15 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart

Adorable and grandma-approved

So, your mom wants you to name your newborn bundle of joy after your great-great-great grandmother. Don’t fight it. Old-fashioned baby names--with their hip and stylish nod to the past--are kind of the cutest. Cue your chance to make them totally timeless.


1. Florence

Meaning: “To flower and flourish” (and possibly wear a flower crown at all times).


2. Alice

Meaning: “Nobility.” Popularized in 1865 thanks to some dude named Lewis Carroll.

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3. Clarence

Meaning: “Bright” and “shining” and “gentle.” Pairs well with a tweed blazer.

4. Gertrude

Meaning: German for “spear of strength” (kind of like her mama).

5. Pearl

Meaning: Skilled at picking out jewelry. Obviously.

6. Harold

Meaning: “Power” and “leader” and “ruler.” No pressure, baby.

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7. Maude

Meaning: A riff on Matilda, it means “battle-mighty.” (As in, who run the world? Maude.)

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8. Arthur

Meaning: Art for short, this name means “noble,” “courageous” and “strong as a bear.” Rawr.

9. Beulah

Meaning: Pronounced “bee-ooo-lah.” It technically means “married” (but only if she wants to).


10. Rosemary

Meaning: A compromise 19th-century moms made when they couldn’t pick between “Rose” and “Mary.” Also means “dew of the sea.”

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11. Dorothy

Meaning: “Gift of God.” And lover of pineapple.


12. Conrad

Meaning: “Brave counsel” (but beware, giving advice makes him tired).


13. Evelyn

Meaning: “Wished for child.” BRB, sobbing.

14. Winston

Meaning: “From wine’s town.” A kid after our own heart.

15. George

Meaning: “Tiller of the soil” or “farmer.” Also, royal.