50 Gender-Neutral and Unisex Baby Names to Add to Your List ASAP

From Amari to Wyatt

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In the market for a gender-neutral name for your bundle of joy? Well, you’re not alone: Gender-neutral and unisex baby names are enjoying a significant rise in popularity. (They accounted for almost 15 percent of given baby names in 2022, according to a study conducted by BeenVerified and reported by Reader’s Digest.) If you’re on board with the trend, you’ll be pleased to know that we have rounded up 50 adorable, out-of-the-box ideas, so you can skip the gender reveal and go straight to finding a name that fits.

French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover

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1. Charlie

Equal parts old-timey and cool—this gender-neutral name of German origin means “free man.”

2. Reese

Male...female...Witherspoon...this Welsh moniker with meanings of “enthusiasm,” “fire” and “ardor” is a good fit for any fierce baby.

3. Peyton

Think beyond the football thing, people. This one is a gender-neutral name of Irish and English origin that means “fighting man’s estate.”

4. Frankie

Here, a charming latin moniker with a noble meaning of “free” and “truthful.”

5. Jayden

This Hebrew name means “thankful one.”

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6. Kai

Of Hawaiian origin, this name nods to the sea. (The best way to instill a lifelong passion if you ask us.)

7. Lennon

The perfect homage to the Beatles—this unisex moniker of Irish origin means “lover.”

8. Amari

Sanskrit for “strong” and “immortal.” You got this, baby. 

9. Quinn

A little bit Irish, a lot cool. Quinn means “wise.”

10. Piper

This name of British origin is a sweet and musical choice with a meaning to match: “flute player.”

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11. Dylan

Dylan is a given name and surname of Welsh origins that means “born from the ocean,” but we’re getting heartbreaker vibes.

12. Emerson

This sophisticated moniker of German origin means “brave” and “powerful.” 

13. Harley

In Old English, this name means “of the hare meadow,” but the motorcycle association makes it pretty badass.

14. Ryan

A Gaelic name meaning “little king”—or, if it’s for a lady, queen.

15. Jordan

This unisex name of Hebrew origin means “one who descends” or “to flow down” (i.e., like the namesake river).

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16. Lincoln

This Old English name has a topographical meaning of “settler by the lake” or “pool colony.” And it’s not just for male presidents (just ask Kristen Bell).

17. Rowan

Rowan is a gender-neutral name of Scottish and Irish origin that means “little red head.”

18. Wyatt

Wyatt is a name of Old English origin with a strong meaning of “brave at war.” We love the Western (but not too twangy) flair.

19. Drew

This Welsh name meaning “wise” is both dapper and darling.

20. Riley

Riley has Old English origins and a pleasing meaning of “valiant.”

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21. Amaro

Not just for Instagram filters—Amaro is believed to be derived from an Ancient German name meaning “rich and famous.”

22. Billie

Traditionally a diminutive of the English name William, Billie has been given a new gender-neutral life (Billie Holiday, anyone?) and is super cute any way you slice it.

23. Sage

The aromatic herb is also a given name of Latin origin that means “wise.”

24. Reagan

Or Regan, if you prefer—either way, it has Irish roots and a royal meaning of “the King’s child.”

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25. North

This American invention is cool enough for a Kardashian daughter and works quite well for a son, too.

26. Harper 

Originally an occupational surname of British origin, this peppy gender-neutral moniker means “minstrel” and “harpist.” 

27. Morgan 

We all know Morgan Freeman, but let’s not forget Morgan le Fay—the famed enchantress from King Arthur lore. Yep, this Welsh name has well-established unisex potential. It means “sea song” and “sea born.” 

28. Rory 

This anglicized version of an old Irish name has a straightforward meaning of “red” that’s just right for an auburn-haired babe.  

29. Blake 

This gender-neutral name of British origin has contradictory meanings of “black; dark” and “bright, pale and shining.” The intrigue! 

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30. Bailey 

Bailey, an Old English name meaning “steward,” has sweet, friendly vibes and a pleasant, melodic sound. 

31. Finley 

Here, a gender-neutral Irish name with a strong identity. It means “fair-haired courageous one.” 

32. Cameron 

Cam or Cammie for short. This one has Scottish and Gaelic roots and a meaning of “crooked river.” It also has serious star power, being the given name of actors Cameron Diaz and Cameron Crowe. 

33. Ariel 

This name of Hebrew origin meaning “lion of God” was originally a boy’s name, but has long been given to girls as well. (The Little Mermaid comes to mind,) 

34. Jesse 

Another gender-neutral Hebrew moniker—Jesse dates back to the Old Testament and has a meaning of “the Lord exists.” 

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35. Taylor 

Perfect for a future Swiftie, this name has Old French and English roots as an occupational surname meaning “cutter of cloth.” 

36. Jean 

Jean is a unisex name of Hebrew and French origin that means “God is gracious.” 

37. Bellamy 

This melodic moniker has French, Irish and Norman roots and a sweet meaning of “good friend.” 

38. Casey 

A unisex name of Irish and Gaelic Scottish origin that means “watchful, vigilant and brave.” Let’s just say, Casey has got your back. 

39. Jamie 

Derived from the biblical name James—this one has Hebrew roots and a meaning of “he who supplants.” Last year, it ranked number 622 and number 734 in popularity for boys and girls, respectively, according to data from the Social Security Administration.

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40. Kerry 

“Black haired” is the meaning of this gender-neutral name of Irish origin, which belongs to actors Kerry Washington and (alternate spelling) Keri Russell. 

41. Briar 

This nature-inspired moniker has British origins and a straightforward meaning of “thorny bush of roses.” 

42. River 

Made famous by late actor River Phoenix, this name of British origin has peace-and-love vibes and a meaning we probably don’t need to explain. 

43. Blair 

This name of Scottish origin has a topographical meaning of “meadow” and a second, fiercer one of “battlefield” to match its strong sound. 

44. Jackie 

Commonly used as a diminutive of the feminine name Jacqueline, Jackie can also stand on its own as a gender-neutral name meaning “supplanter” and “God is gracious.” 

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45. Max 

Short for both Maxwell and Maxine, this one syllable moniker has friendly, sporty vibes and a decidedly favorable meaning of “greatest.” 

46. Sydney 

In addition to being the capital city of Australia, Sydney is also a given name of Old English origin with a topographical meaning of “wide meadow.” 

47. Dakota 

The origins of this gender-neutral name can be traced to a North American Sioux tribe. It has a lovely meaning of “friend” and “ally,” plus some celeb status, too, thanks to actresses Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson. 

48. Alex 

A shortened version of both the masculine Alexander and feminine Alexandra, this casual-cool name of Greek origin means “to defend and protect.” 

49. Kelsey 

This one belongs to several (female) social media stars—Kelsey Kreppel, Kelsey Impicciche and Kelsey Simone, to name a few—as well as actor Kelsey Grammar (of Frasier fame). It has British roots and a meaning of “ships victory.” 

50. Lindsay 

Lindsay is a gender-neutral name of British origin with a meaning of “island of linden trees.” (It also reached its peak popularity in the mid ‘80s and is due for a comeback.)

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