63 Indoor Activities for Adults That Are Perfect for Those Rainy Days

From indoor picnics to DIY projects

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So the forecast doesn’t favor outdoor plans this weekend and no one else knows what to do either. Don’t despair—just pick from our diverse list of indoor activities for adults and you’ll be able to keep boredom at bay for hours on end, whether you’re flying solo or entertaining friends at home. 

From giving yourself a DIY spa day and working up a sweat with an at-home workout to taking an online personality quiz and getting crafty, these boredom busters will keep you busy on rainy days and beyond.

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indoor activities for adults cooking class
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1. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Then test out your newfound skills with some good tunes and a glass of wine to keep you company. Bonus points if you have a friend or significant other you can count on to praise the finished dish.

2. Learn a New Language

Prepare yourself for that vacation to Europe you’ve been dreaming of by finally enrolling in an online course. It’s not even as hard as you think (depending on the language, that is).

3. Get Into Online Gaming

Responsibly, of course. (Psst: This BlackJack game from the Washington Post is free for all and doesn’t involve betting any real money, either, so you can play without regret.)

4. Enjoy a Virtual Dance Class

Sign up for a virtual dance class that will get you in shape and teach you some new moves from the comfort of your own home, or simply press play on one of these YouTube dance workout videos. Either way, you’ll get an energizing mood lift and some decent exercise if you head to the living room and cut a rug.

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5. Read a Book

You have binge-watched all the best shows on every streaming service you subscribe to and it’s high time you stimulate your brain with a book instead of a screen. Check out our current favorites here (and remember that it’s totally OK to quit and move on to the next read if you’re not engaged).

6. Look Over Old Photos

Nostalgia reigns supreme over the fall and winter months, so why not capitalize on that mood with a wistful activity that will give you all the feels?

7. Listen to Music

When was the last time you gave your favorite tunes the undivided attention they deserve? Pro tip: You can even use music as a therapeutic tool to improve your mental health by starting with a couple songs that match your current mood and then gradually moving onto ones that reflect the emotional state you’d like to reach.

8. Knit

If you’re already a pro, then go forth and knit away. But if you haven’t mastered this relaxing hobby, a virtual class is a good place to start. Best of all, the fruits of your labor will keep you and your loved ones cozy during the colder months.

9. Do Yoga

Yoga allows you to namaste your boredom away and get your body in ship-shape before bathing suit season rolls back around. Need we say more?

indoor activities for adults meditate
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10. Meditate

If you’ve been feeling a little stir-crazy, you might be interested to know that there are seven different types of meditation. (Meaning you’re sure to find the one that best helps you banish negative feelings and find your inner peace.)

11. Cleaning

Admit it—there’s at least one filthy corner of your apartment or home that you’ve been avoiding for far too long. Bust out the gloves and start scrubbing—just be sure to reward yourself with a glass of wine and a take-out dinner when the deep cleaning is done. You earned it with that elbow grease.

12. Start a Blog

If the weather has forced you into hibernation mode, there’s a good chance you have a lot of stuff to say and no one to talk to. Channel that mental energy into a blog for an exercise that will stoke your creativity as you put your thoughts on paper (and maybe make some new friends and fans in the process).

13. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a wonderful way to unwind while still engaging your mind. They are also a perfect accompaniment for everything from boring household chores to bubble baths. Here are some of our favorite parenting podcasts and spooky stories to tune into, plus one for royal family fans.

14. Karaoke

Unleash your inner Whitney—or, if you’re taking it seriously, respect your range with a less ambitious pop hit like Destiny Child’s Say My Name or some tried-and-true soft rock a la Sweet Caroline. Need more suggestions? Here are 72 easy karaoke songs to get the party started.

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15. Start a Puzzle

Unleash your inner Whitney—or, if you’re taking it seriously, respect your range with a less ambitious pop hit like Destiny Child’s Say My Name or some tried-and-true soft rock a la Sweet Caroline. Need more suggestions? Here are 72 easy karaoke songs to get the party started.

16. Give Yourself a Facial

A day spent indoors is a perfect opportunity to give yourself some much-deserved pampering. Don’t break the bank at Sephora, though—just try one of these DIY face masks instead for a budget-friendly, at-home spa experience.

17. Take a Bath

Start by deep cleaning the tub (see indoor activity #11) and then treat yourself to a relaxing bath—complete with bubbles, music and a glass of wine, of course.

18. Have an Indoor Picnic

This indoor activity requires that you call up a few friends, so it’s an excellent way to keep your social life alive in the dead of winter. And yep, indoor picnics are totally a thing, which is why we already have a few ideas for how to make the event a success.

19. Tackle a DIY Project

There are few things as satisfying as using your creativity to make something from scratch with your own hands. Check out this roundup for inspo; then, roll up your sleeves and get started.

indoor activities for adults movie night
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20. Have A Movie Night

What’ll it be, a classic rom-com or something more spine-chilling? The choice is yours—unless you make it a social event, that is—and the couch is inviting.

21. Journal

Before you start a blog, we suggest you test the waters with a daily journaling activity. The stakes are lower—and it’s supposed to make you happier, after all. (Or maybe not.)

22. Make Hot Chocolate

Try to reserve this indoor activity for a picturesque snow day—you know, so you don’t end up spiking your blood sugar every day for five months straight. But, most importantly, know that there’s a whole world beyond Swiss Miss and a new favorite recipe awaits you here.

23. Bake Something Delicious

SShoot for the moon and you’ll land…star baker status. From cookies and cupcakes to pies and pastries, here are 75 fun things to bake when you’re bored and craving something sweet.

24. Start a Collaborative Playlist

Make listening to music a social activity by building a collaborative playlist with your besties from scratch. Alternatively, you can make a solo playlist with all your favorite tunes and ask friends and family to add to it with any songs that fit the mood. Either way, you’re likely to discover some new music that really hits the mark.

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25. Reconnect with Old Friends

Social media has its place, but it might be time to stop stalking the people you care about and start talking to them instead. Our suggestion? Pick up the phone or schedule a video call for a more meaningful way to (re)connect.

26. Give Yourself a Mani-Pedi

Start practicing your nail painting technique now and your mani-pedi will turn heads come summer without costing you a fortune. Here’s how.

27. Pleasure Yourself

Everyone’s doing it (duh) and the health benefits are legit. Plus, mutual masturbation is an excellent way to keep your sex life spicy during periods of isolation or, you know, when you’re both stuck indoors together and bored of the regular routine. (And in case you need some help, we’ve got the best sex toys to lend a helping hand.)

28. Try a Virtual Escape Room

Lean into that stir-crazy feeling with a virtual escape room for an indoor activity that’s basically the intersection of irony and fun. Here are six to get you started.

29. Play Trivia

You can find online trivia games that test your general knowledge, as well as ones that focus on a topic of your choosing here. (The best part is that the entertaining play is sure to inspire you to take a deeper dive into a wide variety of interesting subjects.)

indoor activities for adults make lego art

30. Make Lego Art

Yes, your fine motor skills are fully developed…but how are you doing on frustration tolerance and problem solving these days? If you want to find out, we suggest you tap into and then one-up your inner child by making a Lego art masterpiece.

31. Watch a Documentary

When rom-coms start getting under your skin, make movie night a learning opportunity instead with one of our favorite HBO Max documentaries or go dark with some chilling true-crime fodder on Netflix.

32. Learn an Instrument

Science says that learning to play an instrument is one of the best things you can do for your brain. Plus, you always wanted to play the trumpet and your neighbors will totally understand that there’s a learning curve.

33. Organize Your Closet

There’s a little Marie Kondo in everyone and we’re guessing your summer wardrobe still needs to be swapped out for those cozy sweaters you have in storage.

34. Write a Letter

Bust out the nicest stationary you can find and pen a note that lets a loved one know how much they mean to you. Trust us, it’s far more thoughtful than a text message…and the time to stop being a bad grandchild is now.

indoor activities for kids drawing
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35. Draw

Start small (like drawing a star) and work your way up to masterpiece status or take an online class that teaches you to sketch like a pro.

36. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

We love museums as much as the next person, but sometimes the hushed atmosphere and zombie-like shuffling from exhibit to exhibit is more sleepy than stimulating. Good news: You can customize a different kind of museum experience from the comfort of home (and not feel obligated to do the whole thing in one visit, too). So what’ll it be? An afternoon pursuing the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam?

37. Assemble a Care Package

In the same vein as sending a letter or making a call, a care package can really brighten the day of someone you, well, care about. And, as luck would have it, we’ve got creative care package ideas for family, friends and even Fido.

38. Play Board Games

Mix up some cocktails and invite your friends over for a game night fiesta. Don’t even consider Monopoly, though—there are far better board games for adults.

39. Start a Scrapbook

If you took our previous advice (see, #6), then you’ve already spent some time sifting through old photos. Now it’s time to put that sentimental energy into a craft project that promises plenty of creative engagement. Do the work now and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

indoor activities for adults plan your next vacation
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40. Plan Your Next Vacation

It doesn’t entirely matter whether or not the vacation actually comes to pass—the planning phase has all the magic of stepping into an enthralling work of fiction. And, yes, you deserve a break…even if it’s just an imaginary one.

41. Try Painting

Meditative watercolor workshops, portrait painting classes that pay homage to a four-legged friend and even romantic date night experiences—there are a whole host of virtual painting classes available. Our suggestion? Pick whichever one speaks to you the most and then enjoy this creative indoor activity with some classical music playing in the background for a paint and sip session that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

42. Watch (and Learn) Magic

Here, another virtual experience that’s just as delightfully entertaining for kids as it is for adults. Not to mention, a pretty fun way to learn some new party tricks before the holiday festivities start.

43. Take an Online Test

DNA, personality, IQ…you’ve got tons of options and all of them fit the bill—particularly when you’re looking for a fun way to while away the hours, whilst learning a little bit more about yourself.

44. Stargaze

Invest in a quality telescope so you can see the night sky up close from the comfort of your favorite chair. (Or perhaps pull a chaise up to the window and enjoy an oh-so romantic stargazing experience for two)

indoor activities for adults truth or dare
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45. Truth or Dare

Tap your S.O., play it on the phone with a friend or invite your whole crew over. No matter how it goes down, we promise that this junior high throwback gets better with age and can certainly get an indoor party started.

46. Make a Time Capsule

Remember these from your middle school days? Well, you’re never too old to commemorate a time in your life by collecting some mementos and stowing them away for posterity (or your even older self) to discover. Plus, if you’re not the crafty type, this is a fine substitute for scrapbooking with all the same sentiment behind it.

47. Binge a TV Show

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but there’s never a bad time to turn on the tube and return to an old favorite or start something new. If you’re looking for a binge-worthy pick, you can find one here.

48. Work on a Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids, friends. In fact, research shows that it actually has significant mental health benefits for adults, including reduced stress, improved mood and better sleep.

49. Take a Virtual Mixology Class

This skill will come in handy when you’re hosting a dinner party and when you’re binge-watching Mad Men all by yourself, but we think the class is best enjoyed with the company of a friend or significant other. (You know, so you have someone to cheers with.)

indoor activities for adults do your taxes
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50. Make a Budget

If your finances have been a little loosey goosey, we suggest you spend some QT building an Excel spreadsheet to get things in order. You’re bored, after all, so you might as well do something productive, and this indoor activity will pay dividends. (Hint: When it comes to indoor activities for adults, it doesn’t get much more grown-up than this.)

51. Play Cards

Practice your shuffling skills and invite a few friends over so you can branch out from Solitaire and try your hand at one of these fun adult card games instead.

52. Become a Virtual Volunteer

Research, like this 2017 study published in BMC Public Health, shows that volunteering is linked to better health outcomes. It’s also an excellent way to make your downtime more meaningful. Check out these virtual volunteer opportunities and you can give back without even going outside.

53. Make a Parody of a Song

Then stream it on YouTube to be so you can be the next Weird Al. (But maybe don’t go after Taylor Swift—we hear she has a large and very loyal following.)

54. Craft Something

Creating something always feels good, and arts and crafts aren’t just for kids—just take a peek at these Pinterest-worthy projects, if you don’t believe us.

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55. Start a Workout Routine

It’s not too late to make good on your New Year’s resolution and this is one of the best indoor activities for adults that will help you do just that. Find a workout routine that you actually enjoy and you’ll find the good habit is pretty easy to form. Not sure where to start? Just try this 4-week home workout plan.

56. Redecorate Your Home

We have it on good authority that merely moving stuff around can work wonders on anyone trapped in a state of inertia. (Yep, if you go the feng shui way, you can redecorate without spending a dime.)

57. Watch a Comedy Show

Not into the idea of recording your own silliness? No problem—just tune into a virtual comedy show or streamable stand-up special and let the laughs come to you.

58. Tutor

Everyone’s good at something—why not become a virtual tutor so you can pass on your know-how and put some money in the bank in the process.

59. Order Takeout

We probably don’t need to tell you that scarfing down take-out on the couch is an activity unto itself. Our suggestion: Mix things up by straying from familiar territory in favor of some new international fare.

indoor activities for adults pictures of cute animals
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60. Browse Through Pictures of Cute Animals

When all else fails, head to the Dodo or scroll the Cute Overload Twitter feed for an instant mood lift. (We recommend anything involving baby goats.)

61. Make Stick Bombs

These simple to make kinetic chains can really captivate any audience and all you really need are craft sticks from your kids’ art drawer to pull it off. Not sure what we’re talking about? You can see a stick bomb in action here.

62. Play Video Games

Hook up the PlayStation and play solo or tap your partner for some friendly competition. And if you don’t own a console, there are myriad games you can play online and maybe meet some new people while you’re at it.

63. Make a Vision Board

Use your bored-at-home time to take stock by making a vision board that displays all the things you love and are grateful for, or all the things you want for your future (or both). You can read more about vision boards here—and if you like the idea, grab a stack of magazines and newspapers and start clipping.

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