Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 16 to 22, 2021

Some weeks are slow. We can take an hour in the morning to lovingly cook up breakfast tacos with those Hatch chiles we splurged on at Whole Foods. Other weeks are so busy that we barely have time to put on both socks. And that’s what we’re in store for this week. Gemini season kicks off on the 20th, and things are buzzing like they haven’t in a long time. There’s just so much to do. Post-vaccine hair appointments, birthday party invitations and the looming worry that life was easier under quarantine. Geminis (from Bob Dylan to Kanye West to Natalie Portman) are known for being shapeshifters. To get through this week (and the coming chaos of eclipse season that defines the rest of May into June), it’s wise to channel some of that Gemini adaptability. Change is good.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

2 gemini

Your season is here, Gemini! And though this year’s birthday time is especially chaotic, there’s no one who navigates a storm quite like you do. In fact, your friends, family and coworkers are looking to you more than ever to help them through sticky situations. On the 22nd especially, you turn tears into laughter while handling a crisis at work with your stellar sense of humor. When most would lose their cool, you’re able to thrive.

This week’s mantra: Laugh through the pain.

3 cancer

Gemini season is your most introspective time of year and by the time it kicks off in earnest on the 20th, you’re ready to pack up for a retreat. With the tumult of eclipse season approaching though, you may find it harder than usual to relax or quiet your mind. Going back to therapy, picking up a meditation practice and utilizing your OOO reply for a getaway that reinvigorates your soul serves you well over the next few weeks.

This week’s mantra: Keep Calm and Do Not Disturb.

4 leo

The sun’s shift into Gemini on the 20th lights up the part of your chart that represents your dreams and aspirations. Whether you got a raise, went public with your parenting blog or tied the knot, you’ve recently presented yourself to the world in a whole new light. On the 21st, as the sun squares off with optimistic Jupiter, you’re feeling exceptionally positive about living life more authentically. It’s OK to brag a little.

This week’s mantra: Sharing IS caring!

5 virgo

Gemini season kicks off on the 20th and so begins a pivotal month for your work/life balance. You’re making moves in your career, working harder than ever on your TikTok persona or just getting back into the life of everyone’s favorite party hostess as pandemic restrictions relax. But when do you get time just for you? Be careful what you agree to on the 22nd as detail-oriented Mercury squares off with hazy Neptune. With many pieces of the puzzle in flux, you’re going to have to review this contract.

This week’s mantra: Read the fine print.

6 libra

This week is for getting a handle on your five-year plan. The cosmic energy is tumultuous, and you may end up scrapping the entire thing. But isn’t it fun to think about the future again? Set goals? Aspire to greatness? Your ruling planet Venus connects with diligent Saturn on the 19th, boosting your creative thinking and even pulling you back to an artistic pursuit. It’s OK to get a little carried away.

This week’s mantra: Paradise is possible (even it just means a stable savings account).

7 scorpio

The sun shifts in Gemini on the 20th and though the start of a new season relieves some tension in your relationships, you’re now feeling anxious over money—especially cash that’s owed. You want to do everything on your own, but remember that a lot of people are willing to help you out. On the 21st, you’re tempted to drink or shop away the stress, but a chat with a close friend—who agrees without hesitance to give you a loan—is a better antidote.

This week’s mantra: Reach out.

8 sagittarius

Gemini is your opposite sign. So when the season of the twins kicks off on the 20th, your focus becomes your one-on-one relationships. How can you be a better partner? Have you been slacking with some of your clients? Does your pug need more of your attention? The sun squares off with optimistic Jupiter on the 21st, making it easier to reach out and connect without awkwardness.

This week’s mantra: Share the love.


Though it seems like many of your colleagues and friends are using the start of Gemini season (from the 20th) to slack off and embrace their inner child, you’re drowning in work. Your responsibilities are piling up and it feels like every tiny disagreement at the office is yours to handle. Focus on your routines or hobbies—sign up for guitar lessons! Take up birdwatching from your window!—to fill your time between those emergency vet appointments and last-minute spreadsheet nightmares.

This week’s mantra: The cycle never ends.

10 aquarius

Gemini season (from the 20th) is the ultimate playtime for you, Aquarius. And you deserve to relax a little bit! Changes are coming for your romantic life (or in your relationship to your kids) over the next few weeks. But these changes don’t have to be cause for fear or grief. On the 21st—as the sun squares off with Jupiter—a risky decision unexpectedly pays off. You really never know until you try.

This week’s mantra: Place your bets.

11 pisces

Is a new living space on your horizon? Gemini season kicks off on the 20th and what’s felt stuck at home is about to get shaken up. Sure, you can’t afford to move, but isn’t getting away from those intolerable neighbors worth a little debt? A stroke of luck on the 21st—as the sun squares off with optimistic Jupiter—helps you realize that you’re more in control of this situation than you think you are. Vision board your future home!

This week’s mantra: You can’t get what you can’t see.

12 aries

It’s been a long time since you’ve had to make up an excuse to get out of a social engagement. But as Gemini season kicks off on the 20th, your schedule is overbooked. On the 22nd though, you end up skipping both birthday parties and binging Mare of Easttown instead. Keep doing the things that work for you! Your morning meditation and afternoon sip and stare matter more than your FOMO.

This week’s mantra: Choose solitude if it means happiness.

1 taurus

Gemini season has your brain buzzing with ideas for improving your cash flow. Right now, you’re as hungry for power as you are for money. On the 19th, your ruling planet Venus connects with steady Saturn, which is a great window to discuss compensation (and responsibilities) with your clients or your supervisor. Put on that new ASOS power suit and let them know who’s boss. Your star is on the rise.

This week’s mantra: You’re worth every penny.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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