50 Hebrew Boy Names and Their Meanings

Timeless classics, modern favorites, and totally unique monikers that no one else in your kid’s class will share—you can find it all in the Hebrew Bible. Take a trip back in time to the Old Testament with our roundup of Hebrew boy names and you’re sure to find one that’s just right for the bun in your oven.

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1. Ariel

This melodic, gender-neutral name is used to describe the city of Jerusalem and has a fierce meaning of “Lion of God.” (Plus, a pretty cool nickname of Ari.)

2. Noam

Not to be confused with Noah—this soft-sounding, masculine name has a Hebrew meaning of “beautiful” or good-looking” and a sturdy, traditional vibe.

3. Uri

Uri is actually a nickname for two distinct biblical characters—Uriah, who was one of King David’s warriors, and Uriel, one of the seven archangels of Apocrypha. Regardless, when used as a standalone given name, Uri means “my light” or “my flame.”

4. Eitan

Ethan is the more popular, anglicized version of this Hebrew name, which refers to the author of the Book of Psalm and has a meaning of “firmness” and “long-lived.” Still, if you’re looking for a more unique boy name, the biblical spelling Eitan (pronounced AY-tawn) fits the bill.

5. Adam

“Son of red earth” is the meaning of this masculine name, which appears in both the Hebrew and Christian Bible and is quite famous for being the first moniker ever given to man, per the Genesis story.

6. Abba

Best known as the name of everybody’s favorite Swedish disco supergroup, Abba is actually a given name of Hebrew origin that means “father.”

7. Aron

Aron—an Old Testament figure who was Moses’s right-hand man—is a boy name with a classic feel and a meaning of “teaching” and “singing.”

8. Elijah

Elijah, or Eli for short, is a powerful masculine name that means “the Lord is my God” and refers to a biblical prophet who defended the worship of the Hebrew God.

9. Levi

You might recognize this short but sweet boy name from the denim brand, which was founded by Levi Strauss. This Hebrew moniker means “joined” or “attached.”

10. Nathan

One of the more popular choices on the list, this traditional boy name, a short form of Nathaniel, has bookish vibes and a meaning of “Gift from God.”

11. Ezra

Ezra means “helper” in Hebrew and is the name of the famous prophet responsible for writing the Book of Ezra in the Bible.

12. Hiram

“Exalted” or “noble” is the meaning of this lesser-known and strong-sounding Hebrew boy name.

13. Abraham

Abraham means “father of nations” in Hebrew…and we can think of at least one Abe (Lincoln, duh) that lived up to that.

14. Caleb

This soft boy name has a meaning as sweet as its sound: “whole-hearted.”

15. James

An important figure in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles—James is derived from the original Hebrew word for Jacob, which means “supplanter.”

16. Nathaniel

This longer version of the name Nathan has a synonymous meaning of “God has given.” There are also a couple famous Nathaniels who were indeed gifted. (Nat King Cole and Nathaniel Hawthorne come to mind.)

17. Noah

Noah, the man with the ark, is a very recognizable figure from the Hebrew Bible whose name means “rest.”

18. Zachary

Here, another popular moniker with religious roots—this anglicized version of the Hebrew name Zechariah has a common nickname of Zach and a meaning of “the Lord has remembered.”

19. Aziel

This uncommon name, pronounced, AH-zee-EL, has a melodic ring to it and a powerful meaning of “God is my strength.”

20. Gideon

The meaning of this Hebrew boy name might be a tad odd—it’s “having a stump for a hand”—but there’s no denying that it’s downright fun to say.

21. Asher

This too-cool-for-school boy name has trendy vibes and an auspicious meaning of “fortunate,” “blessed” and “happy one.”

22. Isaac

An oldie-but-goodie, Isaac is derived from the Hebrew word yitzvah and boasts a jolly meaning of “one who laughs and rejoices.”

23. Simon

A fine name for a smart and likable little boy, Simon has both Hebrew and Greek origins, meaning “to hear, be heard” and “flat-nosed,” respectively. (It’s also got some starpower, thanks to talent manager Simon Cowell, actor Simon Pegg and singer Simon Le Bon.)

24. Emmett

Thought to be the masculinized version of the name Emma, this cute and energetic boy name has Hebrew, English and German roots, and a meaning of “truth” and “universal.”

25. Mathew

One of the top ten most popular monikers for three decades in a row (‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s), this boy name of Hebrew origin means “gift of God” and has religious significance as the name of a very important Apostle.

26. Raphael

Raphael is a soft-sounding boy’s name with romantic, artsy vibes and a Hebrew meaning of “God has healed.”

27. Jacob

A popular choice in the ‘90s—this Hebrew name is closely related to the biblical name, James, and has a dual meaning of “to follow, be behind” and “to overreach, supplant.”

28. Abiah

If you’re looking for a unique name of Hebrew origin, Abiah (uh-BUY-uh), which means “God is my father,” fits the bill.

29. Samuel

“Told by God” is the meaning of this traditional biblical moniker, which is derived from the Hebrew name Shemu’el.

30. Ezekiel

This name, which belongs to one of the greatest biblical prophets who wrote the namesake book, boasts a spunky, energetic sound and a powerful religious meaning of “strength of God.”

31. Malachi

Here, another prophet with a biblical book in his name—Malachi is a name derived from a Hebrew word that quite literally translates to “messenger of God.”

32. Eli

Sometimes used as a nickname for Elijah or Elliot, Eli is a name in its own right with a meaning of “ascended,” “uplifted” and “my God.” Give this one to a revered baby boy.

33. Azriel

This one—the name of the benevolent Angel of Death who transports souls to the afterlife—appears in Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) as well as Sikhism; in all contexts it means “God is my help.”

34. Josiah

Josiah, a moniker that means “God supports” and “God heals,” is the name of a righteous king from the Hebrew Bible who ruled Judah and (you guessed it) loved God.

35. Jonah

Tied to the prophet Jonah, a leading figure from the Bible, this name is derived from the Hebrew word Yonah, which has an oh-so-sweet meaning of “dove.”

36. Mateo

This one is the Spanish form of the name Matthew and boasts the same religious significance and meaning of “gift of God.”

37. David

This long-time favorite has Hebrew origins as the name of King David, the second king of Israel, as well as the underdog and hero from the biblical story of David and Goliath.

38. Jaden

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith chose this lovely Hebrew name meaning “God has heard” for their son, a rapper and actor in his own right.

39. Reuben

In addition to being a delicious sandwich menu staple at every Jewish deli, this name of Hebrew origin has a meaning that gets straight to the point: “behold, a son.”

40. Isaiah

If you’re getting major biblical vibes from this commanding, masculine name, you’re not wrong—Isaiah is a significant prophet in the Jewish tradition, appearing at a critical moment in Israel’s history with a vision of Judah and Jerusalem. His name means “salvation of the Lord.”

41. Bartholomew

This sophisticated and rather old-fashioned name of Aramaic origin has earthy vibes and a meaning of “son of Talmai,” with Talmai being a Hebrew name that means “abounding in furrows.”

42. Micah

This sweet and cute, gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin has ties to the more common, anglicized moniker, Michael, and a lofty theological meaning of “who is like the Lord?”

43. Benoni

Chess fans might recognize this as the name of a double-edged, defensive opening, but it’s also a given name of Hebrew origin with ties to Benjamin (a biblical character with a tragic history) and a profound meaning of “son of sorrow.”

44. Joshua

This, the third most popular baby boy name from 2005, is a sweet and unassuming moniker with a Hebrew meaning of “the Lord is my salvation.”

45. Gabriel

This Hebrew moniker meaning “God is my strength,” popular in all the Abrahamic religious traditions, is the name of an Archangel who features particularly prominently in both Christianity and Islam. Religion aside, we love Gabriel for its romantic vibe, melodic sound and casual nickname potential (i.e., Gabe).

46. Aaron

Add an ‘a’ to the similar Hebrew name, Aron, and you have a whole new (and decidedly more common) moniker with a meaning of “high mountain,” “exalted” and “enlightened.”

47. Phineas

Phineas is a name of Hebrew and Egyptian origin that means “the Nubian,” “serpent’s mouth” and “oracle.” It also has historical ties to a number of prestigious leaders, lawyers and artists, making it a fitting choice for a boy destined for greatness.

48. Benjamin

This timeless classic with an easy one-syllable abbreviation (Ben) has biblical ties to the last son of Jacob, historical significance as the name of a certain founding father and a Hebrew meaning of “son of the right hand.”

49. Abel

Abel—the name of Adam and Eve’s first son and God’s favorite child in the Hebrew Bible—means “breath” (and is perhaps well-suited to a future teacher’s pet).

50. Joel

Joel—an Old Testament name given to one of King David’s “mighty men” and a faithful servant of God—has a meaning of “Jehovah is God” and a traditional-but-still-in-style feel.

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