An Expert Explains How to Shape Your Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps

Eyebrows make a huge difference in framing your face, but getting the shape just right can be tricky. Just ask Jared Bailey, the global brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics. He’s groomed literally thousands of arches throughout his career, and we recently had the chance to sit down with him for a consultation.

“Everyone’s face is slightly asymmetrical from one side to the other, but using your nose as a central point of origin for your brows will bring balance to your entire face,” explains Bailey. So grab a brow pencil and we’ll walk you through the exact steps for perfecting your shape.

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1. To find where your brows should start, place one end of your pencil on the dimple of your nose and measure straight up to where your brows begin and make a mark.

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2. Next, place your brow pencil along the outer edge of your nose and measure diagonally across your face through the center of your eye. This is where your arch—the highest portion of your brow—should be (and it can really lift your whole face).

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Ali Brown for PureWow

3. Lastly, mark the end of your brow by measuring a diagonal line from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. “Length is important because it gives your face proportion,” says Bailey. Use these three marks as a guide to see exactly where you should fill in with product and exactly where hair needs to be removed.

Now go fill, fluff and sculpt to your heart’s desire.

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