50 One-Syllable Boy Names That Are Short, Sweet and Totally Adorable

Maybe you have a long-winded last name and are looking to strike a balance. Or perhaps you just want a moniker that packs a punch. Whatever the reason, you’re looking for one-syllable boy names and you’ve come to the right place. From traditional to offbeat to gender-neutral, check out our roundup of short and sweet names below.

50 One-Syllable Girl Names That Prove Less Is More

1. Sean

This Irish variant of the biblical name John has Hebrew origins and a meaning of “God is gracious.”

2. Paul

The meaning of this Latin name—“small and humble”—is a perfect match to its short-but-sweet sound.

3. Mitch

Mitch might have an all-American ring to it, but it’s actually derived from the Hebrew name Michael, which means “who is like God?”

4. Gray

This edgy, gender-neutral name of British origin means “gray-haired” and can be spelled with an “a” or an “e,” depending on which side of the pond you prefer.

5. Sohn

This masculine name of German and Ashkenazi Jewish origin translates to “son.”

6. Ray

Ray Charles, Ray Bradbury, Ray Romano—there’s quite a bit of fame associated with this English name meaning “counsel protection.”

7. Sam

Sam—the short form of Samuel and Samantha—is a friendly and unassuming, gender-neutral name with American roots and a Hebrew meaning of “God has heard.”

8. King

This noble name of British origin is a perfect fit for a baby boy you’ll welcome like royalty.

9. Ed

History and too-cool-for-school modernity intersect with this British boy’s name, which means “prosperous guardian,” “fortune” and “wealth.”

10. Finn

This one is an anglicized version of Fionn—a given name of Irish origin that means “fair” and refers to the (namesake) mythical warrior and folklore hero.

11. Abe

The biblical origins of Abe are pretty clear (it’s the shortened version of Abraham, after all) and, in Hebrew, this moniker means “father of many.”

12. Björn

Here, a popular Scandinavian name with Old Norse origins and a meaning, “bear,” that’s equal parts cuddly and fearsome.

13. Blake

This name of British origin has an enigmatic double meaning of “dark and black” and “shining and pale.”

14. Bob

What do Bob Dylan, Bob Saget, Bob Marley and WWII hero Bob Hoover all have in common? A fitting German name that means “bright” and “fame.”

15. Brad

A diminutive form of Bradley and Bradshaw—this boy’s name of British origin has starpower on its side (hello, Brad Pitt) and a meaning of “broad and wide.”

16. Brent

Both a given name and surname of British origin meaning “hill” and “mount,” this sporty moniker is well-suited to a future bro.

17. Brook

This surname of English origin has evolved into a gender-neutral given name with a meaning of “small stream.”

18. Bruce

This strong, masculine name has British, French and Scottish origins—Robert the Bruce was the First King of Scotland—and a topographical meaning of “willowlands.”

19. Len

This slick-sounding name of German origin is the short form of Leonard and means “lion strength.”

20. Bryce

If you see freckles in your boy’s future, try this Scottish name on for size; it has Latin roots and a meaning of “speckled” or “freckled.”

21. Butch

This American name has occupational roots (“butcher”) and a meaning that’s as tough as it sounds: “manly.”

22. Drew

Traditionally a short form of the name Andrew, Drew is also a gender-neutral, Welsh moniker with a bookish vibe and a matching meaning of “wise.”

23. Fritz

Fritz is a German boy’s name with an oh-so likable meaning of “peaceful ruler.” (Hey, every playground needs one.)

24. Floyd

One of the greatest boxers of all time (Floyd Mayweather) has this name of Welsh origin, which means “gray-haired.”

25. Buzz

This American moniker meaning “village in the woods” just so happens to be the name of one of our country’s most famous men on the moon (i.e., Buzz Aldrin).

26. Pete

Short, cute and humble—this masculine name of Greek origin, the short form of Peter, has a decidedly solid meaning of “rock.”

27. Mac

Traditionally a surname prefix of Scottish origin, this given name for boys meaning “son of” pairs perfectly with a wink and a nod.

28. Gus

This masculine name of Latin origin might go under the radar, but it has a lofty meaning of “majestic and exalted.”

29. George

This dignified name of Greek origin has a rich history behind it—there are many kings and even a curious monkey with the moniker—plus a rugged meaning of “Earthworker” and “farmer.”

30. Buck

This term for a male deer is also a given name of Old English origin with spirited, cowboy vibes.

31. Shane

Melodic and masculine, Shane is an elegant moniker of Irish origin that means “graced by God.”

32. Spike

Bandleader Spike Jones and filmmakers Spike Lee and Spike Jonze all have this boy’s name of English origin, which sounds tough as nails and boasts a similar meaning of “long, heavy nail” and “sharp wits.”

33. Tal

This soft-sounding, gender-neutral name meaning “dew” has Hebrew roots and a fresh, modern vibe.

34. Ford

The surname of actor Harrison Ford is also a given name of Old English origin that means “river crossing.”

35. Cain

Given its biblical ties to a certain brother-killing firstborn, Cain is a name of Hebrew origin that’s probably best-suited to an only child.

36. Phil

This masculine name of Ancient Greek origin has to do with love, hippos and horses (yes, really).

37. Taj

The first word in the name of the dazzling Indian mausoleum is also an offbeat moniker of Sanskrit, Hindi and Arabic origin that means “crown.” Let’s just say it’s a perfect fit for a little prince.

38. Craig

Good ol’ Craig is a lad of Scottish, Gaelic or Welsh origin with a reliable character. (Hint: His name means “rock.”)

39. Dean

Future heartthrob on the way? This name of English origin meaning “valley” and “church” will make the ladies swoon like it did for many Deans before. (Think: James Dean and Dean Martin.)

40. Chris

This unisex name of Greek origin has a faith-based meaning of “bearing Christ.”

41. Lance

This bold moniker of English origin has a mysterious dual meaning of “servant” and “God-like.”

42. Scott

Derived from the scutum shield of the Ancient Roman empire, this masculine name of Latin, Scottish and English origin means “the man with the shield.”

43. Rick

This shortened version of Frederick and Richard has Germanic and English roots and a meaning of “peaceful and brave ruler.”

44. Lars

This whimsical and smart moniker is derived from the Latin name Laurentium, which translates to “from the city of Laurentus” or, if you prefer a more floral meaning, “crowned with laurel.”

45. Chet

Musical icon Chet Baker is the only man that comes to mind when we think of this quirky and cool name of English origin meaning “fortress” or “camp.”

46. Drake

The famous rapper’s name has English roots and a daunting meaning of “snake” and “dragon.”

47. Rob

This English name is decidedly friendly (Rob Lowe, anyone?) and has an illustrious meaning of “famed,” “bright” and “shining.”

48. Quinn

This gender-neutral name has Old Irish roots and a rather high-brow meaning of “wise,” “sense” and “reason.”

49. Cole

This masculine name of English origin is associated with the smoky, black color of charcoal and has a strong meaning of “victory of the people.”

50. Clint

Originally a title and surname of Old English origin meaning “fenced settlement,” this British boy’s name is a studly given name with cowboy vibes, thanks to Clint Eastwood, of course.

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