The Best At-Home Facial Massage for Puffy Skin

We don’t know about you guys, but all of this cold weather has been keeping us inside (read: on our couches) more often than usual. The upside of the extra downtime is that we’ve had more time to catch up on shows and on our facial massages.

What are these facial massages you speak of? You know that glorious moment during a facial when your aesthetician (aka angel) gently rubs your face and neck until you’re in a near-catatonic state? You can do this for yourself whenever.

What you need: A facial oil or serum and your fingertips.

What you do: Using your thumb and index finger gently pinch your eyebrows from inner to outer corner. Repeat five times. Then, take your index and middle fingers and rub them over your temples in a circular motion for a few seconds to release any tension. Next, using those same fingers, gently sweep them under your eyes, toward the center of your face, and then up and over your brows to create a circular shape. Repeat five times. And finally, glide your fingertips from your temples down the sides of your face and neck to push any accumulated fluids away. For extra puffy days, take your knuckles and sweep them across your cheeks from your nose to your ears. 

Any final words of advice?: Make sure you use enough oil or serum to prep your skin. You want your hands to glide across—never tug or drag.

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