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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally overwhelmed shopping for sex toys online. Now, take a deep breath and repeat after us: You're not alone. There are so many different products to consider, it’s easy to feel like it’s all just sensory overload. From vibrators that recreate oral sex to special pillows that will help you experiment with different positions, the best sex toys for women really run the gamut. So how are you supposed to know which one is right for you?

Apart from taking quizzes online at sex-positive sites such as Ella Paradis, the short answer is, with a little help. As such, we’ve put together this list of highly popular-yet-still-user-friendly sex products to aid you in your search for the holy grail of toys. And, because knowledge—like pleasure—is power, we've also done a deep dive into each one, thoroughly explaining the differences between them so that you don’t end up with a drawer full of items that just aren't doing it for you. Check out these and other gotta-know-about sex toys below.

The Best Sex Toys for Women at a Glance

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Ella Paradis

1. Better Love Butterfly

Best Overall Sex Toy

Made for solo or partner use, this vibrator is a top seller. The handle shape makes it super easy to maneuver and it has ten vibration modes with different speeds and patterns. One happy customer says, "Like medicine for the body and soul. This little beauty definitely does the job and then some. Definitely a must have." Reviewers also say it comes charged and is super easy to wash thanks to the smooth, waterproof silicone.

Buy It ($225; $60)


2. Lelo Ina Wave

Best Dual Vibrator

This toy boasts a vigorous movement that massages your G-spot to get you to climax in no time. The shorter side is designed to stimulate you externally for the extra pleasure.

Buy It ($179; $143)

Smile Makers

3. Smile Makers The Tennis Pro

Easiest Sex Toy to Clean

The smooth, waterproof silicone makes this one easy peasy to clean, and the quiet motor keeps your "me-time," well, me-time—even on the highest vibration speed. And how adorable is that tennis ball inspiration? We'd almost (almost) leave it on your dresser.

Buy It ($60)

Ella Paradis

4. We-Vibe Tango X

Best Beginner Sex Toy

If you're just dipping your toe in the pool of sex toys, this vibrator will help you get to know your body and what you like before you build your collection. The We-Vibe Tango X is a great basic vibrator that's easy to wash, comes with eight speeds, is whisper-quiet and has a travel lock if you want to take it on a weekend getaway (you do).

Buy It ($129; $94)


5. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator

Most Popular Sex Toy

The rabbit vibrator was made famous in the late 1990s thanks to Sex & the City, and, as it turns out, Charlotte's not the only one who is obsessed with it. These dual-action toys have a distinctive shape compared to other vibrators, featuring both a phallic shaft and a clitoral stimulator (which usually has rabbit "ears”) to create fluttery-yet-evocative sensations against the skin. This particular model from the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit line is one of the most popular toys on the site (surprise, surprise). It boasts three different speeds and seven patterns for more personalized pleasure, and the shaft actually rotates at three separate speeds, too.

Buy It ($40)


6. Desire Luxury Rabbit Vibrator

Best Rabbit Vibrator

If you prefer both internal and external stimulation in your solo sessions, this rabbit is right up your alley. There are eight modes of vibration and 12 speed settings to play with. Plus, the shape is easy to hold and switch the settings while you're using it.

Buy It ($100)


7. Maude Vibe + Cone

Best Sex Toy Duo

This latex-free and water-resistant vibrator and anal plug duo is coated in the brand's well-loved buttery soft silicone. The vibrator offers three speed settings and even has a travel mode setting—press three times to unlock to avoid any accidental vibrations coming from your suitcase.

Buy It ($75; $72)

Ella Paradis

8. Ella Paradis Ella's Lil Vibe

Best Bullet Vibrator

With ten speed settings and a straightforward design, this bullet vibrator gets the job done. With its powerful motor, even the lowest speed will have your toes curling.

Buy It ($141; $127)

Smile Makers

9. Smile Makers The Firefighter

Most Attractive Sex Toy

This adorable vibrator has a clitoris-focused shape for direct external pleasure, which means quick multiple orgasms. Don't be fooled. It may look dainty, but it's got some real power.

Buy It ($60)


10. Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Restraints

Best Bondage Sex Toy

If BDSM is your kind of thing, these bedroom restraints will be your new go-to. They attach underneath the mattress, and the design makes them easy to loosen and tighten. "They are easy to use and set up; love the fact the cuffs can be detached, for the extra use of fastening them together, to get the hands closer together. Although they were bought for her she couldn't resist getting me in them, which added a totally different dynamic which was great," reported one happy buyer.

Buy It ($50)

Ella Paradis

11. Better Love Rose Vibrator

Most Unique Sex Toy

Fitting in the palm of your hand and made with ultra-soft silicone, let’s just say if oral is your thing, look no further than this rose-shaped vibrator. Better yet? It's waterproof. Aka all roads lead to the tub.

Buy It ($216; $28)

Ella Paradis

12. Le Wand Vibrating Massager

Most Powerful Sex Toy

This wand vibrator—a type of sex toy that’s known for being incredibly powerful and having a rounded, rotating head that's attached to a thick handle—often gets overshadowed by the extremely similar Magic Wand. One advantage to using Le Wand over the latter, however, is that it has 20 vibration patterns (the rechargeable version of the Magic Wand only has four). You’ll get a lot of intense stimulation from this device, which can be a lot to handle if you’ve never used a vibrator before, but if you want a heavy-duty toy that can also be great for back, neck and shoulder massages, this could be perfect.

Buy It ($259 $174)


13. Liberator Wedge Sex Positioning Pillow

Best Sex Pillow

One minute, you’re locked in a steamy embrace with your partner. The next, you’re having to stop and readjust because one of you got a cramp or an ache in your back. The right sex positioning pillow, like this wedge from Liberator, can help to provide an important layer of support during intimate throwdowns that will help to keep the focus right where it belongs. Because it’s angled at 27 degrees, this item can also facilitate deeper penetration and accessibility, so those sex positions you thought were only possible in the Kama Sutra? Yeah, they’re about to become much more obtainable. This pillow also comes with a plush, machine-washable cover, which makes it easy to clean.

$85 at Amazon


14. Gläs Nubby Glass Dildo

Best Glass Sex Toy

Cinderella may have had a glass slipper, but this glass dildo from Gläs is the stuff fairy tales are really made of. This toy also looks absolutely gorgeous in person—so visually stunning, in fact, that you might have to talk yourself out of keeping it out on display. Made of hypoallergenic and fracture-resistant glass, it's also specially designed to retain various temperatures of heat and coolness—something that's incredibly important for temperature play. You can stick it in the freezer for an icy shock, or, on the flip side, you could run it under hot water to make it warm to the touch. Another reason to give it a try is that its raised pleasure-increasing nubs make it incredibly versatile for all your sexual needs.

Buy It ($53 $35)

Ella Paradis

15. Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator

Best G-Spot Vibrator

G-spot orgasms aren’t always easy to achieve, but the Lelo Gigi 2 is specifically designed with this erogenous zone in mind. Made with a flatter-than-average arch at the tip, it can help you explore this elusive pleasure spot, one play session at a time. There are four button controls and eight different vibration patterns, plus, it’s made from supple, body-safe silicone that's ultra-smooth to the touch. To make the most out of the Gigi 2, the brand recommends starting slow by positioning it upside down against your clitoris, which can help you ease into G-spot stimulation—especially if you’ve never tried a toy like this before.

Buy It ($182 $111)


16. Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Best Clitoral Vibrator

If you treat yourself to just one new item off this list, let it be the Satisfyer Pro 2—a mega-popular clitoral stimulator which uses pressure-wave technology to deliver suction-like sensations to all your secret sweet spots. Designed to recreate the sensation of receiving oral sex, this rechargeable device is equipped with 11 settings, comes with a USB charging cable and features a thick, silicone-tipped head, which can form a soft-but-firm seal over the clitoris or other areas of the body that you position the device over. It's also waterproof, so it could be an exciting way to add a little more splish to your splash.

$50; $45 at Amazon


17. Akstore Jeweled Plugs

Best Anal Plugs

Looking for a gentle way to ease into backdoor stimulation? This set of three differently sized jeweled plugs from Akstore is pretty-but-practical, and could be a terrific investment. Available in 12 different gem colors, each one has a tapered tip for tender insertion. The sparkly end serves a functional purpose, too, as it’s thick and circular enough that it’ll help things from jostling around. While these metal-plated plugs might seem daunting by virtue (they’re not stainless steel, as several reviewers point out), the advantage to using heavy metal is that it's somewhat easier to clean and maintain than silicone and safe to use with all types of lubricants.

$16 at Amazon

Ella Paradis

18. We-Vibe Chorus Couples' Vibrator

Best Couples' Sex Toy

Whether bae is right next to you on the couch or traveling across the country for a work trip, the We-Vibe Chorus can help to bridge the gap and bring the two of you closer together. This silicone toy has a bendable C-shape and is intended for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. You can use it solo or with a partner, and the toy’s three speeds and seven patterns could provide extra pleasure for a partner during penetration as well, as they’ll be able to feel it too. The Chorus easily connects to We-Vibe’s free app, so you can share control of the device, no matter how near or far. Even the remote control is innovative—the tighter you grasp it, the more intense the toy’s vibrations become.

Buy It ($200)

Ella Paradis

19. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2

Best Panty Vibrator

Pop this vibrator in the accompanying lace thong and control its 20-speed settings yourself, or pass the privilege on to a trusting companion. (The remote works from up to 20 feet away).

Buy It ($165; $111)


20. Zumio S Precision Clitoral Stimulator

Most Versatile Sex Toy

At first glance, it might be easy to mistake the Zumio S for an electric toothbrush, but don’t let initial impressions fool you—this unique device offers a lot more than meets the eye. Slim and discreet, it doesn’t look like your average sex toy, and that’s one of its major selling points. Another is the way it delivers stimulation. Like other models in the brand’s line of similarly shaped devices, this uses a rotating circular motion rather than vibrations to deliver ripples of sensation throughout the body. This particular piece also boasts a shorter stem and rounder tip, which means the rotational patterns will be smaller and gentler on skin. Although the Zumio S is technically marketed as a clitoral stimulator, it can work wonders for all-over body massage too—especially along erogenous zones.

$135 $108 at Amazon


21. Lovehoney Suction Cup Dildo

Best Classic Sex Toy

When you’re shopping for a sex toy like this, one of the most important things to actually consider beyond size is whether or not it has a good suction-cup base. This smooth, 6-inch curved model from LoveHoney has a sturdy one, which means you can stick it to the bottom of a tub, against a tile wall or another hard surface and it will stay firmly in place as you do your business. To step things up even further, it comes with room for a bullet vibrator in its base to give you the best of both worlds.

Buy It ($25)

Ella Paradis

22. Tenga Iroha Lipstick Vibrator

Best Sex Toy for Travel

As a brand, Tenga is largely known for its disposable silicone strokers, which come in plastic, egg-shaped containers and are designed to fit in the palm of one’s hand. But the Iroha line is possibly its best-kept secret, as these small, bullet-style vibrators are surprisingly powerful and made from a pillowy-soft silicone, which can be a pleasure just to touch. This lipstick vibrator is ultra-discreet and can easily fit in a bag or suitcase, making it a solid choice for travel. While it is battery-operated (a bit of a bummer, considering so many sex toys nowadays are USB-rechargeable), the brand claims it can run for up to five hours at a time, plus, it’s waterproof, so you can take it with you from the bedroom to the shower and everywhere in between.

Buy It ($45 $29)

Ella Paradis

23. Dame Eva II

Best Hands-Free Sex Toy

Like the We-Vibe Chorus and other couples' vibrators, the Eva II is a wearable device. But that’s about all this remarkable toy has in common with others on the market. Intended to be non-invasive, it features a small, rounded body and two flexible “wings,” which are meant to straddle the clitoris for an entirely hands-free experience. This toy isn’t app-enabled like the Chorus, but its compact size and rumbly (rather than buzzy) motor make it a fantastic option for those searching for deep, toe-curling orgasms, either via solo or partnered play.

Buy It ($155 $135)

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