30 Unique Girl Names that Start With Z

If you’re trying to settle on a cute and unique baby name for a little girl, we suggest you consider those beginning with the letter “Z.” Not only will your kid likely be the only Zyla or Zahara in her class, but these adorable names also have special meanings that you’ll love sharing with friends and family. (“Oh, her name means beautiful and radiant, NBD.”) Without further ado, here’s a list of our very favorite girl names that start with “Z”…and trust us, none of them are snoozy.

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1. Zelda

A name of German origin, Zelda is actually a shortened version of the name Griselda, which translates to “gray battle.” This one is associated with strength—but it sounds pretty darn cute, too.

2. Zoe

One of the more popular choices on the list, Zoe is a Greek translation of the name Eve. The meaning of this short-but-sweet name is “life.”

3. Zoey

If you like the name “Zoe” but want to give it a twist, consider this alternative (and less common) spelling.

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4. Zyra

This pretty Muslim name translates means “Eastern brightness” or “dawn” in Arabic. Much like Zelda, Zyra boasts a winning combination of strength and femininity.

5. Zo

Looking for a one-syllable baby name? Zo is a gender neutral name of African origin that means “spiritual leader.” Cute for a girl, cool for a woman and very easy to pronounce and spell.

6. Zora

“Sunrise” is the meaning of this Slavic name, which reached its peak popularity in the late 1800s and has held up well ever since. It’s also the name of Zora Neale Hurston—a black writer and filmmaker, and a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance.

7. Zendaya

This beautiful name is of African origin (it comes from the word for thanks in the Shona language, Tendai, spoken in Zimbabwe and southern Zambia) and has risen to the ranks of super stardom, thanks to a certain award-winning actress and beauty icon.

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8. Zaya

Zaya, pronounced like Maya, means “a woman who wins.” This one might already be on your radar—it’s the name that basketball great Dwayne Wade gave to his daughter.

9. Zaida

An Arabic name that means prosperous or fortunate, Zaida is pronounced Zah-ee-dah. Powerful, cool and unique.

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10. Zola

Fans of French literature will recognize this as the last name of Emile Zola, the French writer and playwright who became synonymous with the literary school of naturalism. As a first name, however, Zola has Latin origins and means “ball of Earth.” It’s also seriously cute, thanks to a musical pairing of soft consonants.

11. Zarah

A variation of both the Arabic name Zahrah and the Hebrew name Sarah, this one means “blooming flower” and is often associated with regal beauty.

12. Zarina

This feminine name means “golden” in Persian, and there’s a good chance your baby will live up to the moniker with her first smile.

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13. Zyla

Zyla is a name of Hebrew origin that roughly translates to “a follower” or “a reflection of oneself.” Think of this one as a good fit for an introspective girl with a quiet and calm disposition.

14. Zoelle

Chic and modern, Zoelle is an adaptation of the Greek name Zoe and shares the same meaning (i.e., “life”). It’s a classic with a little French twist tacked on the end for good measure. Ooh-la-la!

15. Zelena

A Greek name for the mythological “Goddess of the moon,” this one is a less common version of Selena, and a spunkier one at that.

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16. Zahara

Arabic and Hebrew in origin, Zahara is a feminine name that means “flowering” or “shining.” But we’re just going to file this one under “pretty but powerful.”

17. Zephyr

Another Greek name with mythological roots, Zephyr is a gender-neutral option that means “west wind.”

18. Zia

The origins of Zia are Arabic, Hebrew and Latin—and all three languages agree that the name means “splendor” and “radiant light.”

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19. Zuleyka

It’s not clear where this name comes from, but it is most likely Persian or Arabic in origin with a meaning that translates to “brilliant beauty” or “bright and fair.” If you’re looking for a name that’s fun, feminine and exotic, this one fits the bill.

20. Zina

The names may sound identical, but this one has nothing to do with the TV warrior princess Xena. In fact, Zina is a shortened version of Zinaida—a Russian name that’s popular throughout Eastern Europe and means “god-like.”

21. Zamirah

Zamirah means “nightingale” in Hebrew and in Albania, where it’s considered to be the feminine form of the common name Zamir, it means “good voice.” All cultures agree this one is a good fit for a melodic girl.

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22. Zalayah

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, give Zalayah a try. It’s a decidedly feminine name of unknown origin and, per the Social Security Administration database, it has been given to only 365 people in the U.S. since 1880. Talk about unique!

23. Zylee

The origins of Zylee are unclear, but we do know it rhymes with Kylie, a Scottish aboriginal name that means “graceful and beautiful,” It also has a carefree and chipper ring to it, right?

24. Zenobia

We’re getting mythological again with this one, friends. Zenobia is a Greek name that means “force of Zeus.” (And, in case you missed it, Zeus was basically the head honcho of the heavens.)

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25. Zulema

Zulema is a Hebrew name that means “peace.” It was also the name of a seriously cool R&B and disco singer who was billed alongside some of the greats (Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and Bill Withers, to name a few).

26. Ziva

“Radiance” and “light of God” are the meanings of this Hebrew name—a short and energetic-sounding pick that’s just plain fun to say.

27. Zoha

This popular Muslim girls name translates to “light,” a meaning that fits its airy, feminine sound quite well.

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28. Zianna

Zianna is a Hebrew name that means “protected by God,” and a variant of Zeeana, which is an Arabic name that translates to “beautiful and radiant.” So, yeah, this girl kind of has it all.

29. Zaire

This gender neutral name is a bold choice that’s loaded with significance. For starters, it’s a Kongo term that translates to “the river that swallows all rivers” (i.e., a force to be reckoned with). It was also once a Central African state, as well as the basic monetary unit used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

30. Zaila

You might have heard of Zaila Avant-Garde, the fierce teen who made history as the first Black girl to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee. And let’s just say her name, an Arabic one that means “might and power,” suits her well.

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