15 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are Well Worth Waking Up For

If you're like us, iced coffee season never ends—and the morning simply can't start without it. But as much as we love the magical caffeinated elixir, our usual milk-and-sugar recipe is getting a bit stale. So, we’re adopting these 15 creative iced coffee recipes to spice breakfast up with. Some take a little longer to make than your typical cup of joe, but the final results couldn't be more worth it.

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1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

This ultra-rich sipper will only take you five minutes to make, thanks to the star ingredient being canned sweetened condensed milk.

2. Coconut Iced Coffee With Mini Chocolate-glazed Coffee Doughnuts

You could pass on the doughnuts, but why would you want to? Don't skip the coffee ice cubes either—they'll keep your bev from becoming diluted.

3. Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee

Complete with chocolate coffee ice cubes. All its sweetness lies in the vanilla bean coconut milk, which is briefly simmered and steeped on the stove for maximum flavor.

4. Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

If you're an iced coffee lover who hasn't yet graduated to cold brew, it's about time. Cold brew takes longer to make, but its impossibly smooth flavor and higher caffeine content is well worth the wait.

5. Iced Whiskey Coffees With Whiskey Syrup And Whipped Cream

Lazy Sundays call for boozy java. These brown sugar-spiked drinks are just the starter for your next fancy brunch.

6. S'mores Iced Coffee

The coffee is poured right on top of gooey Marshmallow Fluff, graham crackers and chocolate sauce for this summer-inspired sipper.

7. Keto Iced Coffee

Drinking coffee black isn't for everyone—even if you're on a low-sugar or low-carb diet. Luckily, sugar-free flavor syrups exist. Now, choose your fighter: vanilla or hazelnut?

8. Cold Brew Caramel Frappuccino

Despite its uncanny appearance and taste, this bev is sweetened with a secret ingredient that Starbucks doesn't use: dates.

9. Long Island Iced Coffee

Brunch is bound to be memorable with a round of these on the table. They're made with vodka, rum, tequila, Baileys and Kahlúa.

10. Perfect Iced Coffee

Sweetened with homemade vanilla simple syrup. Feel free to substitute half-and-half with your favorite nondairy milk or creamer.

11. Fresh Mint Iced Coffee

Don't knock it 'til you try it. Think of it as a peppermint mocha without the chocolate (although a drizzle of chocolate syrup here certainly wouldn't hurt).

12. Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee

Frangelico is a liqueur crafted from toasted hazelnuts, so it's no surprise that it tastes straight-up divine in iced coffee. Bonus points for topping it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

13. Vanilla Chai Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

A spoonful of canned pumpkin purée goes a long way in this autumn bev. The vanilla chai syrup would also taste delicious in tea or apple cider.

14. Baileys Coffee Granita

On a hot summer day, this frosty treat will refresh you a million times more than your usual iced coffee. Freeze the granita overnight, so you can simply scrape and enjoy in the morning without too much waiting.

15. Cookies And Cream Mocha Milkshake

Sure, it’s more of a dessert than a drink...but some hectic mornings just call for ice cream.

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