50 Scrumptious Baby Girl Names That Start with A

Maybe you’re naming her after a very important relative. Maybe you always want her at the front of the line in elementary school.

Either way, if you’re looking for baby girl name that begins with “A,” we want to help you weigh your options. The uncommon baby names on this list have been cherry-picked from a range of places. Mainly, the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular monikers for girls, but also, our own editor favorites. Let the browsing begin.

16 Old-Lady Baby Names That Aren’t Just for Grandmas

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1. Ada

It means “nobility.” It’s also a popular alternative to Ava.

2. Ava

This name means “life.” It’s also a celebrity favorite (think: Ava Phillipe), which helped with its subsequent popularity boost; It’s currently #3 on the charts.

3. Amelia

This name—which means “work”—clocks in at #8 on the most popular names for girls. It’s also been in the top 10 names for girls in the U.K. since 2011.

4. Adalee

This combo name (Ada + Lee) means “God is my shelter.”

5. Aurora

Courtesy of the Roman goddess whose tears magically evolved into the morning dew.

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6. Abigail

This name means “my father is joyful,” which should make it easier to sell to your hubby.

7. Amina

Trustworthy and faithful. You can’t go wrong.

8. Alana

This Irish name means “handsome” and “cheerful.” (A popular variation is Alanis.)

9. Akeila

Also spelled Akeilah, this moniker means “wise.”

10. Alexandra

The official meaning is “defender of men.” But this name is also the feminine form of Alexander. (We love an “Alex” for short.)

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11. Alyssa

It means “noble,” but it’s also related to the flower alyssum, which is actually quite pretty.

12. Addison

This name is nearing the top of the charts these days, but the direct translation is “son of Adam.”

13. Angelina

This name means “angel.” Awww.

14. Audrey

An old-lady baby name, which means “strength.” Double whammy.

15. Aubrey

The meaning is “elf ruler,” but it’s quintessentially French. It also wasn’t until the 1970s that this name started to trend for girls. (Before then, it was almost exclusively used for boys.)

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16. Aniyah

It means “God was gracious.”

17. Adele

The name is both saintly and royal. (It means “nobility”.)

18. April

Before there was June and August (other popular names for girls and boys), there was April. The meaning? “To open,” the perfect way to define the kick-off to spring.

19. Aria

It means “air, song or melody.” How lovely.

20. Anna

Also spelled Ana, this mean means “grace.” Bring on the Frozen references at your own risk.

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21. Autumn

It’s a seasonal name, but it’s the most popular one, coming in almost 200 places ahead of Winter.

22. Annalise

Another combo girl’s name, this one brings together Anna and Lise, and means “grace.”

23. Athena

In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Zeus, but also the goddess of wisdom, warfare, mathematics, courage and more. Big shoes, baby.

24. Alivia

A trendy variation on the more popular Olivia, it means “olive tree.”

25. Alice

Another name that means “noble,” with a literary nod to Alice in Wonderland.

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26. Avery

It means “ruler of the elves,” and it’s gender-neutral.

27. Amaya

Japanese in origin, this name means “mother city,” “the end,” and “night rain.”

28. Arlo

Most commonly used for boys, this name has picked up popularity for girls in recent years. It also means “between two highlands.”

29. Alina

It means “bright” and “beautiful.”

30. Ayla

This name has a few different meanings, but it’s most popular is “moonlight” or “halo.”

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31. Angela

It means “angel” and, though it held a top 10 slot in the 1960s and 70s, we think still feels thoroughly modern.

32. Ariel

This name experienced a surge in popularity with the release of The Little Mermaid in 1989, but it’s also got a powerful meaning: “lion of God.”

33. Alexia

A twist on Alexandria, this name means “defender of men.”

34. Amy

This name, which means beloved, is actually an English variation on the French Aimée.

35. Alicia

A pivot from Alice, this name means “noble.” (So many girls names do!)

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36. Andrea

The name means “strong,” but it also gives you the fun of choosing exactly how you want to pronounce it. (Say, Ann-dree-ah or Ahn-dree-ah.)

37. Anya

It means “grace.”

38. Azalea

If you’re into flower names, this one—of English origin—has been getting increasingly popular since 2012.

39. Anne

It’s the name of Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter. It also means “grace.”

40. Aisha

Pronounced eye-ee-sha, this name means “living” and “prosperous.”

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41. Ashlynn

A more modern take on Ashley, it means “dream.”

42. Aisling

This Irish moniker means “vision.” (You can pronounce it either Ash-ling or Ash-leen.)

43. Aurelia

It means “the golden one.” (It’s pronounced Aw-ray-lee-ah.)

44. Aileen

“Bright, shining one” is the meaning—pretty much sums it up.

45. Aaliyah

This name means “from the heavens,” but also “exalted. (Most parents would

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46. Adelaide

Popularized by the musical Guys and Dolls, this name, which means “nobility,” is so cute when shortened to Addie.

47. Amelie

A nod to one of the most delightful French movies of all time, this name means “work.” (An omen for the newborn phase, perhaps?)

48. Ansley

It means “clearing with a hermitage.” You can also play around with the spelling--a lot of parents love Ansleigh.

49. Andi

This name—a feminine variation on Andrew—is cute and tomboy-ish. And it should, since it actually means “strong and manly.”

50. Angelica

Similar to Angela, it means “angelic.”

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