The TikTok-Famous GE Opal Profile Ice Maker Is More Than $100 Off Right Now

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If you’ve always been really specific about your ice, we’re here to confirm that, no, you’re not out of your mind. And actually, there’s a whole community on TikTok that would agree. Let us fill you in on a TikTok trend: #TheGoodIce. It’s that small, chewable type of ice known as nugget ice that absorbs the flavors of your drink and somehow makes your bev simply…better. It’s the kind you might find at a restaurant that your fridge and silicone ice molds just can’t make. And right now, the best machine to make it—the GE Opal ice maker—is on mega-sale.

While this particular kind of ice has been around for a while, the reason it’s popping up everywhere is because people are catching on to the fact that you can make it at home with this wonder machine, now $116 off when you click the coupon beneath the price.

That's an impressive discount for a device that makes up to 24 pounds of nugget-sized ice per day. But don't just take our word for it. Here's why TikTokers think it's worth every penny—and where to buy the GE Profile Opal, as well as three other nugget ice makers, for supersale prices.

Not only is this machine considered the most highly rated ice maker on the market, but it’s also known amongst the TikTok crowd for being one of the coolest gifts. Which makes sense because did you see how good Ice T’s iced tea looked?! That alone sold us.

And remember how we said it makes your ice better? Turns out there’s actually a scientific reason for that. According to the craft cocktail experts at A Bar Above, nugget ice is made from flaked ice that has been compacted into nuggets, creating pellets that have a lot of air. The airy composition makes each pellet chewable while maintaining its crunch, and at the same time lets your beverage penetrate the cube.

Folks are also impressed with how it easily levels-up your homemade creations. (This foodie knows.)

Bottom line, the GE Profile Opal Nugget ice maker makes people happy—and it's $116 off with coupon.

More Sale Nugget Ice Makers to Love:

Ice maker next to cocktail

2. Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

This sleek model makes up to 26 pounds of nugget ice every 24 hours, and has an infrared sensor to automatically stop making more when the bin is full. The exhaust fan is muted, so there's only a low steady hum, and this model gives you an option of hooking up a water line or refilling manually, which is nice in case you're not sure where you're going to install your ice maker, or if you want to move it to another room for parties.

ge opal ice machine tiktok trend RW Flame

3. R.W. Flame Nugget Ice Maker

A machine that makes chewable nugget ice for under $300? That's the deal with the R.W. Flame machine, now available for $280—that's 15 percent off the regular price of $330. Cranking out 44 pounds of ice in 24 hours, this little guy has a lot of output for such a small size (9.4 by 13.2 by 15.4 inches). One happy reviewer reports they "love Sonic ice and this is almost exactly like theirs! Makes ice quickly. It is a little noisy but nothing too bad and only when actually making ice."

4. Igloo Countertop Ice Maker

Love to have lots of ice at the ready (26 pounds in 24 hours) but not ready to invest in a blue-chip nugget ice maker? This little workhorse lets you choose between small or large sizes of bullet ice cubes, is self-cleaning and is quiet. (Plus, it's 30 percent off, so snatch it up.)

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