What Exactly Are Soap Brows, and Why Are They Trending?

What if we told you that the secret to thicker-looking, feathery brows lies in a simple bathroom staple that you already have? Any guesses as to what it is?

Drumroll, please...

It’s soap. Yup, that humble little bar that’s sitting next to your sink is actually a go-to brow groomer for many makeup artists (including Pricilla Ono, who works on Rihanna’s exquisite face). Though it’s been a tried-and-true technique for professional makeup artists for many years, it’s recently gained wider popularity thanks to social media (you know, like everything else).

So How exactly does one create soap brows?

Easy. If you usually fill in your brows with a pencil or powder, do that before this next step we're about to walk you through. (And if your grooming typically consists of sweeping a gel through your arches, skip ahead.) 

1. Grab a clean spoolie brush and dampen it with water (or for even better hold, a makeup setting spray).
2. Next, gently scrape the brush over the soap a few times to lightly coat the bristles.
3. Wiggle the brush through your brows in upward strokes. Voila! Lush, brushed up, feathery arches that stay in place until you wash your face.

On that note, a clear, unscented glycerin-based bar works best for this. Glycerin has a lower pH and is less likely to cause irritation (which is important when you’re putting something so close to your eyes) and a clear bar won’t leave behind a white residue.

Talk about raising the bar.

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