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Some people have mastered bread baking during this quarantine, while others have mastered the at-home facial (whilst eating bread). We’re in the latter camp, btw, and in lieu of getting any facials or massages, we’ve become pretty resourceful at giving ourselves a spa-like treatment at home. Below, five tools that have upgraded our DIY facials tenfold.

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1. Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Face Roller Petite

This mini rose quartz roller is perfect for targeting smaller areas like under the eyes and between the brows, which often need the most help in terms of lifting and smoothing. We’ve also found that the shorter handle gives us better control while rolling. Pop it in the fridge for even more de-puffing benefits. Pop in in your purse (or pocket) for a mini moment of stress relief whenever you need it.

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2. NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit

A favorite of many skincare pros and celebrities alike, this handheld device delivers mild electrical currents to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin, while also toning the facial muscles underneath. To get maximum lifting, it’s best used regularly (near daily if possible) in five minutes sessions.

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3. SkinOwl The Glow Stick

Harry called, he wants his wand back. Jokes aside, fans of this tool swear by its magic. Encrusted with 20 germanium stones, the slender wand emits negative electrons to energize and rebalance skin. Apply a few drops of your favorite oil or serum and roll in vertical and horizontal swipes to boost circulation and contour your face.

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at home facia Touch Glow 2 by Shellie Goldstein

4. Touch+Glow 2 by Shellie Goldstein

If you’re missing your monthly facials right about now, might we suggest this portable acupressure kit? Created by Shellie Goldstein, one of the leading experts on cosmetic facial acupuncture, this set of wands combines acupressure with magnetic therapy and the aforementioned germanium to promote lymphatic drainage (which reduces puffiness) and boost circulation (which brightens your complexion). Each set comes with a waterproof silicone case and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the treatment.

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Violet Grey

5. Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools

Anyone else dealing with allergies lately? These cooling wands are a godsend for any pollen related puffiness and, um, puffiness in general (we’re looking at you, can of Pringles). Made with stainless steel, they feel amazing against itchy eyes and inflamed skin. The brainchild of celebrity facialist Georgia Louise, these will give you a spa-like cryo facial in the comfort of your own home. Tip: Store them in the freezer overnight to intensify the cooling effect.

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