You say your baby's name hundreds of times a day. Sometimes, it's nice to switch things up. That's why we pulled together 12 monikers with unique (and super-sweet) nicknames.

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1. Collette

Instead of Collette, Call her Coco. As in Chanel.

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2. William

Instead of William, Call Him Liam. And call him hungry while you’re at it.

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3. Charlotte

Instead of Charlotte, Call Her Charlie. Sure, you could call her Char, but Charlie gives this name a nice (and gender-neutral) spin.

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4. Christopher

Instead of Christopher, Call Him Topher. So much more interesting than Chris.

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5. Wilhelmina

Instead of Wilhelmina, Call Her Minnie. Nothing mouse-like about this one.

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6. Alexander

Instead of Alexander, Call Him Xander. Pronounced Zan-der.

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7. Isabella

Instead of Isabella, Call Her Izzy. Super cute and super snuggly.

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8. Rebecca

Instead of Rebecca, Call Her Becks. And get her a fur hat, stat.

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9. Nicholas

Instead of Nicholas, Call Him Nico. This Italian name deserves an Italian nickname.

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10. Genevieve

Instead of Genevieve, Call Her Evie. It rolls off the tongue.

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11. Amelia

Instead of Amelia, Call Her Milly. A darling option for a sophisticated name.

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12. Leonardo

Instead of Leonardo, Call Him Leo. Duh.

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