How to Make Your Relationship Better: 12 Tiny Things You Can Do Today

Whoa, you and your partner have been together how long? Remember, relationships are a work in progress (yep, even on the days you feel super smitten), which is why it never hurts to make tiny tweaks to maximize your couple joy. Here, 12 low-effort ways for how to make your relationship better.

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how to make a relationship better say thanks

1. Thank Your Partner For One Thing They Do For You Each Day

Like passing you the OJ at breakfast. Or walking the dog. (Taking these things for granted is a relationship no-no.)

how to make a relationship better take sides

2. And Be On Their Side About Something That’s Bothering Them

It’s tempting to play devil’s advocate with the people you love, but sometimes—in the moment—they just need a listening ear. (Don’t worry, you can still ask questions and offer your two cents later.)

how to make a relationship better new underwear

3. Buy New Underwear

Sure, no one cares that there are pills on your panties or that you’ve reverted back to the comfort fit. But replacing a particularly stretched-out style every now and again is an easy way to show you’re making an effort—not just for them, but for you.

how to make a relationship better be on time1

4. And Show Up On Time

Another sign we take our loved ones for granted: It’s no big deal if we run five or ten minutes late, right? Surprise your partner by arriving on time or—gasp—early.

how to make a relationship better put phone away

5. Put Away Your Phone

It’s called phubbing and it’s not cool. The number one sign of affection and attention: “No, of course, my phone isn’t as important as this conversation we’re having right now."

how to make a relationship better how was your day

6. And Always Ask: “how Was Your Day?”

Yep, even if you walked in the door super late (and hungry) and they have their hands full wrangling the kids. That 30 seconds makes a big difference.

how to make a relationship better eat at table

7. Eat At The Dinner Table

It’s also the easiest place to execute the above suggestion. “So, how was your day?”

how to make a relationship better run errands

8. Volunteer To Handle An Errand On Their To-do List

Seriously, there’s no kinder gesture in the world than taking an annoying task off your S.O.’s plate. (Think grocery shopping, doing the dishes, or relieving the nanny if they're running late.)

how to make a relationship better make out

9. Make Out

Yay, it’s like you’re dating again. So simple, yet so fun.

couple cooking together

10. Share A New Experience Together

You don’t need to go on vacation to experience something new—we’re talking about trying something way easier like cooking a new recipe together, taking a class or going for a walk in a new neighborhood. Just a simple change-up in your daily routine can make a world of a difference.

couple holding hands
Hello World/ Getty images

11. Hold Hands

Simple as that. While watching TV or going for a walk, this simple act of affection will make your partner feel loved while simultaneously filling the physical need for touch.

couple talking
MoMo Productions/ Getty Images

12. And Be Honest About Your Feelings

Feeling down? Tell them. It truly doesn’t get more intimate than being vulnerable with one another. Plus, your partner isn’t a mind reader, so at least he/she will know what you’re going through.

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