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Do you head to spin class at the crack of dawn or do you prefer to get your sweat on after work?

Decide which is better for you by reading our highly scientific face-off. 

morning workout

Pros of a Morning Workout:

It’s an instant energy boost. Waking up early is hard, but with all of the exercise-induced endorphins, a 7 a.m. run is a fabulous way to get pumped up for the day ahead.

You’ll stick with it. Experts say that people who work out in the morning are more likely to continue with a fitness routine than their night owl counterparts.

It’s done. An a.m. workout is perfect for people who see exercise as a necessary evil. An hour in the morning means you can spend the rest of your day thinking about anything but the gym.

nighttime workout

Pros of a Nighttime Workout:

You can work out longer. In the morning, you’re more rushed to get in and out and ready for work. At night, though, you’re able to put in some more time. On top of that, gyms are usually less crowded late night.

Your body is ready. Your internal temperature is higher at the end of the day than in the morning, making you more physically prepared to exercise. Similarly, muscular function and strength peak in the evening, meaning you might even be able to get a few more reps in.

It’s a stress reliever. After a particularly frustrating day, few things are as satisfying as a good workout. We suggest boxing—nothing like punching things to get over that jerk who took your parking spot. 

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