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It’s a fact that everybody loves getting gifts and given that the mailbox tends to be a magnet for unhappy surprises (you know, like that inexplicably high energy bill you got last month), a present sent by post is sure to bring even more joy. Yep, there’s never a bad time to receive a thoughtful package—and they’re surprisingly fun for the giver to put together, too. If you’re ready to start gifting, check out our round-up of creative care package ideas for every occasion and you’ll be on the right track.

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1. For the College Kid

So, you’re missing your offspring who recently flew the nest...well, chances are that the feeling is mutual (even if he won’t admit it). Do both of you a favor by sending a thoughtful package to show your love and support as your college kid settles into his new digs. Futons and bean bags won’t fit in a standard care package, but no worries—we have a few other suggestions for your college student.


2. For the Family

Family game night is always a fun idea and at the moment, it’s more appealing than ever —you know, since we pretty much can’t leave the house anymore and Friday night has lost its raison d’être. Give a beloved friend or family a leg up on establishing a standing game night with a themed care package and you’ll be giving them the gift of something to look forward to.


3. For Someone Who’s Sick

Being sick is a real drag, especially when you feel so crummy you can’t make it to the store for the stuff you need for a speedy recovery. If someone you care about is under the weather, help them beat the bug with a thoughtfully curated box of essentials. Your friend will be so touched, she’ll have another reason for the sniffles.


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4. For the Person Who Could Use Some Self-Care

There’s a very good chance that someone (read, everyone) you know is in desperate need of stress relief in the form of pampering and self-care. Best of all, this care package is incredibly easy to put together—thanks to the immense selection of beauty products out there—and 100-percent fail-proof (because no one will turn their nose up at a rich and lightly scented bubble bath).


5. For Your Friend Who Just Moved into a New Place

Trust us: If your pal just scored a new pad, she will be super grateful for a housewarming care package that makes settling in a little easier. Stuff this box with an assortment of practical goods along with some decorative items that will make the new place feel extra cozy.


6. For the Wine Lover

Ideal for anyone who knows and loves good vino, this care package can absolutely include a bottle of something special—or you can simply stick with accessories (there are plenty of fancy ones available) and leave the wine expert in your life to pick their own beverage. (Psst: Because of the delicate nature of some of the below items, you might want to let the seller handle the packaging rather than doing it yourself.)


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7. For the Home Chef

A growing number of people have taken up cooking as a hobby lately, so if you know someone who has developed an interest in the culinary arts, a care package with a cooking theme is an excellent gift. Bottom line: Send some specialty, hard-to-find food items and a few fancy kitchen tools and you’ll make your foodie friend’s day.


8. For the Film Buff

Make movie night a little more special for the cinephile in your life with a small but thoughtful care package stuffed with gifts that ensure an extra cozy viewing experience. Bonus: Once they’ve received their gift, you can watch a movie together—even from afar.


9. For the Pet Parent

You know those people who are more obsessed with their pets than they are with anything else? Don’t waste your time sending them a pretty picture frame or a selection of curated snacks…unless they’re for Fido, that is.


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