This COVERGIRL Collection Is Clean, Cruelty-Free and In Our Carts

As a beauty writer, my makeup collection is constantly growing (and my dresser is proof). But nowadays, I like to channel my inner Marie Kondo and take a closer look at the products I put on my skin. See, my skin and I have a complicated relationship, so I prefer to use makeup that actually benefits (and not irritates) it. I even started looking for cleaner options to keep in my pile, because who doesn’t want full coverage and to save the environment at the same time?

The second I got my hands on the COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Collection, my “to keep” pile was a done deal. This collection checked all the boxes—it was clean, hydrating and affordable. Whether I’m getting ready for a Zoom call or a brunch out with friends, I can rely on the basics for a full coverage look without appearing dry or uneven. Don’t believe me? Check out my before and after (then apologize for doubting me because this vegan collection is that good).

covergirl first clean beauty collection review foundation
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First, Foundation...

The dewy look is all the rage these days and I'll admit that I’ve been skeptical of it. I’ve tried my fair share of skin tints and I always feared coming off too oily or shiny. But when I tried the COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation, it made me change my tune and officially board the glowing skin train.

I applied shade 580 tan and couldn’t believe how it matched my skin tone perfectly. Seriously, I had to do another drop on my face (and even on my hand) just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating and that I did in fact apply the foundation. I went went with four drops and used a makeup sponge to glide it across my face.

Aside from how it blended well with my complexion, it felt fresh on my skin. There were times throughout the day when I forgot I was even wearing foundation in the first place. The Skin Milk was hydrating and nourishing (which is all thanks to the coconut milk and aloe extract). I have sensitive skin, so finding calming ingredients in my makeup is a major bonus.

But the selling point for me is that I achieved the dewy look without looking like I was melting in the sun. I was glowing and in the right way. It was light coverage, yet it gave me a smooth complexion I could build upon for any occasion. And at $13, you can’t go wrong with that.

covergirl first clean beauty collection review concealer
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Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

A good concealer can be hard to come by, especially when you have dark spots, blemishes, etc. And while I rely on a concealer to blur imperfections, I also use it to highlight areas (aka my nose, brows and under-eye). Luckily, the COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer covered all the areas without any creases or weird white casting.

I used shade 380 tan to cover dark spots and acne. It blended well with the foundation and even filled any gaps I might’ve missed (though it was unlikely with the full coverage the Skin Milk gave me). For highlighting and brightening, I used the 350 light/medium color. FYI, I only had to use one swipe under my eyes (which is usually a dark area that I always have to go over) to get a complete base.

I even tried the 440 dark shade for contouring. I was able to build on coverage and still look I had nothing on at all. The three concealers very much worked together to even my skin.

Like the foundation, the concealer also has coconut milk and aloe extract which left my skin hydrated and plumped. Honestly, I could probably count on the concealer (especially the 380 tan) alone if I wanted to do a very minimal look and get the same results as if I did a combo of concealer and foundation.

covergirl first clean beauty collection review setting powder
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Setting The Whole Look

I finished my face with the COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Pressed Powder in medium. Since it’s formulated with a tapioca and aloe vera powder blend, it glided smoothly onto my skin. It brought the whole look together and made the glow more prevalent. I didn’t have to worry about looking too shiny or greasy because the powder didn't even give my face the chance. It absorbed any oil without appearing dried up or cakey.

I had to do a double take, because where were the pores? Spoiler alert: Nonexistent. I applied the powder everywhere and my skin looked like a baby’s bottom. It was smooth yet natural-looking, and again, didn’t look like I was wearing makeup. We also have to thank the foam puff it comes with for making the application seamless and easy to build on if needed. Plus, I didn’t have to worry one bit about the powder getting everywhere (a big pet peeve I have with most setting powders). I could carry this around (especially since it has a built-in mirror too) and dab my skin whenever I need it.

covergirl first clean beauty collection review mascara
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And Don’t Forget The Mascara

Of course, my new look wouldn’t be complete without lashes. I went with the COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara and it made me wonder why I was still bothering with falsies. It’s called the "Lash Blast" for a reason: It defined them without clumping, and I've never seen them so long and full before. The new formula is cruelty-free, vegan and free from parabens, sulfates, talc or mineral oil. But what is does have is an infusion of argan and marula oils, which leaves lashes extra conditioned—a huge plus when it comes to the easy removal. And considering it lasted all day without smudging, how could I not add this to my new clean routine?

covergirl first clean beauty collection review
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Ok, So Is It Worth It?

This collection made me rethink my makeup routine. I could write love ballads on the coverage. I still can’t believe how much it matched my complexion and how little of the product I needed to get the look I was going for. With these products in my beauty bag, I could easily create a no-makeup makeup finish, or take it all the way and build to a more dramatic look. But my biggest takeaway is how light and moisturizing it feels on my skin. I don’t have to worry about transfer, sweat, irritation or looking like I put on face paint. The key ingredients (coconut milk and aloe) really make a big difference. Plus, it being a clean, sustainable option that is also Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty free is just the icing on the cake.

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