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While they’re certainly not becoming, sheet masks are kind of the most travel-friendly skin-care option out there. They’re super easy to use, meet TSA requirements and leave you fresh-faced (even after a 12-hour flight). Here are some sneaky ways to slap one on mid-flight without scaring your fellow passengers.

1. Get a window seat. Not a requirement but a cozy corner is always a good idea if you plan on doing any extra-circular flight activities.

2. Have a large scarf ready to wrap around your head, shoulders and (maybe) face. For all people know, you’re cold. Or napping. Or famous.

3. Wait until they turn down the lights in the cabin. If you’re on a red-eye or overnight flight, the second those overhead lights dim, it’s mask time.

4. Remove the backing from the mask and carefully place it on your mug. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes before peeling it off. Leftover goop on your face? Tap it into your skin, neck and hands for all of the moisture.

5. Consider bringing an extra mask for your seatmates. Sharing is caring, even if you just exchanged pleasantries during the safety video. Looking crazy is always better in numbers.

6. Or opt for an under-eye mask. They cover only a quarter of your face, but still do wonders for any dark circles or in-flight puffiness. (Bliss is our favorite—no contest.)

7. And if you still can’t bring yourself to do it, try a sleeping mask. They go on clear so you can self-care in peace.

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