Gen Z Is Faking Freckles, but How Does It Even Work?

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Natural looking beauty trends have been on the rise over the past year, but throwing some faux freckles on your nose and cheeks to enhance the no makeup-makeup look has become especially popular lately.

TikTok is not lacking on makeup hack videos, and this one has plenty of supporters who show us just how easy it is to fake some freckles. If you are in need of a simple look to add dimension to your face for endless Zoom calls or post-quarantine happy hour with your friends, try this technique on for size.

“Why fake freckles,” you ask? The trend focuses on the idea of natural beauty features on a face with makeup on—that “no makeup, makeup” look. The ethereal and soft qualities of freckles are sought after so often that when it became trendy to create them out of eyeliner or eyeshadow, makeup brands hopped on board and started to offer products specifically for faking freckles.

If you want in on this viral trend, here are some tips to help get you started with DIY freckles.

1. find The Right Product

To complete your freckles, you’ll need to find a product that matches and blends in well with your skin. We are loving the OG Freckle by Freck because of how seamlessly it melts into the skin. Celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Aharon says, "The color and texture of FRECK OG reads natural and doesn’t smudge or smear. " Many faux frecklers are using ColourPop’s Freckle Pen to achieve the dainty dots, too.

It’s important for this to look as realistic as possible, and a user-friendly application process and long-lasting formula will help with that. While you’re shopping for your freckler, take note of the applicator, as that will play a big part in how you apply your freckles. An easy way to gauge what you’ll prefer is by using your favorite eyeliner as a guide. If you prefer a felt tip liner, ColourPop or Lime Crime’s pens will be a great choice for you. Or maybe the thin dipping brush is your go-to, and if that’s the case, you will love Freck.

2. use A Light Touch

Now that you have the product, let’s talk about the application process. A helpful tip for placement is to look up some inspiration pictures on Pinterest or Instagram so you can get an idea of where to dot. Next up, you are going to want to follow these few steps:

  • Hold the applicator comfortably and make quick dabbing motions to your skin, focusing on one small area at a time.
  • Lightly dab your finger on the freckles and tap around the area to diffuse the color and to act as a stamp to replicate the freckles in that space.
  • Add a little bronzer or blush to add to the sun kissed vibe and lock in the look with some setting spray.

Voila, your fake freckles are ready for a day of sun and selfies. "Apply your regular routine of skincare and foundation base. I like to keep the skin especially fresh when creating a freckled face—if you feel comfortable, stick to a tinted moisturizer or only conceal where needed most to even out the skin. Powder lightly to control shine and set both your makeup and freckles. Use a setting spray as your last step - it brings all the layers of make up together. Your freckles will also appear like they’re coming through the skin, and no one will be the wiser! " Says Aharon. If you need more visuals to adequately freckle yourself for the first time, try searching #fauxfreckletutorial on TikTok for some sage Gen Z advice.

Check out some of our favorite faux frecklers:


1. Colourpop Freckle Pen

This pen has a fine, felt tip that is great for stamping freckles onto your face. It's waterproof making it a great addition to your natural makeup look at the pool this summer.

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2. Freck Og

Freck was created specifically for their fake freckle bestseller. The Freck OG has a very precise brush that holds the product densely at the tip to evenly distribute the color on the freckles. The pigmented result is perfect for stamping the freckles on other parts of your face.

lime crime

3. Lime Crime Freckle Pen

Lime Crime's freckle pen has a lighter color creating a very natural finish for faux freckles. It comes in shades "cocoa" and "amber" and is easily buildable.


4. Pseudo Labs Phreckles Faux Freckle Kit

This freckle kit is pretty different from the others in that you use a pick to glide across the applicator brush's bristles to essentially spray them onto your face in a randomized fashion. The formula is waterproof and hypoallergenic, but most important it just looks really great on!

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