39 White Elephant Gifts for Just About Everyone, from a Boozy Card Game to a Mini Pool Table

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’Tis the season for holiday gift giving. And what’s the best kind of holiday gift giving? White Elephant, of course! (Don’t @ us.) Here, everything you need to know about this fun gift swap concept.

What Is a White Elephant Gift?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, allow us to give you the gist. Each participant brings a wrapped present and anonymously puts it into a pile, so no one knows who brought what. Everyone draws a number to determine when each partygoer gets to pick a present. The first person chooses a gift, opens it and shows it off for everyone to see. The next person has a choice: They can steal that gift or pick a new one to open. The higher the number you pick, the more gift options you have to snatch away.

Whether you call it a White Elephant, Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa, the objective is the same: to take home the best gift. And with a generally small budget (between $25 and $50 is the sweet spot), that’s not always the easiest feat. This year, be the clear winner by bringing the gift that everyone fights to get their hands on. And if you take home your own present at the end? Well, then you played it right.

Any self-respecting white elephant aficionado knows that the more obscure the gifts, the more fun the game. So with that in mind, behold our good-time-guaranteed picks for your holiday party needs.

skims socks

1. SKIMS Slouch Sock

A thick, cozy set of socks is a great gift in general, but these have a low price point that make them a perfect white elephant gift. They have an oversized, slouchy fit, too.

the sill 2
The Sill

2. The Sill Hoya Heart Plant

This dainty heart-shaped leaf cutting will be the star of the show among all the plant lovers at your White Elephant exchange.

white elephant gifts drunk elephant skincare

3. Drunk Elephant Day Dream Vitamin C and Hydration Serum Duo

Stick this sample-sized set of some of Drunk Elephant's best-sellers in your friend's white elephant pool and you’ll definitely make her holiday a little brighter.

popcorn machine

4. Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper

There’s no kernel left behind with this personal popper.

white elephant gifts face mask

5. Slip Silk Face Covering

With a chic 100 percent mulberry silk outer layer, this definitely isn’t your typical face mask. It features adjustable ear straps and an adjustable nose wire so the wearer can customize the fit.

scalp scrubber

6. Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager

Lather up and shampoo with this massager, or just use it to relax after pulling out your ponytail.


7. Truezoo Penguin Corkscrew

A cute wine bottle opener is always a safe bet for a gift.

tiger king puzzle

8. Mighty Mojo Tiger King Jigsaw Puzzle

Tiger King fans are going to go wild over this saucy Joe Exotic puzzle.

White elephant gifts Smoko Sunflower Ambient Light
Urban Outfitters

9. Smoko Sunflower Ambient Light

Because there’s always at least one guest who can’t keep a houseplant alive no matter how hard she tries.

waffle iron
Urban Outfitters

10. Urban Outfitters Heart-shaped Mini Waffle Iron

A heart-shaped waffle is bound to make breakfast taste even better.


11. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Regular ice cube trays don’t suffice when it comes to an aesthetically pleasing glass of whiskey.


12. Signals Coffee Lovers Coffee Mug

We can all relate to the mood of this cute coffee mug, right?

revlon stick

13. Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

This TikTok famous tool gets excess oil off your face without having to replace paper each use.

charging station

14. Horime 3-in-1 Charging Station

This stand allows you to charge multiple gadgets without the dreaded cord tangle.

shower steamers
Uncommon Goods

15. Uncommon Goods Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Turn their home into a spa with these relaxing essential oil steamers.

mini pool

16. Hey! Play! Mini Tabletop Pool

Play alone or with your work BFF if you’re back in the office.

Uncommon Goods

17. Urban Outfitters Buzzed Card Game

A fun, boozy card game for nights in with friends.

friends ornament

18. Hallmark Keepsake “Friends” Ornament

For the Friends fanatic who loves an iconic Monica reference.

fleece throw

19. Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket

You can never have too many blankets, and this one comes in 26 colors.

alcohol shot gun

20. Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun

Get ready for a fun New Year’s Eve party.

golf pens

21. Nalakuvara Golf Pen Set

Pen turned putter? Talk about a fun work distraction.

White elephant gifts Urban Outfitters Karaoke Microphone
Urban Outfitters

22. Urban Outfitters Karaoke Microphone

You can be sure the lucky recipient will break it in before you break down the party.

cactus glassses
Urban Outfitters

23. Urban Outfitters Vintage Shot Glass Set

Word on the street is, if your shot looks cuter it will go down more smoothly (that’s what we hope anyway).

astrology book

24. “The Complete Guide To Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs And Your Birth Chart”

Reading your horoscope is so much more fun when you actually understand your signs.

debatable game
Uncommon Goods

25. Uncommon Goods Debatable Party Game

Bring this one to a family party to get a read on who thinks what through all of the generations.

White elephant gifts soap Box Hero Shower Speakers
The Container Store

26. Soap Box Hero Shower Speakers

Because everyone’s shower singing sounds better when it isn’t done a cappella.

led bracelet
The Container Store

27. Nite Ize Slap Lit Led Band

All night runners and dog walkers alike should have one of these arm bands.

banana hats
Uncommon Goods

28. Banana Saving Hats

Your bananas look adorable while staying fresh a few days longer.

uterus plushie
Uncommon Goods

29. Plush Uterus

Come on, this little plushie is crazy cute.

eye stones
Uncommon Goods

30. Orbits Eye Stones

Keep refrigerated and lay these on your peepers in the mornings to reduce puffiness and bring relief to sore, tired eyes.

mini vacuum
Uncommon Goods

31. Acme Camera Co. Vintage Imperial Mark XII Flash Camera

Throw the Insta-obsessed friend in your life for a loop with this little vintage number.

peanut butter spoon
Uncommon Goods

32. Peanut Butter Spoon

Because regular knives can’t get every drop of peanut butter.

deciding dice
Uncommon Goods

33. What To Watch Streaming Decider Dice

These dice make deciding what to watch on date night a whole lot easier.

bread slippers

34. October Elf Bread Slippers

Upgrade your boring slippers with a pair that looks like you’re walking around in loaves of bread.

Uncommon Goods

35. Stay Chill Slim Can Parka

We’re nuts for these can parkas. Now our hands can stay warm while our White Claws keep cool.

White elephant gifts Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer
Uncommon Goods

36. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

This clever gadget will continuously stir the sauce while the chef stands back and sips on wine…how cool is that?

adult coloring book

37. Adult Coloring Book

Relieve some stress by coloring intricate patterns to create a beautiful image. Yes, it really does feel relaxing.

White elephant gifts Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag
Uncommon Goods

38. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Here, a whimsical home for holiday candy that’s sure to sweeten any office space long after the festivities come to an end.

White elephant gifts Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Gift Set
Uncommon Goods

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