Your RSVP has been sent for your friend’s big day and you can’t wait for her to see the beautiful wedding gift you picked out. Oh, look...more mail! This time, it’s a bridal shower invite, and now you’re wondering what the etiquette is for this particular shindig (more on that below). When it comes to picking a bridal shower gift, you’ll want to go for something that either pampers the guest of honor, or otherwise speaks to her personal interests and needs (i.e., cooking, entertaining, drinking excellent coffee…) Still not sure where to start? Don’t worry, our round up of the best bridal shower gifts has got your back—and there’s something for every budget.

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1. July Signature Carry-On

With a honeymoon on the horizon, this roomy carry-on from July is an ideal gift for the bride-to-be. Plus, this number boasts some serious bells and whistles—including an ejectable battery with USB-C, a hidden laundry bag, a crush-proof exterior and oh-so-smooth and silent wheels that ensure she’ll be gliding from point A to point B (and looking darn glamorous, too).

Buy it ($245)


2. Dahlia Placemats (Set of 4)

Basically a modern take on a doily, you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier place to put down your plate. Best of all these, molded vinyl placemats are easy to clean, and the neutral design is sure to complement any dining room.

Buy it ($42)


3. Brooklinen Waffle Bath Robe

This Turkish cotton bath robe is lightweight, super comfy and surprisingly sexy. In other words, once the bride-to-be slips this on, she won’t want to get dressed...which sounds like a recipe for marital bliss, if you ask us.

Buy it ($98)

Uncommon Goods

4. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Flowers + bubbly = true romance. Here, an upcycled champagne bottle vase with a personalized label and plenty of charm. Gift this one and it will surely be a treasured keepsake.

Buy it ($75)


5. Food52 x Staub 2-in-1 Grill Pan and Cocotte

A Dutch oven is a must-have for any kitchen, and Staub is the gold standard when it comes to quality cast iron cookware. What sets this attractive enameled number apart (aside from the awesome sale price) is that the lid doubles as a grill, so it can do, well, pretty much everything.

Buy it ($429 $199)

Uncommon Goods

6. Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

This rustic bourbon barrel lazy Susan is the real deal: It can hold up to a whopping 1000 pounds, and it will last forever (i.e., until death do they part). Of course, the personalized stamp is a sweet touch, too.

Buy it ($150)


7. Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle

Spoil the bride-to-be with a set of the softest, snuggliest and most luxurious towels that money can buy—just don’t blame us if you start getting ‘thank you’ texts every time she takes a shower.

Buy it (from $109)

Uncommon Goods

8. Kissing Mugs

These handmade porcelain mugs have a whimsical and romantic design that basically screams breakfast in bed. Bottom line: Give this as a gift and the lucky couple will be cooing to each other over coffee for years to come.

Buy it ($65)


9. Mason Cash Mixing Bowls (Set of 3)

These glazed clay bowls are gorgeous and highly functional to boot—the pretty textured pattern improves grip when heavy mixing is required and the material is chip-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe. (Tip: Buy two sets because you’re going to want to keep one for yourself.)

Buy it ($100)

Uncommon Goods

10. Hidden Compartment Cheese Board with Knives

This bamboo cheese board boasts built-in knife storage, deep grooves to hold bread or charcuterie, a ceramic container for other snacks, and slate markers and chalk to help keep it all straight. It’s a novelty kitchen item that will come in handy when entertaining, and the design is downright genius.

Buy it ($68)

Uncommon Goods

11. Vintage Spoon Wedding Ring Dishes

This pair of his-and-hers vintage silver spoon dishes can hold wedding rings or other trinkets—either way, they’ll be sitting pretty (romantic) atop any nightstand or dresser.

Buy it ($25)


12. Winc Wine Subscription Gift

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with wine—especially not when the gift is a customizable wine subscription that ensures the bride-to-be receives only the bottles she likes best.

Buy it (from $60)


13. Juliska Ceramic Triple Serving Dish

Couples who have lived together for a little while often have the kitchen basics covered, but a hosting helper like this triple serving snack dish is a risk-free gift that will get plenty of use.

Buy it ($68)


14. Barsetto Gevi Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

Coffee lovers will go gaga for this reasonably-priced and reliable espresso machine, which pulls a perfect shot every time and features a foaming wand—you know, so the happy couple can indulge in a café-quality latte from the comfort of home.

$140 at Amazon


15. Instant Pot Plus

This puppy can accomplish super-fast pressure cooking and slow cooking alike—a highly versatile appliance that any couple will be happy to have in their kitchen. (Plus, anything you can set and forget is a winner in our book.)

$120 at Amazon


16. Katerina White Porcelain Vase

The minimalist geometric design and slender shape of this white porcelain vase makes it an eye-catching and elegant centerpiece in any home. Pair it with a bouquet of fresh flowers for a swoon-worthy gift.

Buy it ($160)


17. Mosser Glass Cake Stand

The bride-to-be doesn’t have to be a star baker to appreciate this colorful hand-blown glass cake stand—namely because you can fill it with anything from Entenmann’s donut holes to candles and it will look absolutely beautiful on display.

Buy it (from $44)


18. KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

A big ticket item, to be sure—but this miniature version of classic KitchenAid stand mixer scores major points for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Aside from the obvious baking uses, the appliance also comes in handy when making pasta and mixing salads, among other things. Plus, it manages to make a statement without hogging up too much precious counter space. If you can swing it, this gift is worth every penny.

$320 at Amazon


19. Stone Washed Belgian Linen Napkins

We love the rich hues, soft feel and casual-but-elegant aesthetic of these Belgian linen napkins—and we suspect the bride-to-be will feel the same.

Buy it ($72)


20. Al Fresco Picnic Basket

An oh-so quaint picnic basket that she might not think to buy for herself but will certainly appreciate whenever she goes to the park or beach with her beau. (Extra points if you load it up with a bottle of wine and some tasty snacks prior to gifting.)

Buy it ($128)

Best Bridal Shower Gifts Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheet Set

21. Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheet Set

What better way to congratulate a gal on her upcoming wedding than with a set of silky and buttery cotton sheets for the marital bed?

Buy it (from $175)


22. Nude Glass Jour Water Jug

Yeah, it’s just a jug—but it’s a darn good looking one. Give this fancy, lead-free crystal pitcher to your friend or loved one and she’ll be transported to the French countryside every time she pours herself a glass of water.

Buy it ($135)


23. Flora Nikrooz Victoria Solid Charmeuse Notch Short PJ Set

Sexy, feminine and entirely tasteful, this flattering pajama set is seductive enough for a hot night with the spouse, but comfy and casual enough for any occasion.

Buy it ($68)

Bed Bath & Beyond

24. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Ice Cream Maker

Sometimes the best gift is one that is totally unnecessary, but just plain fun. Example: An electric ice cream maker that whips up delicious homemade frozen desserts in the blink of an eye (and lasts a lot longer than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s).

Buy it ($100)


25. Modern Wood Bread Box with Cutting Board

Modern meets rustic in this impeccably crafted, honey-toned wooden bread box—and it looks like a perfect union to us. This little gem will be right at home on any kitchen counter.

Buy it ($113)

Bed Bath & Beyond

26. Ninja Professional Plus Blender with Auto-IQ

Whether the couple in question is into healthy smoothies and morning runs, or frozen margarita Fridays (and sleepy Saturday mornings), the Ninja blender will have them covered—this beast can crush ice like nobody’s business and it makes a mean breakfast shake to boot. (Bonus: The large capacity also means it can make a big enough batch of pina coladas for the whole bridal shower.)

Buy it ($100)


27. Cosori Max XL Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage right now, and for good reason—these suckers require minimal oil to produce perfectly crispy foods. In other words, the bride-to-be can enjoy fried chicken whenever she’s in the mood...with half the calories of KFC. Plus, with 11 different functions, this award winning appliance can do a lot more than that.

$100 at Amazon


28. Georg Jensen Cobra Deep Serving Dish

Fluid lines give this snow-white, porcelain serving dish a sophisticated and elegant look—so basically, it’s a work of art that’s not above holding a green bean casserole on Thanksgiving Day.

Buy it ($65)

The Sill

29. The Sill 3 Month Classic Plant Subscription

Nothing makes a new home feel warmer than a few well-placed house plants, which is why you should hook a sister up with a plant subscription from the Sill. Beginners and pros alike will have no problem caring for the healthy plants they receive, and a pretty ceramic planter is always included in the care package.

Buy it ($180)


30. Margaux Sleep Dress

This flirty frock—made of breezy, lightweight modal—features a pretty floral print and feminine ruffle hem. An effortlessly sexy night gown (and a good reason to spend the whole day in sleepwear).

Buy it ($118)


31. Schott Zwiesel Pure Wine Glass Set

These Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made from crystal glass that’s been fused with zirconium and titanium. What does that mean, exactly? Basically, they’ve got a lot in common with the rock on the bride-to-be’s ring finger: Sparkly and tough as nails. On that note, we should also mention that these beauties are dishwasher safe. Cheers.

Buy it ($100)


32. Imoku Japanese Knife Set

An excellent knife set is a priceless investment, but it’s fairly difficult to find one that doesn’t break the bank. This professional-quality 16-piece Japanese knife set from Imoku is an exception to the rule. Elegant and well-made, this gift will serve a married couple well for years.

$200 at Amazon


33. Natasha Breakfast Tray

TV dinner, breakfast in bed, a stable spot to rest a bowl of soup on a sick day—this hand-crafted rattan tray does it all. Plus, the legs fold up so it can be used as a decorative tray or simply tucked away when it’s not in use.

Buy it ($98)

Our Place

34. Our Place Always Pan

We really like multi-purpose cookware—and chances are that the recipient of this gift will feel the same when she realizes that the Our Place ‘Always Pan’ can replace eight of those bulky and busted up pots and pans she’s got hanging around her kitchen.

Buy it ($145)


35. Rya Collection Darling Lace Trim Chemise

Here, an affordable piece of lingerie that doesn’t feel awkward to open at a bridal shower. This beautiful drape-neck chemise features lace panel sides and is cut to flatter most any frame. Ooh-la-la.

Buy it ($98)


36. Minted Personalized Weekender Bag

A stylish tote that can accommodate all the necessities when she goes on holiday with her sweetheart—these personalized weekender bags feature plenty of pockets to keep a girl organized, and the unique, eye-pleasing patterns are the work of independent artists. (Pretty neat, right?)

Buy it ($118)


37. MICHAEL Michael Kors Lala Faux Fur Slippers

The fluffiest, coziest flip-flop you ever did see—these faux fur house shoes have generously padded rubber soles and are sure to pamper the tired tootsies of any bride-to-be.

Buy it ($69)

Do I have to bring a bridal shower gift?

There was just a bachelorette party, you’ve already picked out a pricey wedding you really need to show up with a present to a bridal shower? Alas, the answer is, yes, you do. The whole thing might feel like a bit too much fanfare but remember that a wedding is a special event that only happens once in a person’s lifetime. (Well, hopefully.) As such, if a friend or loved one invites you to a bridal shower, it’s best not to show up empty-handed. That said, you don’t need to go broke just because your best friend got lucky in love—but more on that below.

How much to spend on a bridal shower gift?

If you’re not in a position to lavish the bride-to-be with a luxurious gift, don’t sweat it—we promise that a nice-ish bottle of wine will go down easily. If you can spend more but are simply trying to figure out what’s most appropriate, the best thing to do is to consider the big picture. As previously mentioned, the cost of participating in matrimonial celebrations can really add up. The best advice is to allocate 20 percent of your budget for the whole affair to a bridal shower gift, and spend the rest on the wedding gift, travel expenses, etc. Another thing to consider is how close you are to the bride-to-be: Close family members and best friends might spend $150 (or even more) on a gift, while acquaintances and distant relatives can get away with giving a gift that’s $50 or less. Ultimately, just use your judgment—be as generous as you can and want to be and remember that showing up for the celebration is meaningful in and of itself.

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