight” and “pleasure.”

42. Keziah

Pronounced ka-ZIE-ah this unique Hebrew girl name was given to one of the three daughters of Job in the Bible. It has earthy vibes and a meaning that refers to cassia, the sweet spice tree from which cinnamon comes.

43. Eliana

Feminine and oh-so romantic—this four-syllable name has a soft sound and a religious meaning of “my God has answered.”

44. Selah

Selah (pronounced SEE-lah) is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin with an emphatic sound and a sturdy meaning of “boulder” or “rock.”

45. Kayla

Although sometimes used as a nickname for Mikayla, Kayla is also a Yiddish moniker with ties to the Hebrew name Kelila and a dual meaning of “slim and fair” and “crown of laurel.”

46. Bethany

Derived from the name of a biblical town near Jerusalem, Bethany has aramaic and Hebrew origins and a meaning of “house of figs.”

47. Deborah

Deborah (Deb or Debbie, for short) is the name of a prophetess in the Jewish Bible and a common feminine moniker that means “bee.” Fun fact: This one ranked among the top 20 most popular girl names between 1950 and 1970, which we can all agree is quite a good run!

48. Rachel

Rachel means “ewe” and was the name of Jacob’s beautiful and beloved wife in the Bible. It’s also a classic name that has enjoyed consistent popularity (think: top 200) for over 100 years—so if you’re looking for something timeless, this one fits the bill.

49. Ruth

A sturdy name with down-home vibes—Ruth is a Hebrew moniker with a sweet meaning of “compassionate friend.”

50. Miriam

Miriam is a Hebrew name with a classic feel that means “rising water, “drop of the sea” and “beloved.” We’re also fans of the super cute nickname, Miri.

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