With less than a month until we enter a new year (thank god), we’re making one resolution early: Get organized—and stay that way. You know, like finally having one cohesive shopping list and Zoom wine night plans that we actually follow through with. But to make that happen, we’re gonna need some help. So we scoured the internet for the best 2021 planners. Whether you’re looking to invest in one for yourself or gift one to a friend, you can’t go wrong with these 18 picks.

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1. Day Designer Artfully Abstract Planner

Best Overall

Day Designer has amassed quite a cult following—and for good reason. This planner devotes an entire page to each day of the week, with room to write down your activities for every hour of the day, if you so choose. There are also spaces for your top three goals for the day, a to-do list, any work projects you might have due and what you’re planning to have for dinner. Oh, and it’s also one of the chicest planners on this list.

Buy It ($59)


2. Blue Sky 2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Best Value

This compact, five-by-eight-inch design is proof that an affordable planner can be well made. The flexible plastic cover and twin-wire binding are durable, ensuring that this guy won’t be falling apart by August 2021. It features easy-to-use weekly and monthly overviews and a ton of white space so you can write all the to-do lists you want.

$8 at Amazon


3. Smythson 2021 Soho Agenda with Pocket


What makes a planner worth $275, you ask? Well, this one is made from top-of-the-line material: Crossgrain texture leather and Smythson’s signature gilt-edged paper. It breaks down each week onto one page, with a to-do list on the opposite it. Reviewers say the Soho Agenda is the perfect size—it won’t overtake your desk, but it’s still big enough that you have enough room to actually plan out the week. Our advice? Only make this investment if you know you’ll actually follow through with using it.

Buy It ($275)


4. Happy Planner The Classic Happy Planner: Define Your Passion

Most Popular Planner

Happy Planner’s agendas are so sought-after, all of its 2021 styles are currently sold out on its site. But don’t worry, a few (like this striped design) are available at Michaels. If we had to guess, we’d say the grid calendars, note sections on almost every page and pretty patterns are what make these planners wildly popular. (Oh, and if you want to take your goal setting to the next level, you can pair this with creator Stephanie Fleming’s new book, Plan a Happy Life.)

Buy It ($28; $14)


5. Best Planner for Work: Clever Fox Planner

Best Planner for Work

If your desk is covered in sticky-note reminders and to-do lists (*raises hand*), this is the deadline log for you. Each weekly spread allows you to write your to-dos for each day of the week, as well as your week’s main goal, your priorities and your non-work-related to-dos. It also provides space for your weekly wins and a box to reflect on what you could do better next week. We’re partial to the yearly goals section, which invites you to set intentions for the year.

$25 at Amazon


6. GoGirl Budget Planner

Best Planner for Budgeting

For anyone who walks into Target just to buy batteries and walks out $100 poorer, this planner is for you. It prompts you to write out your monthly finance goals and make a spending plan accordingly. Then you can track your day-to-day spending habits throughout the month and spot trends.

$17 at Amazon


7. Orange Circle Studio Moms Do It All Planner

Best Planner for Busy Moms

Moms, this is the planner of your dreams. It has both weekly and monthly pages so that you can use whatever scheduling method works best for you. There are clearly labeled stickers for things like holidays, doctors' appointments, birthdays and school open houses, which help ensure that you never miss an important event again. Psst: It even has designated spaces for your to-dos and shopping lists too.

$16 at Amazon

Erin Condren

8. Erin Condren Kids Undated Planner and Activity Book

Best Planner for Kids

It’s best to start ‘em young on planning and time management, and this 12-month planner will help you do just that. Some of our favorite features include the reading logs and goal and allowance trackers. Plus, there are activities like word searches and “All About Me” pages to keep them cracking it open. It’s a win-win.

Buy It ($28)


9. Panda Planner Pro

Best Planner for Productivity

Each day, the Panda Planner Pro has you write down three things you’re grateful for, three things you’re excited about and an affirmation to get you in the right frame of mind for the day. Then you’re asked to write down your five top priorities for the day, and you’re given a super-helpful hour-by-hour schedule template so you can map out how it’ll all get done. More than 5,000 people write that it’s helped them improve their time-management skills and reach their goals.

$20 at Amazon


10. Passion Planner

Best for Planner Newbies

Not sure what your ideal planner setup looks like yet? You can’t go wrong with a Passion Planner. One PureWow editor raves, “I’ve been buying this planner for five years now, and it never disappoints. I love the way it’s formatted so I can see my entire week at a glance, and it has great unique touches, like a monthly reflection section.” Need we say more?

$35 at Amazon


11. Global Printed Products Essential Monthly & Weekly Planner

Best Planner for Minimalists

Sometimes the extra fields and complicated formatting of detailed planners can induce anxiety. This one is free of all that. As the name implies, this essential planner provides a no-frills approach to your weekly and monthly schedule that won’t overwhelm you. Beyond having dates and days of the week, it’s all yours to format exactly how you’d like.

$13 at Amazon


12. Rifle Paper Co. 2021 Pocket Planner

Best Pocket-Sized Planner

Desktop space is precious, so we’re partial 5.5-by-3.5-inch date book. As long as we write small, the weekly spread provides just enough room for us to write down all of our important tasks. Plus, it’s easy to stow in a work tote, if you’re commuting to and from an office.

Buy It ($14)


13. Papier Colorblock Planner

Most Stylish Planner

Papier’s variety of cover styles and patterns is unmatched (seriously, check out all of the different designs). This bold colorblock just might be our favorite, though, because you can personalize the front with your name, the year and any other info you’d like. Ahead of each month, there’s space to set goals and jot down any important dates and to-dos. Then, each week is broken down into two pages you can fill with all your must-dos.

Buy It ($29)


14. Habit Nest The Morning Sidekick Journal

Best Planner for Wellness

OK, so this journal won’t last you all of 2021 (it has 66 days in it), but you can totally repurchase it and keep going. Every day, you’ll be asked to record your sleep and wake times, your most important task for the day and other factors. Then, in the evening, you’ll be prompted to reflect on the best parts of your day and plan your morning routine for tomorrow. According to the over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, you’ll be hooked.

$25 at Amazon


15. Pretty Simple Press Meal Planner

Best Planner for Meal Prep

It’s easy to get stuck in a dinner-planning rut and just settle for spaghetti and meatballs for the third Friday in a row. This meal-prep log will help you break out of that. It helps you plan out your dinners for every night of the week (and breakfast and lunch too, if you want), then provides a convenient shopping list so you can make it happen. Takeout who?

$7 at Amazon


16. NewMe Fitness Track Your Fitness Planner

Best Planner for Fitness

Sure, you can access all of your fitness data on your Apple Watch. But sometimes it’s nice to put pen to paper and have a clear log of your progress toward your goals. Enter the Track Your Fitness planner. This exercise log was created by fitness experts and is designed to help you reach your goals. It allows you to log details about your workouts, like what you did, how long you worked out and how you felt on a daily basis. You can also write down specific fitness goals and the deadline for when you’d like to accomplish them.

$15 at Amazon

Karst Stone Paper

17. Karst Stone Paper 2021 Weekly Planner

Best Themed Planner

Our favorite thing about this planner? It provides an inspiring theme for each month of 2021, like “strengthen habits” and “unleash confidence.” So while you plan out your week and increase your productivity, you’ll also better a specific area of your life, 30-ish days at a time.

Buy It ($39)

Silk + Sonder

18. Silk + Sonder Subscription

Best for Self-Care

Need a reminder to practice self-care? When you sign up for a Silk + Sonder subscription, you’ll get a new planner each month focused on a different intention like passion, vulnerability or admiration. Beyond the planner’s habit trackers, goal-setting exercises and self care suggestions, you can also join virtual Sonder Circles, which are basically journaling workshops with other Silk + Sonder members.

Buy It ($20/Month)

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