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There Are 4 Types of Couples: Which Are You?


You’ve been dating for a few months, and things are going pretty well. But sometimes that ever-looming question zooms into focus: Will it last? Like forever?

Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people are thinking about the same thing, including researchers at the University of Illinois. In fact, they studied a bunch of couples and found that daters fall into four different categories, which can determine their longevity. Take the quiz to see where you and your partner fit in.


Pick A Date Outfit


What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Relationship?

How comfortable you feel 

How much you laugh 

The sex 

That one time when he stopped ignoring you and told you he liked your sweater 


What Would Be Your Perfect Saturday Night Together?

Going bowling with a big group of friends 

Netflix and chill 

Actually, you made plans with the girls because you were scared your dude would bail. 

Not fighting--for once 


If Your Boyfriend Was A Leonardo Dicaprio, He’d Be...

Titanic Leo

Romeo + Juliet Leo

Great Gatsby Leo


And If He Were A sex And The City Love Interest, He’d Be...





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