We adore her novels, her characters, her witty writing and her love of…well, love. Yep, we even revere them enough to bestow our offspring with one of her timeless monikers. Here, 20 baby names for the Jane Austen-obsessed.

jane austen darcy
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Darcy (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy or girl

Do you consider (baby) pride a fault or a virtue?

jane austen dashwood
faithoca/Getty Images

Dashwood (from “Sense and Sensibility”)

For a boy

A sensible name, indeed.

jane austen elinor
ipekata/Getty Images

Elinor (from “Sense and Sensibility”)

For a girl

An uncommon spelling for a very practical girl.

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jane austen bingley

Bingley (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy 

Just don’t let his older sister push him around.

jane austen bennet
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Bennet (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy

Sure to be a family man.

jane austen lizzie
Kuzmichstudio/Getty Images

Lizzie (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a girl 

This one means "strong-willed" (and an avid reader).

jane austen gardiner
ipekata/Getty Images

Gardiner (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy or girl

Amiable and prefers the outdoors.

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jane austen colone

Brandon (from “Sense and Sensibility”)

For a boy 

The most good-natured colonel of all.

jane austen wickham

Wickham (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy

Charming…possibly to a fault.

jane austen jane
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Jane (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a girl

She dearly loves to laugh.

jane austen charles
Pyrosky/Getty Images

Charles (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy

Too cute for words.

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jane austen edmund

Edmund (from “Mansfield Park”)

For a boy 

Mansfield Park playdate, anyone?

jane austen kitty
Mikolette/Getty Images

Kitty (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a girl

Keep your eye on this one.

jane austen fitzwilliam
Peopleimages/Getty Images

Fitzwilliam (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a boy

A little pompous? Maybe. Sincerely generous? Always.

jane austen bertram
Hope Connolly/Getty Images

Bertram (from “Mansfield Park”)

For a boy 

A regal last name, and an even better first.

jane austen marianne
Kirichenko/Getty Images

Marianne (from “Sense and Sensibility”)

For a girl 

She’ll always believe in true love.

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jane austen emma
yagi-studio/Getty Images

Emma (from “Emma”)

For a girl 

A matchmaker after our own heart.

jane austen pemberley
lostinbids/Getty Images

Pemberley (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a girl

Like Kimberly, but better.

jane austen georgiana
maximcab/Getty Images

Georgiana (from “Pride and Prejudice”)

For a girl

Destined to be amazing at the piano.

jane austen austen
Georgios Art/Getty Images


For a boy or girl 

You really can’t go wrong here. 

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