Dry Shampoo Lovers: You Should Be Exfoliating Your Scalp (Here’s How)
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We love dry shampoo. It’s saved us many a harried morning and extended many a pricey blowout. But by constantly using the stuff, we’ve also been washing our hair less frequently. In fact, it’s become an odd bragging right to say that you haven’t shampooed in three days.

Um yeah, so what’s the problem? Despite all of its magical oil-absorbing powers, dry shampoo is still a styling product. And when it’s not thoroughly removed, it can build up on your scalp—which is when the issues start to arise.

What are the exact issues? Short-term, product buildup can make your hair fall flat (ironic, no?), look dull and cause dandruff. Long-term, it can affect both the growth and thickness of your strands.

Do I have to give up dry shampoo forever? Don’t be silly. You can continue to use dry shampoo (but maybe save it for emergency situations instead of relying on it daily) and work in a once-weekly scalp exfoliation. This will keep your follicles clear and promote circulation so your scalp is clean and primed for hair growth.

How do I give myself a scalp exfoliation? First off, look for a shampoo or treatment that has either chemical exfoliants (like salicylic acid) or physical ones (aka those little beads or grains) in it. Next, make sure to thoroughly wet your hair before applying the product and take a few minutes to really work it in before rinsing. Consider this mini massage your self-care moment for the week.

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