It’s raining, it’s pouring and your children are driving you insane. When the neighborhood park and local zoo are off-limits, you need to call in the big guns. Here, a list of 30 rainy day activities to keep small hands occupied.

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Kids playing with slime

1. Make your own slime. It’s easy, we promise. (And it’s Borax-free.)

2. Camp in the great indoors. Set up a tent or make your own by draping sheets over the couch. Don’t forget the s’mores.

3. Make marshmallow play dough. Safe enough to eat. (Because you know that it’s going to end up in someone’s mouth.)

4. Create an indoor obstacle course. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Crawl underneath the dining room table, do ten jumping jacks, throw a sock into the laundry basket and then walk from the kitchen to the living room with a book on your head. (You get the picture.)

5. Bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Thin and crispy or soft and chewy—the choice is yours.  

movie night at home with popcorn

6. Make a papier-mâché bowl. Fun, functional and it only requires six easy steps.

7. Have a movie marathon. Popcorn, blankets and snuggling required. Can’t decide what to watch? Here, 30 family films for every age.

8. Make your own fidget spinner. Skip the store-bought version and create a one-of-a-kind spinner instead (one for the kids and one for you).

9. Go to a museum. Been to the science center a gazillion times? Try one of the more obscure ones like the transportation museum or one dedicated to cartoon art.

10. Have an indoor treasure hunt. This one might take a little bit of planning, but once you’ve written down the clues, hidden them around the house and picked out a prize, then you’re practically guaranteed 30 minutes of “you” time.

Kids playing dress up pirates
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11. Ask your kids to put on a play. And don’t forget to film it.

12. Make pizza muffins. Or another delicious, child-friendly recipe.

13. Check out an indoor skating rink.

14. Make DIY floam. It only takes 15 minutes (but provides endless hours of fun).

15. Play cards. Hey, Go Fish is a classic for a reason.

Kid eating a taco at a restaurant

16. Go out for lunch and try something new. If one of these amazing, child-friendly restaurants isn’t nearby then try a new café or local eatery—anything to get you out of the house for an hour or two. (Maybe bring some animal crackers with you, though, just in case.)

17. Make three-ingredient moon sand. Aka the toy that will let your kids build sandcastles all year long.

18. Have a tea party. Stuffed animals invited.

19. Make homemade play dough. Minus any nasty chemicals.

20. Have a dance party. Turn up the music and show off your moves.

Kids playing monopoly on floor

21. Bring out the board games. Here are five of the best for the whole family.

22. Go bowling. Don’t forget the bumpers.

23. Start a new book. Hit up your local bookstore or library for a real page-turner.

24. Make marble dipped Oreos. The only hard part? Waiting for the candy drip to dry before eating.

25. Make jewelry. Fancy beads or pasta shells—up to you.

Child playing in the closet
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26. Play dress-up in your closet. Just keep the cashmere out of reach.

27. Make paper airplanes. And then fly them around the living room (top tip: stand on the sofa for extra height).

28. Play hide-and-seek. No cheating.

29. Make a magical unicorn recipe. Rainbow maki rolls first (you know, for health) and then colorful fudge for dessert. Get nine unicorn recipes here.

30. Ballon badminton. Use paper plates and balloons to create your very own badminton court.

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