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  • TOTAL: 90/100
Working in the beauty industry has left me as a bit of a skeptic. Ninety-five percent of skincare products just don’t live up to their lofty claims and life-changing promises. I would know—I’ve tried nearly all of them. The only thing that’s ever transformed my skin before my eyes has been baby Botox, which smoothed out my crow’s feet in mere seconds. But of course, trips to the derm have been put on pause thanks to stay-at-home orders. So, back to slathering on eye cream it was: Only, I was left wondering why I even bothered since it seemingly had zero effect, no matter how diligent I was with it.

But there was one at-home treatment I hadn’t tried: the FDA-approved NuFACE Trinity microcurrent device. I’ve gotten microcurrent treatments during facial appointments (that’s where they deliver tiny electric currents that stimulate muscles to improve facial contour, facial tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), and can attest to their totally safe cheekbone-sculpting, eyebrow-lifting benefits. Surely the at-home version wouldn’t be as good, right? Well, even I, a beauty skeptic, was floored after just one NuFACE Trinity use.

To be sure I was getting the most out of my device, I set up a one-on-one virtual Zoom session with co-founder and CEO of NuFACE, Tera Peterson, to get a tutorial from the pro herself. In the past, Peterson and her team of expert NuFACE aestheticians have made “house calls” to celebrity and VIP homes (from Kate Hudson to Molly Sims). But given the current circumstances, those in-person meetings have shifted to virtual sessions now available for free to anyone (even if you’re not an A-lister). So, of course, I jumped at the chance.

How to Use the NuFACE Trinity

The device is easy to use whether or not you have a tutorial, thanks to the comprehensive directions and available online videos, and has multiple interchangeable accessories for targeting different things (like red light therapy and a pronged attachment for smoothing smile lines and eye wrinkles). But I highly recommend taking advantage of a 20-minute one-on-one lesson if you can. Peterson showed me how to use the product like a pro: The NuFACE Gel Primer is a must (it ensures the microcurrents get deep down into the muscles) and both metal nodes should be lightly pressed into the skin to activate the microcurrent.

You basically can’t mess it up. The device is super light and comfortable to hold, little beeps cue you when to move to the next pass every five seconds and the gel primer ensures everything goes smoothly. Peterson told me as long as I was moving the device in upward motions, I’d achieve optimum lift. And lift, it did. I started at my neck on the highest setting per Peterson’s recommendation, did a few passes from the center out toward the back of my neck, moved on to my cheek (my favorite spot, because I love a good chiseled cheekbone) and then up to my forehead. This was probably the most shocking part, because after lifting my right side, my eyebrow was visibly higher than my left and those aforementioned forehead wrinkles were nowhere in sight. No joke. I thought it would probably last a few hours, but I was shocked to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror the next morning, my face still looking sculpted.

How Long Do NuFACE Results Last?

The results lasted about two to three days as Peterson said they would, and then I went back in with my NuFACE to re-lift everything. Because the microcurrent trains our muscles, the results only get better with time. The whole treatment only takes about five minutes, so I have no problem doing it three days a week to help my face defy gravity. Plus, the gliding motion is so soothing. The only warning: Make sure you put on enough gel primer before using the device, or it can minorly shock you (and it doesn’t feel pleasant).

Which NuFACE Device Should I Buy?

It’s important to note that the NuFACE Trinity let’s you use multiple attachments, while the almost identical-looking NuFACE Mini doesn’t. Peterson recommended the NuFACE Trinity for the 30+ crowd, while those in their twenties can get away with just using the Mini. I’d suggest just going for the more expensive Trinity, because you’ll have the device forever and it can grow with you. When you take into account that one microcurrent facial can cost over $150, the NuFACE pays for itself within a week of consistent use.

Where Can I Buy the NuFACE Trinity?

Right now, you can get the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit, which includes the Gel Primer, for 20 percent off during Dermstore's Anniversary Sale.

Buy It ($339; $271)

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