Eco-beauty has a new hero brand: Affordable, social media darling Cocokind. Plant-powered (ingredients like matcha and turmeric), sustainable (their packaging is made of biodegradable sugarcane), cruelty-free and affordable, the bestsellers are favorites of TikTok product reviewers. And effectiveness aside, we’re not mad at the muted palette of the product design. Here are some customer favorites everyone should try.

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1. Sake Body Lotion

The hero ingredient in this hit moisturizer? It’s fermented rice wine that has enzymes and prebiotic sugars that do a gentle exfoliation and softening number on your skin.

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2. Chlorophyll Mask

Apparently, this mask is so powerful it can make you break out…dancing. Mix this spirulina and chlorella powder with honey, water, rosewater, avocado or anything your skin needs to make a paste, apply it, rinse your face 20 minutes later and your complexion’s dullness is gone.

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3. Daily SPF

Sunscreen is a year-round essential, and this non-whitening zinc oxide formula works. (P.S., it’s reef-safe, so at the beach, you’re good with marine life.)

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4. Oil to Milk Cleanser

It breaks down your makeup and other face gunk with oil, then transforms to a milk when you splash water to wash it off. Ah, that clean but not dry-tight feeling.

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5. Texture Smoothing Cream

Your fine lines, enlarged pores and rough patches? Apply this lightweight and silky cream to even things out.

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6. Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick

It’s like a supercharged lip balm for your whole, well, everywhere—face, lips, undereye dark circles­—with just three organic ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil and antioxidant-rich matcha tea powder. (Watch it being made here.)

Buy It ($9)


7. Rosewater Facial Toner

Use this for balancing your skin tone and dry scalp. Spritz it on pre-moisturizer and post-makeup application (it also acts as a great setting spray). Bonus: It smells like steamed rose petals, which are, in fact, its only ingredient.

Buy It ($17)


8. Turmeric Tonic

You know those nuclear-option spot treatments that leave your skin overly dry? This is the gentler but equally effective acne-reducing option that is invisible, and thanks to its roller ball applicator, doesn’t require you to touch your fingers to your breakout.

Buy It ($11)


9. Scrubbing Clay

Upcycled coffee grounds are the eco-friendly alternatives to old school scrubs that included exfoliating plastic; this creamy formula is just what your winter-parched skin needs.

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