We Found the 16 Best Amazon Tech Deals to Shop During Prime Big Deal Days—But They're Selling Fast

Apple AirPods for $189, here we come

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The Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event is officially here and you have until October 11 to start your holiday shopping early and snag the best tech deals. Take it from us—we've been scoring deals on a boatload of items, including Amazon Fire TVs (starting at $360) and Apple AirPods Pro (were $249, now $189).

There's also a vast selection of gaming devices and Alexa products currently up for grabs for less. So, if you don't want to risk them selling out during Black Friday, we suggest hopping on these Prime Big Deal Days deals, ASAP. If you're not a Prime member, sign up for the free 30-day trial to guarantee your access to all the tech sales below.

The Best Prime Big Deal Days Tech Deals at a Glance


Best Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro

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Best Portable Speaker

JBL Go 3 Speaker

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Best Tracklable Device

Apple AirTag Pack

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Best Smart Watch

Apple Watch Series 8

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Best TV

Samsung Frame TV

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Why Should I Shop the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Sale?

The real question is, why wouldn't you? The two-day sale is basically a shopper’s paradise because you can get incredible discounts on popular brands that don’t go on sale regularly, such as Peloton and Dyson. And it's a great time to shop for any big-ticket items you need in your home, like mattressesTVs or kitchen appliances—or you can start some early holiday shopping. No matter what, you’re getting the lowest prices of the year during any major Amazon sale, so it’s the best time to splurge on all of those things you’ve been wanting and waiting to buy. Plus, you’ll get that sweet Prime delivery (aka free two-day shipping!).

What Are the Best Prime Big Deal Days Tech Deals?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is marked down from $399 to $319 right now, while you can snag the top-rated Ring Video Doorbell Plus for as low as $130 (was $180).

So without further ado, here are the 16 best early Amazon tech deals to shop ahead of the Prime Big Deal Days Event—because why would you want to snooze on these savings?

Best Wireless Earbuds

1. Apple AirPods Pro


  • What We Like: long battery charge, noise-canceling
  • What We Don’t Like: can irritate ears after long wear
  • Deal: 24 percent off
  • Standout Review: “I’ve had my AirPod Pros for a few years now, and I adore them. I wore them through my half-marathon training without them popping out. The battery stays charged for long periods of time, and the sound quality is great with or without the noise-canceling mode on.” —Olivia Dubyak, PureWow Commerce Editor

The AirPods Pro are great for hot girl walks, high-intensity workouts, listening to your favorite podcast on your commute and more. Not only do they have a rechargeable case and a 30-hour battery life (which, BTW, is 33 percent longer than the first generation's, according to the brand), but they also come with four silicone earbud sizes, so you can find a comfortable fit for your ears. And, of course, we can’t forget the spatial audio and noise-canceling modes that you can toggle between to hear outside sounds or block them.

Best Portable Speaker

2. JBL Go 3 Speaker 


  • What We Like: loud, portable, water-resistant, 5-hour battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: the labels and rubber feet may come off, doesn't come with the wall piece to charge it
  • Deal: 50 percent off
  • Standout Review: "Picture this: A rafting trip, the wild splash of water, and my JBL Go 3, hanging by a carabiner, serenading the river and its inhabitants. Yup, it took a full-on river plunge several times and still pumped out the beats without missing a note. Talk about resilience!" —an Amazon customer

A holiday party isn't a holiday party without music, are we right? Well, this compact, portable speaker will come to the rescue to get things turned up. First of all, it's *waterproof*, so you won't have to worry if a rowdy reveler spills something on it. Secondly, buyers rave that it packs a big punch for such a small device weighing only 7.36 ounces. Worried it'll die on you in the middle of the party? Don't even sweat it—a single charge gives you up to five hours of playtime, per the brand. And let's say you get a ton of music requests throughout the night; since it's Bluetooth-enabled, anyone can control it from their phone, so you can sit back and relax while your guests take turns playing their favorite songs.

Best Tracklable Device

3. Apple AirTag Pack


  • What We Like: helps you keep track of your belongings, easy to use, giftable
  • What We Don’t Like: low beeps when your items are lost, sometimes it takes a while to update
  • Deal: 10 percent off
  • Standout Review: "These tags alleviated my fear of being separated from my 5- and 8-year-old grandsons while in the airport or sightseeing in crowded places. I put the other two in our luggage. Now that we are home, I keep one in my purse and my grandsons can either wear their watches or place them in their backpacks." —an Amazon customer

Almost anyone with an Apple AirTag will tell you it's a game-changer for those times when you can't find your keys, luggage or even pets. All you have to do is stick one of the compact trackers in or on whatever you want to keep track of (such as linking it onto Fido's collar), and Bluetooth technology will help lead you to it in the Find My app (available on iPhones). This will give you peace of mind when it comes to traveling and sending your kids to school, as it has done for many buyers. They make a great gift, too, so perhaps you can snag a pack for some of the more forgetful people on your list—trust us, they'll appreciate it.

Best Smart Watch

4. Apple Watch Series 8


  • What We Like: tracks health data, impressive safety features
  • What We Don’t Like: hard to see the screen if you have bad vision
  • Deal: 20 percent off
  • Standout Review: "I was in a bad car accident last year, and my phone was thrown from the car, but luckily my Apple Watch detected the crash and called 911 for me and alerted my emergency contacts. It truly was a lifesaver.” —Olivia Dubyak, PureWow Commerce Editor

A smartwatch is a must-have accessory these days, and we’re here to fully recommend this one. It tracks tons of vital health data like your blood oxygen levels, ovulation cycles, heart rate, sleep patterns, activity and more. Plus, this guy has a longer battery life than older models, according to Apple. Most importantly, though, it has a crash and fall detection feature that alerts authorities if you’ve been in an accident or take a hard tumble. While we think that's reason enough to add it to cart now, you should also know that the sleek design is compatible with different watch bands to suit both sporty and dressy occasions alike.

Best TV

5. Samsung Frame TV


  • What We Like: art mode, built-in Alexa, customizable with different bezel styles and color options
  • What We Don’t Like: mounting can be difficult, extra frames are expensive
  • Deal: 21 percent off
  • Standout Review: "This TV looks awesome and stands out above the fireplace perfectly. I had my doubts as to whether it was worth the cost, but it truly does look like a piece of art. This model is thinner than typical TVs and mounts closer to the wall." —an Amazon customer

The Frame TV is the perfect product to splurge on during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days because, as you may or may not know, it camouflages itself as a picture frame by displaying curated digital art images and/or your own family photos when it's not in use. When you are using it to, well, actually watch TV, it's just as impressive, providing crystal-clear 4K picture quality and an immersive sound experience. Why else do you think it's TikTok's favorite flat screen? There's just nothing like it.

Best Portable Charger

6. iWalk Portable Charger


  • What We Like: has auto shut-off, pocket friendly, has an LED indicator light to track the status of your charge
  • What We Don’t Like: not compatible with iPhones
  • Deal: up to 42 percent off
  • Standout Review: "This little charger has paid for itself many times over in the amount of time it's helped save when a phone is in the single digits of battery life and staying put while charging isn't an option and lugging a large battery bank around is an unprofessional look."—an Amazon customer

We've lost count of how many times our phones have died while we were out and about—at concerts, at restaurants and, worst of all, at the gym. But we won't be stuck with a black screen or silent workout again thanks to this lightweight, portable charger. It's compatible with Android, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones, supplying the power they need to get through the day with a 4,500 milliamp-hour battery capacity. And it clicks right into your phone without a big power bank weighing it down or adding extra stuff to your purse. Heck, it's *so* compact, you can even stick it in your back pocket when you're not toting a handbag.

Best Over-the-Ear Headphones

7. Bose Headphones 700


  • What We Like: has Alexa voice control, noise-canceling, up to 20-hour battery life 
  • What We Don’t Like: touch interface is too easy to activate accidentally, a bit heavy for long wear
  • Deal: up to 26 percent off
  • Standout Review: "Very comfortable, excellent sound, fantastic battery. Super-easy to move forward, backward or pause a song with a simple swipe of a finger on the right speaker. Love that I can adjust the noise-cancellation level. There's even an app to adjust things and allow for updates." —an Amazon customer

Obviously, there's a reason these wireless headphones have more than 25,000 5-star reviews. To put it simply, they're the best of the best. Buyers are continuously amazed by their crisp, rich audio with a fantastic range of clarity, while others rave about how comfortable they are. They have a padded band and soft ear cups that are designed not to apply too much pressure on your head. And don't even get us started on the microphone system that supposedly "adapts to noisy and windy environments," so you can always sound crystal clear on work calls (even when you're secretly taking them on the beach).

Best Security Doorbell

8. Ring Video Doorbell


  • What We Like: customizable alert perimeter, can connect to your home doorbell
  • What We Don’t Like: have to pay for a membership to replay events you missed
  • Deal: 45 percent off
  • Standout Review: “I love getting notifications when someone walks by my house because it makes me feel safer when I’m home alone. My townhouse community has a busier sidewalk outside of my front door so it’s nice to adjust my alert perimeter so I only get notified if someone is within a foot or two of my front door instead of every person walking their dog that goes by.” —Olivia Dubyak, PureWow Commerce Editor

Besides connecting to the app so you can be alerted when someone walks in view of your door or rings the doorbell, this device allows you to communicate with someone at your door (say, a mailman or neighbor). And this model has a great battery life, lasting weeks at a time, according to buyers. And when it dies? All you have to do is plug it in for a few hours, so it can get back to monitoring your front door. Why else do you think Candace Davison, PureWow's VP of Editorials, gave it a *90* out of 100 in a PureWow100 review?

Best Loud Speaker

9. Marshall Stanmore II Speaker


  • What We Like: eight- to ten-hour battery life, water-resistant, ability to customize the sound in an app
  • What We Don’t Like: not wireless, a bit bulky
  • Deal: 43 percent off
  • Standout Review: "The richness of the sound is impressive from this unit. It produces surprisingly loud volume, rich highs and lows with actual decent-sounding bass. Extremely impressed with the output from this tabletop speaker. Classic look and is very well put together." —an Amazon customer

Want to invest in a high-quality speaker this Prime Big Deal Days? You may want to consider scooping up this Marshall device that's water-resistant and, most importantly, long-lasting with an up to ten-hour battery life. It'll look great on a tabletop during holiday parties thanks to its vintage look, and according to buyers, it fills small and large rooms with its powerful sound, even when it's not turned all the way up. You can also take it to the next level by customizing the bass and treble on the machine or in the accompanying app.

Best Smart Plug

10. Kasa Smart Plug


  • What We Like: compatible with Alexa and Google, remote controllable
  • What We Don’t Like: only one outlet per plug
  • Deal: 38 percent off
  • Standout Review: “I don’t have any complaints about these. I love that I can read a book in bed and not have to worry about getting out of bed to turn off the light at night. I love that I can set a timer for it to turn on and off in the evening or when we’re out of town to have the lights turning off, and on so it appears we’re at home.” —an Amazon customer

Want to make your home feel like Smart House? These little plugs will do the trick. Here's how they work: Plug them into the outlets near your most frequently used appliances (i.e., your living room lamp), and you can set up the accompanying app to control it remotely. Better yet, you can also set your plug on a timer, which especially comes in handy if you want to turn your lights on and off when you're on vacation.

Most Budget-Friendly Smart TV

11. Amazon Fire TV


  • What We Like: compatible with Alexa, vivid picture
  • What We Don’t Like: home screen may look too cluttered if you don’t use apps to stream
  • Deal: up to 30 percent off
  • Standout Review: “I’ve been waiting for this deal for months. We have one in our bedroom that we love because the picture is bright and it auto shuts off if we forget to turn it off, plus it’s easy to use. We can’t stand our living room TV and have been wanting to get a second one, and now that it’s on major sale, we’re adding to cart ASAP.” —Olivia Dubyak, PureWow Commerce Editor

This TV is super easy to use, and it's a must-have if you keep up with shows on multiple streaming platforms, since it organizes and displays all your apps. So there’s no need for a Fire Stick here since the capabilities are all built into the TV. Plus, the remote control has Alexa capabilities for hands-free voice control. What more can you really ask from your home entertainment system?

Best Outdoor Security Camera

12. Blink Outdoor Security Camera


  • What We Like: wireless, two-year battery-life, HD live view, infrared night vision, two-way audio to hear and talk
  • What We Don’t Like: powered by two AA lithium batteries, will need a subscription after the free 30-day trial
  • Deal: 60 percent off
  • Standout Review: "This camera is discreet and an ideal addition to home security. I now have the first three series of this camera and can attest to their endurance in very hot exposed weather. The range is excellent with one of my cameras giving me a view approximately 100 feet from our home." —an Amazon customer

Want to monitor the outside of your home like a pro? Look no further than this Blink security camera bundle with three cams to set up at the front, back and side of your house to cover all the bases. Its motion detection alerts and 143-degree diagonal view will give you peace of mind while living alone or traveling. And buyers say the setup process is a piece of cake, so you'll be monitoring the outside of your home from your phone in no time. A two-way audio system also allows you to hear and speak to people when you're expecting packages or whatnot.

Best Waterproof Camera

13. GoPro Max


  • What We Like: made for action, compact
  • What We Don’t Like: small screen size
  • Deal: 30 percent off
  • Standout Review: “This is the best camera I've ever had. I ride a motorcycle and am getting some awesome footage with this. The best part is the 360-editing software is so easy to use and can be done from an app on my phone. I have had many action cams, and this is so much more quality.” —an Amazon customer

Having a high-quality video camera at the ready for all your outdoor adventures is essential when you want to look back and share fun memories. And this one doesn't disappoint, especially since it comes with easy editing software, so you can stitch videos together on the app before sharing and posting to your heart's content. It’s also waterproof, has a handy touchscreen and a feature called “Max HyperSmooth,” which stabilizes bumpy videos. So whether you’re kayaking, hiking or exploring a new city, you can trust that this camera will capture your adventurous moments in HD.

Best Gaming Laptop

14. Asus Strix 16 Gaming Laptop


  • What We Like: very fast, high-quality picture
  • What We Don’t Like: reviewers say it can freeze sometimes
  • Deal: 9 percent off
  • Standout Review: “This laptop is amazing. Runs very smoothly, is not very loud at all and is very appealing to look at. I did have to do a decent sized update when I was setting it up, but I am very happy with my purchase.” —an Amazon customer

A separate laptop is a great investment to keep the gamer in your life from trying to play a round of Fortnite on your TV when you’re ready to sit back and relax. And all signs point to this option being worth every penny, as it boasts a lightning-fast loading time and vivid picture so they can play efficiently. We can't guarantee that they'll stop yelling at their friends through the mic, though.

Most Viral Headphones

15. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Beats by Dre

  • What We Like: comfortable ear cushioning, 40-hour battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: can feel bulky
  • Deal: up to 53 percent off
  • Standout Review: “I love these headphones, I take [them] everywhere I go. The battery stays alive for almost the entire week without any charge. Packaging was nice, and everything was placed nicely, nothing broken or misplaced. Instructions were quite easy to understand how to do the basics.” —an Amazon customer

If earbuds aren’t your thing or they bother your ears, why not opt for over-the-ear headphones for a more comfortable fit? With a few taps on the sides, you can control your music choices, pause, take calls, address Siri and more since these Bluetooth-powered wireless headphones are programmable to your needs. As a bonus, they're also noise-canceling, so you can block out outside noises while you’re jamming, working out or studying.

Best Laptop

16. Apple 2020 MacBook Air


  • What We Like: compatible with iPad and iPhone, backlit keyboard
  • What We Don’t Like: older charging cords and adapters won’t be compatible with this model
  • Deal: up to 25 percent off
  • Standout Review: “[This is] the best laptop. I say this because it’s easy to use especially if you own Apple products so it’s easy to navigate through your things without needing to transfer everything constantly.” —an Amazon customer

Apple is known for tons of its tech devices, but the MacBooks are among the most popular products they sell. They’re super thin, lightweight and incredibly fast, not to mention they have 256 gigabytes of storage, which, in laymen's terms, is A LOT. This model features a 13-inch wide retina display and a crisp picture for easy viewing, along with an 18-hour battery life, so you can feel free to work (and play) on it while on-the-go.

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