If you’ve always been really specific about your ice, we’re here to confirm that no, you’re not out of your mind. And actually, there’s a whole community on TikTok that would agree. Let us fill you in on the latest TikTok trend: #TheGoodIce. It’s that small, chewable type of ice known as nugget ice that absorbs the flavors of your drink and somehow makes your bev simply…better. It’s the kind you might find at a restaurant, that your fridge and silicone ice molds just can’t make.

And while this special kind of ice has been around for a while, the reason it’s trending is because people are catching on that you, in fact, can make it at home—with the GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker. Just take it from Ice T.


#ad Don't invite me to your house unless you got that good ice to chew on.?? #TheGoodIce #GEProfile @geappliances #icemaker #ice #icet #iceasmr #iced

? That Good GE PROFILE Ice - Ice

Not only is this machine known as the most highly rated ice maker,* it’s also known amongst the TikTok crowd for being one of this year’s hottest gifts. Did you see how good Ice T’s iced tea looked? We’ll take two, Santa.

And remember how we said it makes your ice better? Turns out there’s actually a scientific reason for that.


#ad Finally able to chew ice without my teeth hating me for it! #TheGoodIce #GEProfile @GE Appliances

? That Good GE PROFILE Ice - Ice

Another reason people love it is for the really easy way it levels-up your homemade creations. This foodie knows.


#ad what is your favorite way to enjoy refreshing nugget ice? Coffee, cocktails or soda? #thegoodice #GEprofile @GE Appliances

? That Good GE PROFILE Ice - Ice

Bottom line, the GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker makes people happy. And that’s the kind of trend we’re living for in 2022.

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*GE Appliances Opal 2.0 received the Evergreen Award from tech-enabled insights company 4Sight, for more than 1,400 reviews in less than one year- blowing past the category at a rate of nearly seven times the average.

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