Sure, you could go with the standard rose-petals-and-white-pillow-cushion, but your miniature bridal party has way too much personality to go the generic route. Here, 13 adorable ideas for the tiny ranks that will join you down the aisle. 

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flower girl balloons

Giant Balloons

Up, up and—down the aisle we go.

flower girl signs

Wood Signs

Add suspenders for that rustic-adorable look.

flower girl tree

Tree Cushion

If you’re going rustic, go all in.

flower girl bubble

Bubble Gun

Wayyyy easier to clean up than petals.

flower girl wreath

Ring Wreath

Ask the florist if she has any extra greenery (she does) and fashion into a loop for your bands.

flower girl secret service

Ring Security

Little dudes will love playing pretend as secret service agents.

flower girl band

A Marching Kazoo Band

Way more exciting (and unpredicatable) than Canon in D.

flower girl cigar

Cigar Box Bouquet

A vintage humidor decorated with leftover blooms makes for the perfect ring box.

flower girl starfish

Starfish Basket

Anyone planning a beach wedding?

flower girl costume

Costume Party

What kid wouldn’t be excited to walk down the aisle in a cape?

baby wagon

Wagon Ride

It’s cute and oh-so-practical.

flower girl banner

Bridal Banner

Hey, you are queen for the day.

flower girl dog

Go for the Trifecta

Adorable kids + wreaths + pups.

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