Don’t let anyone tell you that the food at your wedding isn’t important. If you like to eat (same), then it totally does matter. Here are some pitfalls to keep in mind when you’re menu planning so you and your guests go home full (and happy).

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Choosing Light Hors D’OEUVRES

Sure, those baby lettuce cups are pretty freakin’ adorable. But you’ll want to bulk up the apps beyond cute little bites so people aren’t drinking on empty stomachs. Think: anything with carbs, cheese or protein. Trust us, no one’s going to complain.

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Not Thinking Seasonally

Peaches might be your most favorite fruit ever. And girl, this day is all about you. But if you’re having a fall wedding, you might want to reconsider demanding your caterer include them in the salad. Opt for something that’s in season instead, like pomegranate seeds. You’ll save money and deliver more flavor. Win-win.

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Picking Too Many Brown Foods

The coq au vin and pork tenderloin will simply dazzle everyone, we know it. They’re also both very—er—brown. Remember to think about the food on the menu visually, just as you’d think about the tablecloths and flowers. Skip the mashed potatoes and add in some colorful sides.

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Jacking Up Your Bill with Expensive Ingredients

You always choose the lobster, crab or duck when you go out for dinner, so why not include them on your special day? Not so fast. Serving lobster to 200 people will cost you a fortune, not to mention that high-end ingredients are a lot more polarizing than pasta or chicken. That doesn’t mean you should avoid them entirely; try incorporating them into hors d'oeuvres. Hellooo, Peking duck sliders.

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Planning Your Menu For Yourself (Not Your Guests)

It’s a bad look to invite everyone in the world you care about and not consider the fact that some of them don’t eat red meat, are lactose intolerant or are getting their Keto on. Instead of ignoring your guests’ food restrictions, include a line about it on the RSVP card. Worried about appeasing too many picky eaters on a budget? Opt for a buffet or set up fun mini food stations (like a cheese and charcuterie table).

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Worrying Too Much About that One Guest Who’s Gluten-Free

At the same time, don’t stress too much about that one friend who’s always a pain in the butt about everything she eats. It’s all about balance, people. You deserve a cake full of alllll the gluten.

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