This Neom Organics Candle Pours Warm Scented Oil and My Winter-Chapped Skin Is So Here for It

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Not going to lie, I’ve put some strange things on my body in a lifetime global quest for silkier skin. I’ve floated in a salty pool of radioactive water in the Czech Republic. Been beaten with branches in a Berlin water spa. Lolled in mud from Martha’s Vineyard to Calistoga and been scraped with oily rocks on the Big Island…but the most surprising bang for my moisturizer buck came from something I discovered on TikTok: In my home bathroom I poured warm wax from the Neom Organics Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle down my legs.

This candle is made by an ex-magazine editrix in London who whipped up “natural tinctures” for her stressed-out friends and sports-sore boyfriend (now husband). That grew into a bath and wellness company with a unique hero product. The concept is pretty simple, really—that a lightly scented candle is the perfect way to warm and soften nourishing cocoa butter, soybean and almond oils before applying them to the skin.

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Dana Dickey

As directed, I lit the candle and let it burn for half an hour. To make an entire spa experience of it, I took a bath while the oil pooled across the surface of the candle. Opaque white porcelain is slashed with a golden spout and drip design, and as I felt my hobbit heels and rough hands while bathing, I thought, well this can’t be all that, can it?

Then I remembered that when I feel spendy at the manicurist, they dip my hands in hot paraffin as a moisturizing treatment. I got out of the bath, blew out the candle, then awaited the suggested two minutes for the wax to cool slightly before I poured it out. Pro tip: don’t tip in a fast 90 degrees, gonzo-decanting style, the way I did, or you’ll be wondering if that oily splash on your bathroom rug is going to wash out. Instead, slowly let the warm liquid, scented with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, pool in your palm before rubbing onto your heels and elbows. Then, drizzle it down your leg—a little covers a surprisingly lot of skin—and enjoy the warm, mega-emollient feel of it.

Once I was thoroughly self-massaged, I had a predicament: What to do now that I was basted like a bantam hen, but needed to let the oil sink in? This was no lightweight formula that I could just throw jammies on over, it was more like a let-this-soak-in experience. So I got two old bath sheets, lay one beneath and one atop me on the bed, and lay back. Kind of perfect, actually.

For the week since, my heels have felt better, my skin’s not been as parched and I’ve been eyeing my schedule for my next little rub-and-nap self-spa. Even more, I can’t wait to give this as a gift to my stressed-out girlfriends in a sort of Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Wax.

dana dickey

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