50 Nature-Inspired Baby Names for Your Free-Spirited Babe

You love nature and your baby will surely feel the same…so why not outfit him or her with a moniker that celebrates the Great Outdoors? Browse our list of 50 nature inspired baby names and you’re sure to find the right one for the bun in your oven, whether it’s something classic or quirky you seek.

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Girl Names Inspired by Nature

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1. Willow

Here, a sweet English name meaning “freedom” that evokes the soft grace of the namesake tree.

2. Lily

This feminine flower name of Latin origin is a universal symbol of purity and innocence.

3. Violet

Violet is an oh-so pretty feminine name with English and Latin roots and (obvious) ties to both the fragrant flower and the vibrant shade of purple.

4. Sage

A heady, aromatic herb and a gender-neutral moniker of Latin origin meaning “wise.”

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5. Hazel

This name of English origin refers to the hazel tree and is associated with protection and authority. It’s also a fitting choice for a girl with the striking, namesake eye color. (Alas, you likely won’t know that at birth.)

6. Iris

In addition to being a flower, Iris is also a lovely feminine name of Greek origin with a cheerful meaning of “rainbow.”

7. Olive

A charming alternative to the more popular Olivia—this feminine moniker refers to the olive tree, which is a powerful symbol of peace.

8. Juniper

This peppy girl’s name derived from the evergreen tree has Latin origins and a spritely vibe to match its meaning of “young.”

9. Clementine

Clementine is a name of French origin that means “mild” and “merciful,” but we just think of sweet citrus and Southern charm.


10. Fern

If you’re looking for a soft and calm moniker for a baby girl, Fern—an Old English topographical name that means “someone who lives among ferns”—is a fine choice.

11. Wren

This girl’s name of Old English and Irish origin meaning “little bird” dates back to the Middle Ages and still feels remarkably fresh.

12. Aspen

Mountain air, mysterious vibes and the namesake quaking tree come to mind when you hear this feminine name of Old English origin.

13. Luna

No surprises here—this name of Latin origin means “moon.”

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14. Sierra

Give this Spanish name meaning “mountain range” to a strong and majestic newborn beauty.

15. Savannah

Another name of Spanish origin, Savannah means “treeless plain” and is well suited to a free-spirited nature lover.

16. Coral

This beautiful Latin girl’s name, which refers to colorful underwater reefs and means “sea growth,” reached the peak of its popularity during the Victorian period but is far less popular now.

17. Ava

Ava is a feminine name of Latin origin with multiple meanings that relate to nature, including “birdlike,” “water,” “island” and “life.”

18. Isla

This one has both Spanish and Scottish origins and a straightforward meaning of “island.” It has also enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, reaching number 33 on the charts in 2021, per the Social Security Administration.

19. Rosie

The diminutive form of Rose, Rosie has all the romance and beauty of the flower with a less stuffy sound.

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20. Holly

In addition to its obvious ties to the namesake tree, Holly has an alternative meaning of “like a dove.” Either way, it’s a downright cheerful pick.

21. Ivy

This feminine moniker of English and Latin origin refers to the vining plant of the same name, which is a symbol of fidelity.

22. Jasmine

The famously fragrant flower is also a feminine moniker of Persian origin that means “gift from God.”

23. Rosemary

Can’t decide between land and water? Consider Rosemary, a fragrant herb and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “dew of the sea.”

24. Jade

Jade is a sophisticated and elegant one-syllable moniker, as well as a precious gemstone that’s believed to transmit wisdom and justice.

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25. Amber

Yet another gemstone name for your little jewel—Amber is as fierce as it is beautiful. Psst: It’s also got quite a bit of fame attached to it, thanks to Amber Heard and Amber Valletta.

Boy Names Inspired by Nature

26. Reed

This gender-neutral name of English origin meaning “red-haired” is more commonly given to boys; it boasts both musical connotations and ties to the elegant, grass-like plant.

27. Kai

“Keeper of the keys” and “earth” are the meanings of this gender-neutral name, which has Welsh origins and a fittingly global presence.

28. Clay

This strong, masculine name is a strong and earth one-syllable pick that has both a straightforward meaning of “clay worker” and an unexpected one of “mortal.”

29. Jay

Originally a nickname for John, Jay has evolved into a name in its own right. It has ties to the spritely bird and a meaning to match: “cheery” and “joyful.”

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30. Robin

Another bird-inspired name—Robin has Medieval English origins as a gender-neutral name that has certainly lived up to its meaning of “famed” and “bright” in modern times. (Think: Robin Williams and Robin Wright.)

31. Cliff

Commonly used as a nickname for Clifton and Clifford, this Old English name is strong, casual and cool on its own.

32. Leo

The Latin word for lion is a popular masculine name with a meaning that relates to the king of the jungle: “brave people” and “lion-hearted.”

33. Heath

This Old English surname has evolved into a topographical given name that quite simply means “one who lives on a heath.”

34. Rocky

An Italian name that means “rock” and “rest,” a mountain range and an overwhelmingly masculine movie franchise.

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35. Flint

This topographical name of English origin has rugged, outdoorsy vibes and a meaning of “born near an outcrop or flint.”

36. Brandon

A darling of the ‘90s, Brandon is a masculine name of Celtic origin that has a powerful meaning of “king” or “chief,” and an Old English definition of “broom covered hill.”

37. Ash

This too-cool-for school arboreal name has Hebrew roots and a pleasant meaning of “happy.”

38. Glen

Glen, a gender neutral name of Scottish origin meaning “narrow valley,” has lost its cool kid status in recent decades and developed more of a middle management vibe…but perhaps it’s time for a comeback?

39. North

Take a page from Kim and Kanye’s book and give your kid this uncommon topographical name from Middle English.

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40. Lee

Lee is a gender-neutral name of Old English origin and a fresh but timeless pick for boys that means “meadow.”

41. Orion

The famous constellation is also a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “mountain-dweller.”

42. Dean

This English topographical name meaning “from the valley” has old-school charm and preppy vibes.

43. Forrest

Made famous by a certain movie and destined to be brought back by hipster parents—Forrest has French and English roots and a meaning of (you guessed it) “forest.”

44. Colt

Surprisingly macho for a name that refers to a wobbly baby horse—Colt has a rugged flavor that evokes cowboys on the American Frontier.

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45. Drake

In addition to being the name of a badass rapper, Drake is an offbeat and seriously cool moniker with British origins and an animal meaning of “male duck,” plus a mythological meaning of “dragon.”

46. Pierce

This strong Welsh name means “stone” and boasts leading man status. (Pierce Brosnan, anyone?)

47. River

River Phoenix paved the way for this calm, new age-y name to catch on.

48. Kestrel

Kestrel is an English name that has musical flavor and a meaning that relates to the small and colorful (namesake) member of the falcon family.

49. Rowan

An arboreal name with Irish and Scottish roots—Rowan has a sturdy, masculine sound and a meaning of “little red-head.”

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50. Jasper

This oh-so hip moniker is both a gemstone and a masculine name of Persian origin that means “bringer of treasure.”

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