Here Are the Most Thoughtful Gifts You Can Give For $25 or Less

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The holidays are just around the corner and—if you couldn’t already tell by our collection of gift guides—we can barely contain our excitement. That said, there’s a certain level of finesse that goes into finding the perfect present. Not to mention that finding a meaningful, sentimental gift that’s also affordable can feel nearly impossible. You’ve got enough going on, which is why we’re here to do all of the web searching and product sourcing for you. Read on to see 35 of the most thoughtful gifts under $25 for moms, dads, kids and friends.

35 of the Best Gifts For Homebodies

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Uncommon Goods

1. Letters To My Baby

For New or Expecting Parents

Okay, this one is so. Cute. The set includes 12 fold-and-mail letters that expecting and new parents can use to capture little moments in their kids’ childhood. Each note can be postdated, sealed and then gifted to children on the day of their wedding or high school graduation. It’s a truly meaningful gift that will be a definite tear-jerker (in 18 to 25 years).

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2. Do You Really Know Your Family? Card Game

For The Blended Family

This card game is great for recently blended families (particularly if your kids are 8+ years old). It’s filled with tons of ice breakers and silly challenges to get people into the holiday spirit and create “laugh so hard you’re in tears” memories that you’ll talk about for years to come. Who knows, you might even create a new family tradition in the process.

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Uncommon Goods

3. Dad's Playbook

For The Soccer Coach

If you know a dad who has joined Ted Lasso’s cult following, you need to get him this book. It features hundreds of quotes and insights that have been culled from sports' greatest coaches, and we think he would love it almost as much as he loves the show itself.

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4. Yoga Dice

For The Yogi

Need something (other than a yoga mat) to gift to your token yogi friend this year? We think they’ll love this set of seven wooden dice to mix up their practice. Each die features seated, standing, balancing, twisting and other poses, so with a roll of the dice, they can create their own fresh new flows.

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Rosetta stone

5. Rosetta Stone Classes

For The Traveler

Here, a (very useful) subscription for anyone who’s finally taking that trip to Paris. With more than 25 languages to choose from, Rosetta Stone helps its students become fluent speakers through real-world scenarios, interactive lessons and audio clips from native speakers. Just don’t blame us when they start using phrases like salut à bientôt in daily interactions. 

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Uncommon Goods

6. Baby Astrology Board Books

For Curious New Parents

New parents get plenty of onesies and bibs. Mix things up with a gift that’s less expected—and even more personal. Each book covers everything about their baby’s zodiac sign, from traditional traits to unique personality characteristics.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

7. Chewy Vuitton Interactive Trunk Dog Toy

For The Chic Pup Parent

If this toy doesn’t scream “designer dog,” then we don’t know what does. Gift this to someone who loves their Louis Vuitton handbag almost as much as their mini sheepadoodle.

thoughtful gifts 7 sq

8. Brass Monkey Hidden Agenda Mini Planner 

For The New Hire

We love this cheeky planner—that's actually superbly organized and sleekly designed—for anyone who's recently started a new job or been promoted. It’s undated, so you can put it to use at any time, and each day features a few fun facts that can double as watercooler (or Zoom) conversation starters. (For ex: Did you know May 23 is Lucky Penny Day, and that $62 million in pennies are lost in circulation each year? The more you know!)

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Urban Outfitters

9. Lutava Charcoal-Infused Antimicrobial Fitness Towel

For The Fitness Freak

You may not have the budget for new running sneaks or top-of-the-line leggings, but we guarantee this is the gift they haven’t thought of (that won’t kill your wallet either). The towel’s charcoal-infused cotton fibers help balance natural oils. Plus, its antimicrobial loops absorb moisture and dry 30 percent faster than an average bath towel.

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10. Personalized Name Puzzle with Animals

For The Animal-Loving Toddler

When it comes to learning how to read, self-correcting puzzles can create a lot of positive vibes while promoting concentration and problem-solving skills. This wooden puzzle was inspired by the Montessori technique—which allows children to make creative choices in their learning—and you can choose between five customizable options, including your child’s name and a selection of up to eight animals.

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11. Magnetic Tool Wristband

For The Household Handyman

This tool bracelet is perfect for the person who’s always fixing things around the house. It contains ten embedded magnets in the wristband for holding screws, nails, bolts, washers and drill bits with ease.

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12. Remodelista: The Organized Home Book

For The Pseudo-Marie Kondo

For The Pseudo-Marie Kondo

Speaking of housework, most mothers would agree that a neatly organized home is a happy home (or at least one that doesn’t give us a stress rash). So gift this to someone who has a passion for color coding and clutter-free countertops.

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13. Iphone Lens Kit

For The Amateur Photographer

We all have someone in our lives who feels the need to photograph everything. Help them take their pics to the next level with a set of nine iPhone lenses that can capture every angle.

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Uncommon Goods

14. The Mug With a Hoop

For The Mini NBA Star

This hoop mug is perfect for a little boy or girl who would love to dunk, layup and free-throw shots with their cereal or oyster crackers in soup. (Because, let’s be real: They already have every toy and game under the sun, and anything that gets a kid to eat is a win in our book.)

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15. Therapy. Bath Salts

For The Workaholic

Gift this bath soak to someone who is in desperate need of a relaxing night off. It’s scented with essential oils and infused with dried botanicals to help detoxify and calm the body. Not to mention that it also purifies skin as it soothes muscle aches and pains. Win-win.

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Uncommon Goods

16. Tiktok Challenge Game

For The TikTok-Obsessed Tween

Capturing a tween/teenager’s attention was already tricky, and TikTok has only made things worse. Luckily, this game consists of 100 cards with more than 200 TikTok ideas for them to post on their feed. They might give you the eye-roll at first, but trust us—they won’t be able to resist posting a video of grandpa dancing on Christmas Eve.

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Artifact Uprising

17. Instagram-Friendly Book

For The Insta-Obsessed

This book is perfect for someone who’d love to bring their digital memories into the real world—but never gets around to, you know, actually printing pics out. Just connect directly to their Instagram feed, and you’re good to go. No uploading required.

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18. The Splendid Things My Voice Can Do

For The Storyteller-in-Training

This book is great for kids who are learning verbal skills, where it’s filled with silly sounds, riotous rhymes and tongue twisters. It’s fantastic for reading aloud before bedtime, and parents seem to enjoy it almost as much as the kids.

thoughtful gifts 31 sq

19. The Practice Stick Ball Shagger

For The Golfer

This one goes out to the golfing grandpa who constantly complains about his bad back. The lightweight tube can scoop up to 23 golf balls with ease. Now he can enjoy the game without bending over backward (literally).

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20. Patterned Desk Organizer

For The Trendy Teacher

A chic emerald desk organizer for the teacher who’s looking to keep notecards, paper clips, pushpins and other desktop necessities in one place (and simply cannot deal with receiving another “World’s Best” mug).

thoughtful gifts 19

21. Papier Joy Pocket Planner

For The Project Manager

Sticking with the theme of organization; does your sister-in-law have “project manager” in her job title, but you’re not exactly sure what she does? We guarantee this minimalist notebook—which features yearly, monthly and weekly sections to help break down big initiatives into small, manageable tasks (and keep them on deadline)—is a fail-safe gift that she’ll use on the reg.

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22. Apples To Apples Game: Disney Edition

For a Family That Loves Game Night

If you’re familiar with the original Apples to Apples game, you’ll love this Disney-infused version. All of the rules are the same, but the Red Apple cards come to life with pictures from Disney theme parks, movies, and shows in this game. Just be sure to watch out for the poison apple card.

thoughtful gifts 15 sq

23. Taschen Bauhaus Book

For The Architect or Design Fanatic

Shopping for the decor snob in your life is hard, but shopping for them on a sub-$30 budget is nearly impossible. Luckily, we found this ultra-chic Bauhaus coffee table book that’ll be as endearing as it is chic to the designer in your life.

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24. Teeturtle Reversible Octopus Plushie

For Anyone Who Needs Help Expressing Emotions

If you haven’t already seen this guy on TikTok, it’s a plush octopus toy with two reversible sides; one happy and one angry. It’s gone viral with parents who are using it to help kids express their emotions, but we’d also like to get one for our introverted S.O’s.

thoughtful gifts 16 sq

25. Desk Mug Warmer

For The Forgetful Coffee Drinker

This electric desktop coffee warmer is the perfect gift for someone who loves their coffee but rarely gets to down the whole mug while it’s hot. Plus, it has an auto-shutoff feature to ensure it won’t accidentally start an office fire.

thoughtful gifts 8 sq
Saks Fifth Avenue

26. Lomi Massaging Foot Warmer

For Anyone Who’s Always on The Go

Need something special for the mother of four who seems to fit 36 hours into the rest of us mere mortals’ 24? We think this foot massager will transport her to a world of relaxation that she totally forgot about. It emits soothing vibrations and has a built-in heat mode, and the non-slip microfleece material is ultra-plush.

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Urban Outfitters

27. Zodiac Trinket Box

For The Astrology Lover

A precious ceramic trinket box set for someone who loves all things astrology. Each set includes a lid with a glazed box that displays a golden constellation and the traits of whichever sign you choose. It’s a personal gift that requires a little planning (ahem, knowing the recipient’s birth date) but you can still scoop it up at the last minute—no waiting to have something customized—just in case time got the better of you.

thoughtful gifts 24 sq

28. Brookstone Sound-Reactive Lights

For Movie and Music Lovers

OK, your movie fanatic already has the TV and the sound system. Now they need the *ambiance.* These 16-foot-long LED strip lights are sound sensitive and respond with color to match the volume of any movie, song or game that’s streaming—a must-have for someone who’s always listening to the latest [fill in the blank].

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29. Beard Grooming Kit

For The Guy with The Awesome Beard

A kit that has everything necessary for keeping that beard trim and tidy. It includes a beard balm, a natural wooden brush, a double-sided comb, stainless steel scissors and growth oil (and it even comes with a cute little travel bag). 

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Uncommon Goods

30. Classic Literature Rocks Glass

For The Writer

Do you have a writer in the family? Trust us: They’ve gotten enough novels, notebooks and fancy pens over the years. Opt for something less expected, like these rocks glasses with texts from classic novels will be sure to impress.

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31. Click N' Play Veterinary Play Set

For The Aspiring Veterinarian

This playset is guaranteed to be a hit with mini-animal lovers and future Peace Corps volunteers. It comes with a stuffed puppy, stethoscope, ear scope, syringe, bandages, ointment, dog ID card, scissors, thermometer, Tweezers and more—and it even includes a carrying case for easy travel.

thoughtful gifts 22 sq

32. Urban Decay 00's Decades Mini Palette

For The 2000s Girl

An eyeshadow palette that takes its cues from the early 2000s hip hop. After all, y2k beauty is back and better than ever, and your nostalgia-loving friend already has the music (and moves) on lock. All that’s missing is this set. And maybe some butterfly clips.

thoughtful gifts 26 sq

33. Mophie Power Station Mini Portable Charger

For The Friend Who’s Always Looking for a Phone Charger

A convenient and portable charger for someone who’s always running out of iPhone juice.

thoughtful gifts 34 sq

34. Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

For The Hot Cocoa Drinker

A monogrammed initial mug that’s inspired by French bistro tilework. Gift this one to a friend who loves cozying up by the fire.

thoughtful gifts 34

35. Michael Kors Classic Rib Beret

For a Friend Who Loves Parisian Style

A fabulous cashmere beret that can bring a French flair to your friend’s wardrobe. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

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