TikTok has everything, from weird food crazes and fun dances to a long-standing debate if skinny jeans are indeed acceptable. And regardless of what your FYP looks like, you'll always manage to stumble upon at least one post with the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit. See, the platform has been the place for some great product reviews, especially when it comes to beauty. From a full coverage foundation to a hair dryer brush, here are 31 beauty products that have gone viral on TikTok (and trust us, you'll be filling up your shopping cart in no time).

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Revlon Hair Brush Review ? ##fyp

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1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Multiple PureWow editors swear by this hair tool, so we’re not surprised it blew up on TikTok. And as if we weren’t already swayed by our coworkers’ glowing endorsements, this video of a user giving herself an at-home blowout totally sold us on it.

$42 at Amazon

2. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

According to InStyle, more than 52,000 people bought The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution after seeing how well it cleared up user @kaelynwhitee’s skin. And since then, it’s become one of the most-loved beauty products on TikTok. The $7 formula contains a mixture of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids to exfoliate the skin while improving tone and texture.

Buy It ($7)

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3. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

We thought our days of investing in lip plumpers were over...until we saw how well this one works. Users like @mikkzazon have been posting impressive before-and-after videos, and even testing it on their boyfriends to prove that it really works. If you need us, we’ll be buying one in every shade.

Buy It ($29)

4. Maui Babe Browning Lotion

Want to build your tan fast this summer? Three words: Buy this lotion. It’s infused with sunflower oil, safflower oil, kukui nut oil and kona coffee plant extract to help you develop a golden bronze. And according to TikTok users like @anissaobrien and @myababyygirl, you’ll start noticing a tan in just one afternoon.

Buy It ($17)


this is my new favorite thing thank you @isleofparadise

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5. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Prefer to get a faux glow? Opt for the equally TikTok famous Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops. They’re especially ideal for your face, since you can mix them right in with your moisturizer. Plus, if you're looking for more Isle of Paradise favorites that's been a hit on the platform (as per this video by one user), check out their self tanner refilling water too.

Buy It ($29)

6. Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

See ya, stress acne. This affordable daily cleanser works to promote a clear, healthy complexion and after watching user @niceoneashley’s review, we’d say it works. Since her initial post, tons of users have followed suit leading to a 220 percent increase in sales for Urban Skin Rx. Pretty impressive.

Buy It ($15)

7. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

If you deal with redness and dry skin, look no further than this color correcting treatment. The ingredients found in this one (aka the niacinamide) can boost moisture, provide protection and reduce irritation. The color changing product is a hit on the platform with one user highlighting how to make the most of it in your skincare.

Buy It ($52)


not kidding THESE ACTUALLY WORK and I?ve seen a huge difference <3 @trulybeauty #trulybeauty ?????

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8. Truly Beauty Buns of Glowry Tighten & Glow Smoothing Butt Polish

OK, the packaging alone is enough to have us flocking to get us one (or two) of this polish. But beauty aside, the skincare product actually has some helpful benefits to give your behind some love (and no, we're not kidding). The watermelon extract, vitamin E and wheat protein blend work to firm, hydrate and plump your booty so you probably won't need the TikTok leggings after all. And user @.juhcobo even recommends the Acai Your Boobies to give your chest some love too.

Buy It ($28)


I tried this freckle thingy from the brand Freck Beauty and I?m so happy #foryou #foryoupage #makeup @freckbeauty

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9. Freck Beauty Freck The Original

Faux freckles are all the rage these days, so it's no surprise there's a product dedicated to making your own. Enter Freck Beauty's The Original Freckle. TikToker @emxlydavis makes the application looked so effortless that we're ready to rock our own. Just apply a few dots on your face, allow the formula to sit and voila.

Buy It ($28)

10. L'Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation

With 1.3 million people hitting like on this video, you know it's worth checking out this full-coverage foundation for yourself. When 24HR is in the name, expect the product to be long-lasting yet not cakey or dry on the skin. Plus, with a 30-shade range we see why TikTok couldn't stop talking about this lightweight, waterproof foundation. And, did we mention it has a hint of SPF?

Buy It ($15)


Watch me disappear baby ah! ? Love using my Poreless Putty Primer #elfvanishingact #elfambassador @elfyeah

? Vanishing Act e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer - elfyeah

11. E.L.F. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer

E.L.F.'s popular Camo Concealer and Camo CC Cream have made the rounds on TikTok, but its the Putty Primer that continues to have people talking. The $9 find moisturizes and smooths the skin to get it ready for the rest of your makeup. Thanks to the key ingredient—squalene—you can guaranteed your look will get ten times better (check out @leilaniii2's video for proof).

Buy It ($9)

12. Revlon Oil-Absorbing Face Roller

The last thing we want to do is bring a whole beauty bag for touch-ups. Luckily many users like @lavidarosa_ found just the solution for those shiny areas. This face roller is no joke in removing excess oil and keeping any look intact. Plus, it's small enough to take on-the-go and reuse over and over again.

$10 at Amazon

13. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Holy pigmentation. Many videos specify that little goes a long way when applying this product to your face. As shown by this user, the color is out of this world. Whether you're into a matte or dewy finish, be prepared to turn heads at the vibrancy.

Buy It ($20)

14. NYX This Is Milky Gloss Lip Gloss

The NYX Shine Loud lippies are a fan-favorite, but the brand's This Is Milky collection is a real winner for the summer. The vegan formula upgrades your regular lip gloss for a hydrating, shiny effect. Plus, it comes in eight fun shades to compliment any style.

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#stitch with @jessica.c.eid I think I found my new favorite mascara?? @maybelline #skyhighmascara #maybelline #mascara #fyp #viral #makeuphacks

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15. Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

FYI, there's no need for falsies anymore. The Sky High mascara will take your natural lashes straight to the clouds (and we are not exaggerating). Users like @zozoroe and @jessica.c.ei's before and afters are already having us hitting add to cart. So be prepare for maximum volume and bold eyes with this viral hit.

Buy It ($11)


Despite a few cons, PW editor @imchillsee says @kvdbeauty is 100% worth the hype. Read her full review in our link in bio. #kvdbeautyfoundationbalm

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16. KVD Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm

Speaking of full coverage foundations, this KVD balm made its rounds on TikTok. Even one PureWow editor tried it (and spoiler alert: the hype is real). The apple extract keeps things lightweight, nourishing and smooth on the skin. And it has 40 (yes, 40) shades for every skin tone to try out.

Buy It ($38)

17. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

A look at @shelbybmorris's video and you'll find a mascara that passes the length test. The $5 find will keep lashes full and long without clumping or drying out. Why reach for a high-end product when this will get the job done for half the price?

Buy It ($5)

18. Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray

Forget about looking dry and cakey at the end of the day. User @mikaylanogueira coined this setting spray the best of all time. Why? The alcohol-free product leaves all skin types feeling hydrating and looking glowy. It's all thanks to the long list of ingredients: blue agave extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe and moringa oil, to name a few.

Buy It ($36)

19. Ilia Beauty Super Serum Skin Tint

This skin tint was a hit with PureWow staffers and TikTok felt the same love for it. If you're searching for light coverage and a host of skincare benefits, this clean beauty serum is just the thing you need.The hyaluronic acid, squalene and niacinamide blend keeps your skin hydrated and plumped. Plus, the addition of SPF 40 doesn't hurt. Just a few drops will do for a no-makeup-makeup look.

Buy It ($48)

20. Olaplex No. 4 Bond Shampoo

We're suckers for a before and after so believe us when we say you'll see a big difference after trying the Olaplex shampoo. Whether you have dry, curly or color-treated hair, @strawberryswamp proved it's worth the hefty price tag.

Buy It ($28)

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21. Grandelash MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Cancel your lash extensions appointment because we found a better solution. The lash enhancing serum making waves on the Internet can replace your go-to mascara and your lash curler. Adding this to your daily routine can make your natural lashes look fuller and longer while keeping them nourished (thanks to the vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids blend).

Buy It ($65)

22. Cerave SA Cleanser

Honestly, every CeraVe product has become a viral sensation on the platform. The second @skincarebyhyram raved about the brand, you couldn't escape it on your for you page. The Renewing SA cleanser, in particular, has 16,000+ 5-star reviews for being a great exfoilator especially for oily or acne-prone skin.

$10 at Amazon


Dewy Skin Secret ? @glowrecipe Watermelon Niacinamide Dew Drops @sephora #??DewDrops #glowpartner #skincareroutine

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23. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Dew Drops

A serum that hydrates and leaves a lasting glow? Yes please. The niacinamide, watermelon and hyaluronic acid mix promises to brighten skin, minimize pores and boost moisture. The way @youngcouture applies the serum makes us ready to upgrade our skincare cabinet.

Buy It ($34)


OKAY BILLIE PUTTING US ON!! ?? @koparibeauty @billieeilish

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24. Kopari Moisturizing Lip Glossy

TikTok has put us on to lip products in the past, but this one comes specifically recommended by Billie Eilish. This glossy lip balm provides all the shine of a lip gloss (minus the stickiness) but the hydration and moisture of a balm. And it's all thanks to the coconut oil and squalene that will leave your lips plumped and chapped-free.

Buy It ($13)


back again with a #hypeorHG #skincare101 @paulaschoiceskincare

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25. Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

TikTokers like @woojungyi can't say enough good things about adding this exfoliant to your skincare. Its key ingredient (BHA) is a triple threat: It'll minimize pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brighten dull skin.

Buy It ($30)

26. Magic Shaving Powder

Ditch your go-to shaving cream and make your own instead. The video that started it all has more than two million likes, with @alyssamariegray showing us just how easy it is. While it's technically geared towards shaving beards, it's also incredible for smooth and exfoliated legs. The $1 powder has more than 14,000+ 5-star reviews for a reason.

$1 at Amazon


#stitch with @lookfantastic ???????i tried @caudalie 's tiktok famous/viral detox mask! #caudalie #caudaliedetox #caudalieskincare #tiktoktrends #fyp

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27. Caudalie Purifying Mask

Who doesn't love a good face mask? Well, you're in for a treat. This clay mask is ready to clear up your pores as evidenced by videos from folks like @imallpanicdisco. The white clay, hyaluronic acid and grapeseed oil work together moisturize, nourish and exfoliate the skin.

Buy It ($39)

28. Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush

One stamp is all you need to get rosy, glowing cheeks. Whether you're into having a heart-shaped blush print or prefer to blend it out, any of the seven shades can give you a pop of color (without looking like Bozo the clown). Plus, can we talk about how cute this packaging is?

Buy It ($24)

29. Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut's sugar scrubs have been on the top of list when it comes to having the at-home spa of your dreams. Just look at users @sorayaskincares, @laurenssvibe and @abby_2240, who have a whole collection of their products. But if you had to pick just one, the coconut lime is the true winner. It doesn't only smell fantastic (because of the shea butter and essential oils mix) but it exfoliates and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Buy It ($9)


#stitch with @haleypham no more zombie lips @tower28beauty ?

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30. Tower28 Beauty Clean ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss

Want a plump pout without relying on a lip liner or IG filters? Well, the social platform is raving about Tower28 Beauty's lip glosses. The $14 find provides the shine, moisture and overall volume you've been looking for. Formulated with apricot, raspberry seed and rosehip oil, this clean beauty pick will nourish, protect and soothe your lips all day.

Buy It ($14)

31. Cocokind Matcha Moisture Stick

Chapped lips? Puffy under-eyes? Dry patches? If you answered yes to one (or all three), a skincare stick may help. See, Cocokind created a matcha moisture stick to treat and hydrate all those areas with one swipe. The coconut oil, beeswax and matcha tea powder blend nourishes the skin. Just apply before heading out or pop it in your purse for a boost of moisture anytime you need it.

Buy It ($9)

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