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We drink it all year round, but it’s officially iced-coffee season, folks. In addition to our classic cold brew (a little sugar, whole milk, always), we’re adopting these 19 creative versions. Some take a little longer to make, but the final result couldn’t be more worth it.

iced coffee almond macadamia
Some Kitchen Stories

Iced Almond-Macadamia Milk Latte

No dairy? No problem.

Get the recipe.

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iced coffee vietnamese
The Sugar Hit

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Rich, strong and loaded with condensed milk.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee salted chocolate
With Salt & Wit

Salted Chocolate Iced Coffee

Chocolate + coffee = a match made in heaven.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee lavendar honey
Offbeat + Inspired

Lavender-Honey Iced Latte

Almost too pretty to sip.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee cinnamon
Bea's Cookbook

Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coffee Cubes

The coffee cubes really put it over the edge.

Get the recipe.

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iced coffee frozen thai
Girl Versus Dough

Frozen Thai Iced Coffee

It takes a little longer to prepare, but it’s totally worth it for special treats.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee popsicles

Milky Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

Popsicles for breakfast sounds like a stellar idea.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee oreo milkshake
Averie Cooks

Cookies and Cream Mocha Milkshake

Sure, it’s more of a dessert than a drink, but who cares? (Not us.)

Get the recipe.

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iced coffee smores
A Night Owl

S'mores Iced Coffee

Look at all that whipped cream.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee white chocolate
The Grant Life

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Remember what we said about chocolate and coffee?

Get the recipe.

iced coffee boba
The Little Kitchen

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Smoothie with Boba

Oh hey, little bubbles.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee caramel frapp
Minimalist Baker

Cold Brew Caramel Frappuccino

The sweetening secret ingredient? Dates.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee coconut doughnuts
Half Baked Harvest

Coconut Iced Coffee With Mini Doughnuts

You could skip the doughnuts, but why would you want to?

Get the recipe.

How Sweet Eats

Iced Whiskey Coffees with Whiskey Syrup and Whipped Cream

BRB, drooling all over the computer.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee mint mocha
Design Love Fest

Mint Mocha Shake

Coffee cubes strike again.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee batida decafe
What Katie Ate

Batida de Cafe (Coffee with Rum and Egg White)

Not for the faint of heart (or stomach).

Get the recipe.

iced coffee vanilla frappe
A Zesty Bite

Vanilla Iced Coffee Frappe with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Now you don’t have to be embarrassed about ordering one of these at Starbucks.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee coconut horchata
Baking a Moment

Coconut Horchata Iced Coffee

Flavor pairing on fleek.

Get the recipe.

iced coffee sea salt
Dinner, Then Dessert

Iced Sea Salt Coffee

Who knew how much a sprinkle of sea salt could change the coffee game?

Get the recipe.

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