The 6 Baby Names People Always Regret

Keep them in mind before you commit

Your short list of adorable baby name options is looking stronger by the day. But before you decide once and for all, take a peek and be sure it doesn’t fall under a category of names you might one day regret.

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Names That Become A Cultural Zeitgeist

Your great-great-grandmother’s name was Hillary—or your favorite uncle’s name was Donald—and you intended it for your firstborn long before the monikers were a nonstop part of the news. Now you can’t go anywhere without people asking about the election. (Face palm.) Keep tabs on trending political or cultural stars just in case.


Names That Are Just Starting To Trend

The name Riley is one you’ve always loved, but little did you know it was one everyone else always loved. Now your daughter has four Rileys in her class and has to go by her last name just to feel unique. Meep. If something like this would bother you, take a few minutes to peep websites like for stats on the rising (or falling) popularity of baby names.


Names That Your Family Pressured You To Pick

Without thinking, you decided to share a Google Doc of your potential baby names with your  family. (Ahem, your mother-in-law.) Next thing you know, they’ve vetoed your favorite one and are campaigning hard for you to name your child after them. (“Alphonso the Third has a nice ring to it, right?”) Our advice: Let the name selection be a bonding moment between you and your partner only.


Names That Don't Feel Like The Right Personality Match

So your creative little fashionista isn’t quite gelling with the old-school name you gave her. (Sorry, Ruth Ann.) Don’t fret. You followed your instincts for a reason and, real talk, kids change their personality every second. She may even grow to adore it as an adult.


Names That Don't Come With Obvious Nicknames

If the name isn’t super-easy to shorten (like Austin or Morgan), tread carefully before making up a nickname for your kid. (Uhhh… Teeny? Or… Moo?) You may risk assigning something that’s less than flattering…and that follows him around from the playground to graduation.


Names That Are Hard To Pronounce

We get it: You wanted to help your kids stand out, but every time someone butchers their names in public, you cringe. Still, there’s no need to lose hope. Just teach your son or daughter a useful way to help others sound out and remember their name. Being an original isn’t always easy, after all.