We’re Calling It: This Is the Trendiest Baby Name of 2023 (& It’s Only Three Letters)

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Name trends may come and go (sorry, Doyle), but is it just us or have the monikers du jour been a little stale as of late? (Surprise, surprise, Olivia reigns supreme yet again). This is especially true for boys' names, where Liam and Noah have been the two most popular uncommon baby names since 2014. But lately, we’ve been hearing a seemingly brand new name on the playground and we’re intrigued. It’s short, snappy and undeniably cool… could this be the trendiest name of 2023?

The name in question is Asa—a short and sweet moniker of Hebrew origin that, while traditionally given to boys, boasts a soft sound with gender neutral potential. In the last month alone, we’ve heard the name called out not once, not twice, but three times at the playground. And when I mentioned this to a mom friend, she shared that there was a baby girl Asa in her daughter's MyGym class.

We did a deep dive into the meaning and pop culture clout of this name, and let’s just say don’t be surprised if you see more Asas around your neighborhood in the near future. 

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), Asa (pronounced AY-sa) has been climbing the popularity charts slowly but steadily over the last few years. In 2021, it came in at number 496 which, granted, may not seem like much, but on baby name expert website Nameberry, it’s actually the 297th most popular name for all babies in 2023, and comes in at number 94 for unisex names. In other words, this name is on the up. (The graph below demonstrates the name's rise, using data from the SSA.)


In Hebrew, the name Asa means “healer” or “doctor,” which is downright lovely (and perhaps an indicator of your babe’s future profession?). And to state the obvious, this melodic, two-syllable moniker is also a palindrome, which is pretty freakin’ neat. 

As Nameberry notes, “Asa could also be a path to the hip nickname Ace or an alternative to the rapidly rising Asher.” (We told you the name was cool.)

So, why the recent surge in popularity? Perhaps it’s down to actor Asa Butterfield of Hugo and Sex Education fame. Or maybe it’s a reflection of the trend towards more gender-neutral names (see: Charlie, Quinn, Avery). Or perhaps after multiples years of Olivias, Elijahs, Isabellas and Williams dominating the charts, parents are starting to lean towards shorter, simpler names

Whatever the reason, we’re here for it. See ya at the playground, Asa. 

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