Let’s face it: These days, pictures are worth a thousand words, or at least a few “likes.” And for us shorties, stature has always been a hang-up, especially in photos. (Remember that college reunion pic where you look like you’re 12?) Here, five tips for appearing taller in your next 'Gram or group pic. 

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Place a hand above your head

Look, we’re not saying every shot of you needs to be arms-raised-in-excitement, but strategically placing a hand in your hair or, say, on the brim of that cute straw hat will add height to your silhouette and draw the eye upward.


Stand on your tippy toes

It seems silly but it’s true. Even if your feet will be in the frame, the extra effort does wonders for your calves and butt. Just be conscious of not craning your neck like you did way back in those kindergarten group shots.


Push your shoulders back

Good posture is one of the major factors that helps elongate your stature in photos. Pretend there’s a string tied to the top of your head, then roll your shoulders back. Simple as that.

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Cross one leg over the other

Instead of standing flat-footed with legs side by side, cross one of your legs over the other for a little optical illusion. This gives the uninterrupted appearance of a longer, more slender figure.


Angle the camera lower

No, we’re not talking below-the-chin selfie-mode. But aiming the camera up toward your torso will actually make you appear longer, since the distance from your head to the lens is farther. (It also doesn’t hurt to pose against statuesque pillars for good measure.)

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