50 Delightful Baby Boy Names That Start with A

What’s in a name? A lot, of course, which is why we agonize over the decision of what to name our offspring for months, er, the entire length of pregnancy.

But you’re lucky in that you know for sure that you want a baby boy name that starts with the letter “A.” We’ve rounded up the best options—curated based on the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular monikers for boys, but also, our own editor favorites. Let the browsing begin.

50 Scrumptious Baby Girl Names That Start with A

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1. Asher

It means “happy” and “blessed.” It also took a 100-year hiatus from the top 1000 most popular baby names—until surging back to the top 100 in the 1990s.

2. Adofo

This moniker means “warrior.”

3. Alec

It’s short for Alexander, which means “defender of mankind.”

4. August

This name (a more casual form of Augustus) has been creeping up the charts for quite some time. It means “great” and “magnificent.”

5. Alfred

“Wise counselor” is this name’s definition. Code for: Likely to have a lot of friends.

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6. Anton

This name means “priceless one.”

7. Apollo

Mythical names are on the rise and this one is near the top. And why wouldn’t it be? The son of Zeus was the God of music, poetry, medicine…the list goes on.

8. Alejandro

Of Spanish origin, this moniker means “defender of men.”

9. Arlo

A trendier take on Carlo, it means “between two highlands.” (It’s also jumped in popularity in recent years.)

10. Aksel

This Norwegian name (pronounced Ax-sell) is also spelled Axel. The meaning is “father of peace.”

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11. Archie

It means “truly brave.” It’s also steadily risen on the charts thanks to a certain formerly royal couple. (Ahem, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.)

12. Akeem

The meaning behind this moniker is “wise” and “insightful.”

13. Argo

Of Greek origin, it stands for “Jason’s ship,” an homage to the mythological hero and his quest for the Golden Fleece.

14. Austin

Yes, city names are the ultimate hipster choice. But this one also happens to mean “great” and “magnificent.” A win-win.

15. Arnett

This gender-neutral name—of Old French origin—means “little eagle.” (We kind of love that, btw.)

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16. Atlas

A quick refresher on this Greek titan: He bore the weight of the world on his shoulders—aka he had great strength.

17. Alexander

It means “defender of the people.”

18. Angelo

An Italian variation on angel, it means “messenger of God.”

19. Andrew

This name—which means “strong and manly”—had a recent streak in the top 10 for two decades.

20. Aaron

It means “exalted.”

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21. Aiden

“Little and fiery.” No truer words.

22. Amal

This name means “laborer.” (It’s also had a recent gender-neutral surge thanks to Mrs. George Clooney.)

23. Albert

A reflection of nobility, this name is less fashionable now, but still a popular selection for anyone with an affinity for the royals. (Reminder: Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria.)

24. Anthony

If the “h” is present in the spelling, it means “flower.” But without it, the more common definition is “priceless set.” [Insert shrug.]

25. Amir

This Middle Eastern name means “king” and “ruler,” but also “treetop.” (A common variation is Ameer.)

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26. Andre

Pronounced Ahn-dray, it means “man.”

27. Angus

This Gaelic moniker stands for “one strength.”

28. Amadeus

A nod to Mozart, this is a trendy pick for music-loving parents. (BTW, it means “lover of God.”)

29. Art

On face value, this name is a classic. But it also means “a bear.” Your kid will love that.

30. Atticus

To Kill a Mockingbird set this name on an upward path. It also means “from Attica,” a region in Ancient Greece that contained Athens.

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31. Avinash

This name means “indestructible,” “immortal,” and “unconquerable.” Not bad.

32. Arrow

“A projectile fired from a bow.”

33. Ashton

Made popular thanks to Ashton Kutcher, it means “ash trees place.”

34. Achilles

This moniker nods to the almighty Greek legend who had a weak spot in his heel. It also means “thin-lipped.”

35. Angel

A religious name that needs no translation. (It’s also in the top 100 for boys.)

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36. Avery

This moniker—which means “ruler of the elves”—is up in popularity 20 percent as of 2018 and perfect for your Lord of the Rings fan in the making.

37. Adler

What used to be a fairly common German surname is now making waves as a first. (It also means “eagle.”)

38. Ace

“Expert.” Love that.

39. Ari

It means “lion of God.”

40. Adam

Sure, the origins of this name lie with the Old Testament, but this moniker—which means “son of the red earth”—was re-popularized thanks to 1960s cowboy culture. Oh, and Adam Driver’s character on Girls.

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41. Abbott

It means “Father.”

42. Alonso

This Spanish and Portuguese name is defined as “noble and ready.”

43. Alan

Whether you spell it “Alan” or “Allen” or “Allan,” the meaning of this name is “handsome” and “cheerful.”

44. Alder

It means “old” (or as we like to say, “mature”), but it’s also the name of a beautiful English tree.

45. Ali

A gender-neutral moniker, it means “supreme” or “the greatest.” (It surged in popularity thanks to a certain boxing champion named Muhammad.)

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46. Abraham

This name means “father of multitudes.”

47. Allistair

A derivative of Alexander, this name means “defender of men.” (It’s also spelled Alistair.)

48. Alessandro

Ditto this Italian variation, another off-shoot of Alexander.

49. Adar


50. Adonis

Another name with Greek mythology origins, it means “lord.” But it’s also synonymous with masculine beauty. (No pressure, baby.)

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